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Anything retro will always be sought-after. Songs from the 60's to 80's seem to resurface as contemporary revivals. Antique pieces of furniture are usually high-priced while classic jewelry collections are well-loved by women. What the world had to offer in the olden times, it would potentially outgrow time to be considered as better milestones. Classic handheld games are no exclusion to this notion. Gamers and technology-oriented individuals don't stop exploring on the web to get acquainted with contemporary types of computers games. At the same time, they try to restore the spirit of playing some early games that were launched decades back.

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Sure, Nintendo and Play Station 1 & 2 (PSP) are among the more sophisticated games played by teenagers and yuppies nowadays. Classic handheld games may be a passĂŠ to a few gamers already but they're truthfully ground-breaking because they paved way to provide electronic amusement to millions of fun-seekers worldwide. There are still online shops that display the finest of the early handheld games to pay tribute to portable gaming's great beginnings. A few of these handhelds are Game Boy, Sega Game Gear, Atari Lynx, Turbo Express, Bomb Sweeper, Chainsaw Maniac, Combat, Donkey John,

Donkey Kong, Ball Java, Egg, Fire 1 & 2, Donkey Kong 2, Flagman, Judge 1, Kong Versus New York, Octopus, Tropical Fish, The Smurfs Greedy Bakery, Turtle Bridge, Western Bar, Pigs on Head, etc. They can still be played on selected sites on the web with special offers of bonuses. There are free memberships offered for you to get hold of the privilege to play classic handheld games online. The much-famed Wheel of Fortune is not just a well-loved television show but it is also a fun handheld game that you can try playing online.

You are to spin the wheel so that you get cash prizes. The game entails some purchasing of vowels so that you can resolve the jumbled words. This could be a very challenging you can engage in during your free hours. The most classic of all handhelds is the Tic-Tac-Toe. It was first recognized in the 1970's. In the game, you only need to use your fingers to press on the keys to defeat your opponent. You are just to slide one of the nine tiny buttons displayed on the game board. Your tactical skills may bring you to forming three same characters on a straight or diagonal alignment. A number of handheld games have continued to captivate the hearts of the young generation. Majority of those who collect classic video and handheld games are on quest for the reasonable costs to acquire them from online shops like and Some are privileged to get hold of games from sites that offer free downloads.

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