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PRIMARY NEWSLETTER Oxford Reading Tree and Guided Reading in School This term all children in Key Stages 1 and 2 will be continuing to read books from the Oxford Reading Tree scheme. Each child will be given a book appropriate to their own level of reading. The books are designed to help the children learn new words and build up important reading skills. In school on Wednesday afternoons every class will have a guided reading lesson to help the children develop their reading skills and enjoyment of books.

After thSchool Clubs

Starting 25 of February, we moved our clubs to after school activities which has increased the teaching of English by one hour. This time has been designated for guided reading. There are 120 students already enrolled in one of our after school clubs which includes Martial Arts, Piano, A school choir, Drama, Basketball and Football. Each club is designed to focus on improving the pupils’ team building and cooperation skills.

Invitation to Our Celebrations

At home we would like to ask parents to listen to their child read but most of all encourage them to talk about the story, the characters and the events of the book as much as possible. Reading should be fun for both reader and listener. We hope you will enjoy hearing the stories too!

Teachers and students from Early Years Foundation and Primary are preparing two shows to celebrate the woman’s day and arrival of spring. The nursery and reception classes show will start at 10:00am which will be followed by a primary school show at 1:30pm on Friday, 7th March. All parents are invited to celebrate this important event with us.

Eye Exam

All children are visiting the doctor’s office to have a basic eye test. Ms. Cristina, the school doctor will check each child and send a note to parents which will refer them to an ophthalmologist if required. Please ask your child if they were checked.

New School Logo The school is proud to announce the release of our new school logo. The design has been picked to celebrate our arrival as a major international school and on the move to our brand new multi-purpose campus.

International School of Bucharest

Early Years Foundation Trip

In February Nursery and Reception children visited Auchan Hypermarket as part of their curriculum about Local Environment. They looked around the fresh fruit and vegetables; fish; meat and dairy products sections.

Here we all are with the Marketing Director, Mr. Tiberiu DANETIU who is also one of our parents. He made sure we had a fabulous time.

International School of Bucharest

Ski Trip to Predeal

Our expert skiers are ready to get moving

We organised a fantastic skiing trip to Predeal during our half term holiday. Four teachers and 17 students from year 5 and 6 participated in this three day trip. The focus of the trip was primarily on skiing. We stayed at a very nice hotel by the slopes. Six students were advanced skiers and they went up in the ski lift with a ski instructor and a teacher. The remaining 11 students were beginner or preintermediate level in skiing so they had three days of ski lessons with two ski instructors. By the end of the programme, all children had improved their skiing to a certain level. We are really proud of their effort and performance.

Since it was tiring especially for beginners to walk with ski boots, we didn’t organise any outdoor activities except for a snow sculpture contest. Instead, we had a lot of fun with evening activities. Luckily, the weather was perfect for skiing. We didn’t have any accidents and all the children were very pleased to join the trip.

International School of Bucharest

Connect 4 Tournament Mr.Bekir, one of our year 6 teachers organised a Connect 4 strategy game with 56 children from year 5 and 6 took part in the competition. The draw threw up many fiercely contested matches between year 5 and 6 students. Several children built up some very clever strategies that they used to good effect. However, it was a competitive championship, so there could only be one winner. Thomas Ferfelis from year 6 was the champion.

Congratulations Thomas!

Golden Shoe Awards Our PE teacher, Ms.Laura, started the ‘Golden Shoe Award’ to be given to the best performing class in physical education lessons that week.

Book Club Orders Have Arrived!

As you know, we run a book club once every two months. Students have been waiting impatiently and asking almost every break time if their orders had arrived. Luckily, the children didn’t have to wait for very long. Since it is an international order, it takes about two-three weeks which seems very long for children who would like to receive their favourite books the next day after bringing in their order forms. We would like to announce to our parents that the book clubs in our school have become a great success and growing faster than we expected. We are really proud of our students who take books as one of their best friends. We also need to state that the book clubs we have been organising played an important role in building a warm relationship between books and our students. We would like to take this opportunity to ask our parents to guide their children to choose the most appropriate books for their children. The next book club catalogues will be distributed soon.

The purpose of this activity is to reinforce students working together as a class to show sportsmanship and self-control. There are some rules to earn ‘happy faces’ for your class. The class that earns the most ‘happy faces’ gets a certificate, a free class photo with the golden shoe and the right to keep the golden shoe in their classroom for the following week.

International School of Bucharest 9-11 Energeticienilor Sector 3 Phone – (021) 346-59 25/27 Fax – (021) 346-59 24 E-mail address:

The first class to earn this prestigious award was Mr.Essex’s class (5E)

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