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The MIFI Press Team

INFOGRAPHICS 10th National Selection Conference of EYP Sweden 30th January - 3rd February 2014 Issue 0 - Topic Infographics

Welcome to Gothenburg!

EDITORIAL Hello everyone.

We are The MIFI. We will be taking care of the media coverage and some short activities during the session, such as workshops. We are composed of an Editorial Team of 4 people and 8 Journalists. Every committee has its own Journalist, whom you will see around your committee for the most of the session. Other than this, you are always welcome to visit us in our Pressroom, to share your ideas about our work with us, join our interviews, join our video/photo shootings, basically, just meet us! Since we are coming from countries abroad, we are keen on meeting Swedish delegates and share a coffee break together. As we mentioned on the cover of this issue: WELCOME TO GOTHENBURG!

Content AFCO 4 ENVI 5 EMPL 6 -7 SEDE 8 LIBE 9 AFET 10 REGI 11 FEMM 3

With this issue, we wanted to provide you with some basic and

Brought to you by:

important information about your topics. We would suggest that you

Editorial Team Celia Poncelin (Editress, FR) Erdem Topçu (Editor, TR) Fahad S. Fahad (Ed. Assistant, NL) Sebastian Hojas (Video Editor, AT)

keep this with you during the whole session. It wıll come in handy during Committee Work, General Assembly and so on. You can get some short informations about other committees’ topics as well so, check them especially before the General Assembly and come up with the best speeches and debate points! It’s up to you. Just carry this booklet with you as a guide for the whole academic part of the session.

We wish you an awesome first step to the enjoyable world of European Youth Parliament.

Best, Your Editors

Journalists Caley Routledge (UK) Christina Abdulahad (SE) Daria Balatsky (SE) David Soler Crespo (ES) Helena Pierides (CY) Louis Wouters (BE) Sabrina Ariana Mellerowic (DE) Zephyr Brüggen (NL)

Infographic Creator: Christina Abdulahad (SE)

Chairpersons: Dan Brown (UK) Hannes Ahlvin (SE)

Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) will be chaired by Emilie Tilstam (SE) and Maximilan Kiehn (DE)

by David Soler Crespo (ES, Journalist)

Infographics (Issue 0) - The MIFI