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Blaine County Recycling Program Review & Planning Meeting # 6 March 16, 2005

Buy Back Program

What is the Buyback Program? 

Was set up by Blaine County to provide an additional incentive for recycling. Buyback is mainly used by commercial collection companies. No buyback occurs when market prices fall below levels set by SISW ($72 for loose materials, $26 for baled materials). Public buyback for aluminum cans occurs one Saturday per month (20¢ per pound).

Who Benefits From the Buyback Program? ď Ž

ď Ž

There are two main commercial recipients of buyback funds: Clear Creek Disposal and Recycle Services. There are also a handful of small businesses and residents who regularly take advantage of the aluminum can buyback days.

What Does the Buyback Program Cost? Year 2000/2001

Buyback Program Costs $17,381







Where Do We Go From Here? 

Should the Buyback Programs Now In Place Be Continued? Should Either Buyback Program Be Expanded or Scaled Back? Should the Program Be Changed in Any Way to Increase/Decrease Buyback Pricing Levels? How Would Changes to the Buyback Program Affect The Public/Recycling Collectors/BCRRC/ etc.?

Buy Back Subsidy Presentation  

Presentation given to SWAC participants by SISW