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Wood River Valley Energy Efficiency Ketchum CDC Celeste Becia January 21, 2010

Hilary’s Marching Orders • “What we would like to learn about is specifically what programs are being implemented in the WRV, which are most popular, which are least popular, and most importantly, how the utilization of programs in the WRV compares to the rest of the state. Are we utilizing some programs more than average, less than average, etc. We’d also like to discuss how to increase the utilization of programs here.”

Idaho Power Programs in the WRV Name

Energy Savings (kWh)

% of Total


Custom Efficiency Easy Upgrades

687,732 396,727


Energy Efficient Lighting Energy Star Homes

169,490 15,906

1.00% 1.77%

3,246 13,401 11,270 17,520 53,128 19,600 36,778

0.28% 8.91% 0.84% 1.30% 0.41% 1.68% 0.77%

Heating & Cooling Efficiency Holiday Lighting Home Improvement Home Products Irrigation Efficiency Refrigerator Recycling WAQC

Percent of Energy Savings MWh

IPC 99%

WRV 1%

Programs with No Savings in WRV • • • • •

Building Efficiency Ductless Heat Pump Pilot Energy House Calls Rebate Advantage Weatherization Solutions for Eligible Customers

Comparison to Service Territory


% of System Sales Load

% of Energy Savings (Est)




Southern Capital Canyon

24% 34% 18%

22% 41% 15%




Ways to Improve Participation • Provide content to local communication channels • What opportunities are there to speak about the programs to civic, governmental and non-profit groups? • What trade groups in the area might be able to advance knowledge of programs? (Engineers, architects, builders, contractors, etc) • Where do people go to get energy efficiency information? • Targeted marketing

Programs to Participate In • • • •

Home Improvement Home Products Weatherization Solutions for Eligible Customers Green Power

Home Improvement • • • •

$.15 per square foot of attic insulation Homes must have central air conditioning or be electrically heated Only attic insulation installed over conditioned spaces will qualify. Insulation must be professionally installed by an insulation contractor. • An incentive will be paid on added attic insulation up to R-50. • New insulation must increase the R-Value by R-10 or greater. This applies to both batt and blow-in insulation. • Only existing, single-family homes qualify for an incentive.

Home Products Idaho Power

Office of Energy Resources

ENERGY STAR Clothes Washer



ENERGY STAR Refrigerator



ENERGY STAR Lighting Fixtures


ENERGY STAR Fan w/Light kit


ENERGY STAR Dishwasher


Water Heater


Heat Pump (air source)



Weatherization Solutions for Eligible Customers • Free weatherization services for 40 homes • Currently no waiting list • Serves electrically heated customers with income from 161% to 250% of federal poverty guidelines • In conjunction with South Central Community Action Partnership 208-733-9354 or 800-627-1733

Green Power • With the help of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), Idaho Power taps into green energy supplies. The foundation is a broker to facilitate certified green energy transactions from Northwest resources. • Electricity purchased through the Green Power Program is brought into the Northwest power supply grid from wherever the energy is produced. • While you'll see no difference in how you receive your power, as a program participant you will be supporting the environment and increasing generation of renewable energy. •

Wood River Valley Energy Efficiency Ketchum CDC Celeste Becia January 21, 2010

Idaho Power Presentation 1-10-2010  
Idaho Power Presentation 1-10-2010  

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