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February 2014 15 Minute Moodle Makeover!

Meet the minimum standards and get your moodle course ready for inspection. Book a 15 Minute slot with a member of the e-Learning team and let us help you find simple ways to improve your moodle course. You’ll be amazed what we can do in 15 minutes. Email to ask about an available time to suit you.

Video of the month

Interesting articles from the web 9 Characteristics of 21st century learning How to write multiple-choice questions based on the revised bloom’s taxonomy Listen, understand, act: social media for engagement 8 Tips to power-up your classroom presentations

Click here to see how the flipped classroom works

Moodle course of the month Congratulations to the Foundation Programmes team for creating the February 2014 Moodle courses of the month E2 & E3 Certificate in Skills for Working Life. Why do we like it? The team have worked really hard to make their course more engaging for their learners. They have created personalised and visual topics throughout ensuring all the coursework is covered but also including current events, quizzes, their own newsletter, forums and even including a section for social events the group have planned. As a result we have seen a significant rise in the usage statistics for these courses in the past few months particularly from the Gallows Lane learners. Click here to access a guest version of it to have a look Nathan: 01482 390940 / Danni: 01482 390941

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February 2014 Scan

App of the Month

What is Scan

Is a fast and user-friendly QR code reader and barcode scanner available for iPhone, iPad or iPod.

How does it work?

Simply open the app, point the camera at the code and Scan will automatically recognise it, if the code contains a website URL you will be taken to the site. If the code just contains text and you will immediately see it.

Why would I find it useful?

For some great ideas how to use QR Codes in Education click here

How can I find out more?

Go to or click here to download our how to create QR Codes guide.

It’s only easy if you know how! We’ve added this section to provide you with a little tip each month which may help you save time with your every day IT tasks! Press the ALT & TAB buttons to switch between open programs.

Upcoming training opportunities (contact Gill Mason to book onto the sessions) e-ILP Subject Tutor Moodle Essentials Moodle Assignments If you’re looking for training in something that isn’t listed this month, email moodleadmin and we’ll see what we can do. Nathan: 01482 390940 / Danni: 01482 390941

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201402 elearningnewsletter  

February e-Learning Newsletter

201402 elearningnewsletter  

February e-Learning Newsletter