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Career@BIOMIN Leaving foodprints

Naturally ahead

At BIOMIN, Sales Managers have the more effective products and services in their portfolio. 2

Customers in more than


History dating back to




production sites worldwide



employees representing


A research network of

universities and research institutes


Working for BIOMIN means leaving 'foodprints' for a better world! At BIOMIN we harness the power of science to support animal health and performance.


By applying state-of-the-art and proprietary


Kansas City Wuxi

San Antonio

technology we deliver natural, sustainable and profitable solutions to livestock industry.


For over 30 years we have pioneered innovative






management and gut performance.

Regional Headquarters Business Units Distributors

BIOMIN is part of ERBER Group 


Our culture: Pioneers – Partners –Performers PIONEERS

our laboratory workers to our salespeople to our

With passionate curiosity we research

production technicians; anywhere from Austria to

and revolutionize safety and efficiency

the US, from Brazil to China.

in the food chain. We are not only the leader in mycotoxin risk management;


our top-notch teams and leading-edge


technology take us to the top in other areas,




beyond boundaries. Over the past

appreciated in our company.

35 years, this approach has enabled us to create more effective patents, products

PARTNERS regional



global food issues, and as a result our international teams are very diverse – in both professional and personal terms. We invest a great deal of trust and confidence in our employees based on a management strategy of equal footing and personal freedom. This principle holds true across our entire group: from




processes in greater depth and

a difference are more than welcomed and



the relevant issues and regional

too. Highly qualified experts who want to make



and services harnessing both nature and science. With our proximity to the market, we can fasttrack developments and react systematically, resulting in consistently strong above-average growth that is sustainable and forward-looking.

Leaving foodprints

Corporate Social Responsibility Since the year 2009 we have supported more than 50 social projects in 25 countries around the world: Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. Our partners: "MENSCHEN FĂœR ANDERE" (Jesuit mission) globally, and "Bauern fĂźr Bauern" (Farmers for Farmers) in Austria. The focus of our projects lies on education, improvement of the quality of potable water, agri-development, projects,


agricultural and


education welfare,


well as the support of victims of violence and natural disasters, and people fleeing both. We are convinced that a future-oriented society is in need of two things: innovative entrepreneurial spirit and social awareness. Scan QR code to find out more.


At BIOMIN, Animal Nutrition Experts develop regional solutions for global food issues. 6

Do you fit BIOMIN? We are looking for people who think out of the box but stay focused on their goals, who are ambitious but appreciate their partners and the efforts others make, who are hands-on and passionate about making this world a better place. In short: We are looking for Pioneers, Partners and Performers leaving 'foodprints'. Are you ready to leave real 'foodprints' with BIOMIN? We are looking forward to your online application: Scan the QR-code to the left. You want to know more about working for BIOMIN? Check out our job clips on our website. www.biomin.net

TIPP BY OUR RECRUITING TEAM Keep your professional social media profile(s) (e.g. LinkedIn, XING,‌) up-to-date as we also do direct sourcing - our recruiters might get in touch with you directly if your profile looks promising and fits to an open position. 7

Our experts in lifestock farming

Technical Sales Manager (m/f) As a partner of our customers and Sales Managers you focus on the following: Depending on your specialization either in swine, ruminant, poultry, or aquaculture you support the local Sales Managers in the field, giving technical advice to their customers and key accounts. Furthermore, you organize and give product presentations and trainings in close cooperation with your colleagues. Your strengths are developing business opportunities and ensuring that effective customer relationships are built up and maintained. This includes regular customer visits and the organization of field trials. To leave your 'foodprint' with us you need the following skills: •A  cademic training in agribusiness (veterinary medicine, nutritionist, etc.) •L  ong-term business experience in feed additives or premix sales •W  illingness to travel up to 50% of your time within your region Pioneers, Partners, Performers - this means for you: You are part of a culturally and professionally diverse international team of experts. Your exiting tasks enable you to make use of your knowledge and also to move your own career forward. Being a recognized expert in your field is of benefit for you, your customers and our entire organization.


The key role in developing our local markets

Sales Manager (m/f) As a real performer you are in charge of the following: As a brand ambassador for BIOMIN you report to the local Managing Director. You are responsible for generating sales in your assigned region with existing and new customers. It is very important to us that you develop and maintain long-term relations with feed mills, distributors, farmers and integrators. You are our eyes and ears on the market and work closely together with our Technical Sales Managers. This is how you provide ideal support to both, current and prospective customers. For result-driven Sales Managers who want to leave effective 'foodprints', we are the best place to be. Are you ready? •E  ducational background/academic training in agribusiness (nutritionist, veterinary medicine, etc.) •P  ractical experience in our or related industries. •S  elf-motivated, with a “can do” & cheerful attitude Our culture: Pioneers, Partners and Performers – this means for you: You participate in national and international fairs and conferences to always stay up-to-date and develop your professional network. You are a sales newcomer? No problem! An intense training program including sales training is waiting for you.


The experts for our product lines

Product Manager (m/f) That’s how you support our Product Management team: You provide answers to the questions of our global customers and colleagues regarding your product line. Furthermore, you conduct trainings for sales teams, Technical Sales Managers and our distribution partners. You are our link between research and the market. Are you ready? That’s what it takes to leave real 'foodprints' with us at BIOMIN: •A  cademic training in agribusiness (veterinary medicine, nutritionist, etc.) •P  ractical experience in commerce (sales and/or product marketing) •E  xperience in product presentations (e.g.: at conferences, for key accounts, and sales teams) We are Pioneers, Partners and Performers. That's what you can count on! •E  xciting and challenging global tasks (scientific congresses and conferences, internal and external events, publications,…) •R  esponsibility for your product line and freedom to act within your field of expertise •U  nique company culture, broad diversity and flat hierarchies


Basic and applied research in specific fields of expertise

R&D Scientists (m/f) Your pioneering spirit will be challenged by the following: •M  anaging, planning and coordinating defined R&D projects •C  ontributing to or writing of scientific publications and/or research proposals •A  ctive participation in international scientific congresses (presentations of publications, networking) For highly skilled experts with a passionate curiosity for research, we are the best place to be. Do you recognize yourself? • Master or PhD in natural science • At least 4 years of experience in a specific field of research •S  elf-motivated personality good at thinking out of the box and passionate about science and research What do we stand for? We are Pioneers, Partners and Performers! Your working place: world class laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment. As part of our ambitious scientific team you work together with the best on key topics of the global food chain. BIOMIN is constantly growing. This creates a lot of space for good ideas and opportunities for personal development and individual careers.


At BIOMIN, Scientists work with top-notch teams and

leading-edge technologies. 12

Leave your foodprint with us Why to apply? 8 good reasons: We are successful

Unique scientific experience

We are innovation leaders in our fields of

Our scientists are highly qualified specialists and

business and are proud of more than 35 years of

very much appreciated in professional circles.

continuous growth. Equal opportunities Specialized divisions – united by ONE culture

We provide equal opportunities for men and

At BIOMIN we provide tailor-made solutions for

women alike, regardless of ethnicity, nationality

our customers and we live the ERBER Group

or special needs.

culture. Passion + People = Profit Your development

This is the philosophy of our founder Erich Erber.

As a growing company the development of our

When the right people passionately follow a joint

employees to their full potential is crucial. Internal

vision, profit will follow automatically.

careers are common and not exceptional. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Out of the box careers


BIOMIN offers unconventional career paths with

agricultural topics) on helping people to help

unexpected development options for recent






graduates and professionals.




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Source: ERBER Group Sustainability Report 2017/2018

How to apply? We are looking for specialists in their fields, people who think out of the box, people who are passionate about what they do. You are looking for the right job to unfold your potential? Together we can work on our mutual success. 1) Your application

Depending on the position you have applied for

Please apply online via our recruiting platform

this may include a ten minute presentation of

on our website. By doing this you support us in

your thesis, or of any given topic related to the

speeding up the recruiting process.

job, a case study, or a trial day. You will receive more detailed information

2) Preselection

together with the invitation to the second round

Our Human Resources team will be manually

of interviews.

screened the applications and then forward them to the respective departments. The screening

4) Offer

process may include a short telephone interview

You have successfully gone through our recruiting


process? You have been chosen for the position? Congratulations! You will be informed by our HR

3) Interviews

department and receive a written offer. After

Your qualification meets our needs? Great! You

having accepted this, we will provide you with

will be invited to the first round of interviews.

your working contract and further details for a

Interviews are usually conducted by the future

successful start into your new career.

superior and a representative of the HR team. Having been short-listed, you will receive an invitation to the second round of interviews.

Welcome on board! 15

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