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Akil Johnson “I am only 18 and to date I have had a great experience on youth exchanges and a vocational placement. In the UK we hosted groups in London from France, Italy and also Romania who were here to learn webskills. I acted as a group leader supporting with visits and planning activities, I learnt languages and enjoyed the company of European young people with their varied cultures. My UK peers are all interested in mobility and some understand the benefits of volunteering. I am keen to do more in the future and assist to plan more projects. I have signed up for European Solidarity Corps and share my picture of the Romanian students on Docklands bridge.

Marguerite Hogg

“Growing up in North Yorkshire in meant I had few opportunities to from other countries. Dad was in and, with six children, times were parents. I loved French and, when College in 1990, they gave me th to study in Grenoble, France for 3 by the European Union. This was my lifelong love for the EU. It gav cultural identity and showed me of sharing experience with and le others. So much so, that I went o vocational education and training at the Association of Colleges. Fi and now at a national level, writin EU projects to give other young p opportunities. I now lead on prog China and India.”

1987 Erasmus started in 1987 when 925 pioneering UK students studied abroad in ten countries.

925 Higher education students go abroad from the UK.

Countries joining Erasmus+ 1987 Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, UK. 1988 Luxembourg

“It gave me a strong identity and showed benefits of sharing e with and learning fro

Countries joining Er

1992 Austria, Finland, Iceland, Norway 1994 Liechtenstein

Profile for Erasmus+ UK

Shaping Futures  

A timeline showing 30 years of Erasmus+

Shaping Futures  

A timeline showing 30 years of Erasmus+