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This autumn we organize a range of events on campus as well as in the city centre. Whether you are a fan of music, literature, movies, theatre or art, there will be an event to your liking. The events that take place on campus have free entrance; others have special student prices. This page holds an overview of the events that are already planned for this autumn, but check out our website, Facebookpage and SIN-Online channel, because new programmes will be added throughout the season.



THU 27 OCT | 20.15 | Music/Dance


WED 2 NOV | 20.00 | SHOW




ZA 26 NOV | 19.30 | MUSIC


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Orquesta Típica El Afronte

The Ashton Brothers

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Amsterdam Sinfonietta

Bach’s Weihnachts­ oratorium RPHO


Charlatans, a medicine show

THU 22 DEC | 20.15 | MUSIC

FRI 27 JAN | 20.15 | MUSIC

Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra

Studium Generale & Erasmus Cultuur

5 x events ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————----—

tue 27 SEP | 20.00 | film



tue 20 oct | 15.00 | EXCURSION | 1 7,50




Fancy a film under a starry sky? It’s possible at Tinbergen Plaza (between the L- and T-building)! On you have a choice of four films selected by us. The most voted film will be shown. We supply chairs, Café in de Smitse provides drinks and you bring friends, warm clothes or a fleece blanket! Tinbergen Plaza Campus Woudestein

Erasmus Cultuur and GreenEUR organize an excursion to view this extraordinary exhibition on New Energy in Design and Art. The focus will be on how society deals with energy and sustainability and how this is reflected in design and art. Especially for students of Erasmus University, there's a tour, guaranteed to open your eyes. Boijmans van Beuningen Museumpark 18-20


thu 10 nov | 20.30 | MUSIC



tue 22 nov | 16.00 | fair




Want to know how professionals rate you singing qualities? Then compete in this contest. Whether you sing your own song or cover a famous song, it doesn’t matter. A jury of tutors will select the best singer/performer of Erasmus University. Maria’s Cantina J-Building

Looking for a cheap gift for Christmas or to improve your own book collection? Gather the books from your shelf or from under your bed, and swap them for a discarded (but perfectly fine) equivalent. Study books can also be exchanged. I.c.w Studystore V-building Campus Woudestein

Tango music and dance have developed rapidly lately. Although El Afronte plays everything acoustic, the group is part of the new and fresh generation in tango. Concert with dance workshop and tango salon. De Doelen 1 8,- (instead of 1 26,-)

In this mixture of variété, show, slapstick, circus acrobatics and cabaret, the ‘brothers’ bring a tribute to the immortal charlatans. Cowboys, acrobats and wheelchairs create a natural combination. Oude Luxor Theater 1 16,- (instead of 1 20,-)

One of the most beloved classical works, performed by the famous Amsterdam Sinfonietta and master violinist Sergey Khachatryan. Hearing Vivaldi’s Four seasons performed ‘live’ is a must at least once. De Doelen 1 8,- (instead of 1 32,-)

Richard Egarr conducts 4 cantatas from Bachs Weihnachtsoratorium. Luminous trumpets for a royal entry, the birth illustrated by a violin solo and when the three wise men arrive, finally a heartwarming choral. De Doelen 1 9,- (instead of 1 39,-)


THU 1 NOV| 20.15 | OPERA


ZA 12 NOV | 20.15 | DANCE



THU 8 DEC | 19.30 | MUSIC


- ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————--—


FRI 13 JAN | 20.15 | MUSIC





Dvorák 9th Symphony

International Opera Productions

Conny Janssen Danst

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

The IFFR is a great occasion to play a cinematic programme. With especially composed live music and a composite (animated) film: a modern version of the traditional accompaniment with silent film. De Doelen 1 8,- (instead of 1 22,-)

Like and Win

Visit our fanpage before 1 October 2011. ‘Like’ our page and you don't only stay informed of all our activities; you also have a chance to become a winner!

Let Erasmus Cultuur be your guide For daredevils or students who can't make up their minds, Erasmus Cultuur created two special packages. Spoilt for choice? Or would you like to attend something you wouldn’t normally choose yourself, but can't decide what? Then these packages might be exactly what you're looking for. If you choose to order a package, you receive

tickets for 3 different performances and you will receive a little extra discount too. A great way to visit different art genres, explore some new horizons or go for the total music experience. And there’s absolutely nothing you have to do for it (well… except signing up)!

thu 8 dec | 20.00 | MUSIC


INFO | | 1 22,50




INFO | | 1 32,50





SAT 26 NOV Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

TUE 1 NOV Carmen

classic, jazz, pop, solo or with another musician. Sign up via Maria’s Cantina J-Building

Georges Bizet captured a seductive, independent, untamable and dangerous gypsy woman in music. She seduces men, lacks respect for authority and in the end she becomes victim of the forces she released herself. Rotterdamse Schouwburg 1 17,- (instead of 1 38,-)

In 2012 Conny Janssen Danst celebrates her 20th anniversary. The dance group from Rotterdam does this with new versions of 2 characteristic choreographies from their repertoire. Modern dance with live music. Rotterdamse Schouwburg 1 11,- (instead of 1 26,-)

Explosive dancing, rapid movements, slapstick and the melting of urban dance with academic modern dance. Three choreographies with music including Godflesh/Stern, Chet Baker and Bach. Rotterdamse Schouwburg 1 11,- (instead of 1 26,-)

Antonín Dvorák changed Prague for New York for a period of time. He used his impressions from this ‘new world’ for several pieces. The ninth symphony became his most popular work. De Doelen 1 9,- (instead of 1 36,-)

Amsterdam Sinfonietta THU 22 DEC Bach’s Weihnachtsoratorium Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra FRI 27 JAN IFFR-Special Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra

Scapino Ballet FRI 13 JAN Dvorák 9th Symphony Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra


events Programme 2011-2012 English selection for international students

International Opera Productions THU 8 DEC Kathleen+

Debates Courses

Studium Generale & Erasmus Cultuur

2 x packages


Are you the one we’re looking for to play the beautiful grand piano at Maria’s Cantina (located in the J-building)? Participants get 10 minutes to perform whatever they choose:

Among all our new fans we are giving away 5 x 2 tickets for one of our performances.

Erasmus University Rotterdam


Don’t forget to keep an eye on our fanpage after 1 October, for other offers, events and promotions.

Studium Generale & Erasmus Cultuur

Erasmus Film Club Erasmus Cultuur and Studium Generale offer several possibilities to go and see a film on or outside the campus. Every first Thursday of the month is Erasmus Film Club night for EUR students. Bring your student card to LantarenVenster and visit an especially selected film. See one of the most recent films 2 for the price of 1 at the most beautiful cinema of Rotterdam. Besides the film on the 1st Thursday of the month, we organize Erasmus Film Club Specials. These specials offer you an extra opportunity to watch a film, combined with a lecture or linked to a festival or other event.

Studium Generale

Are you looking for inspiration and academic insight? Then Studium Generale is a must for you. SG organizes lectures, debates, workshops and quizzes in fields of science, society and culture. Although the majority of the activities are in Dutch, the program this season includes a number of events in English. Join the Erasmus Film Club, visit the IBM jubilee lecture or participate in the biweekly pubquiz. Erasmus Cultuur

Erasmus Film Club Special: Camera Japan

Erasmus Cultuur organizes a wide range of cultural activities and courses. We can introduce you to concerts, exhibitions, theatrical productions, creativity courses and cultural societies – on and outside the campus. We offer discounts on several performances, and give you the possibility to follow cultural courses of any kind. Almost all of our courses are taught in English and fit easily into your course schedule. During the year we organize several cultural events such as a sing-a-song contest, excursions and a bookfair. Would you like to participate in one of our events, or watch your fellow students perform? Keep an eye on our information channels and register on time!

Together with Camera Japan, thé festival for Japanese film and culture, we organize a lecture on disasters and renovation in Japanese films. Six months ago, Japan was startled by an enormous earthquake, resulting in a tsunami and meltdown in Fukushima. But Japan has experienced more disasters in the last century. Tom Mes, specialist in Japanese cinema, shows how the Japanese handle destruction and renovation in a lecture with many film fragments (incl. original material of the first Godzilla). A must for everyone interested in Japan, Japanese cinema or planning a visit. There is a film screening afterwards.

programmes, courses and events in this brochure, and for details on how to buy tickets or register for courses and events:

Studium Generale and Erasmus Cultuur

Studium Generale & Erasmus Cultuur

Erasmus University Rotterdam Room E1-36/38, Woudestein Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, 3062 PA Rotterdam SG 010-4081144, EC 010-4081394,

From 6 to 9 October the biannually Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) takes place with a divers programme containing films, debates and lectures about recent developments in architecture. Theme of this edition is “Think Big, Act Small”. During the festival we organize a debate (with a film) on the question 'how the real estate crisis effects urban planning and our behavior on the market'. With a.o. dr. Gijs van Oenen (philosopher Erasmus University and writer) and Robin van den Akker MA (philosopher Erasmus University). To stay informed about the current programming of the Erasmus Film Club, make sure to keep an eye on our website, SIN-online channel or Facebook page.

More information and enrollment Website Facebook SIN-online Channel Studium Generale en Erasmus Cultuur

thu | ± 21.00 | 2 for 1




Erasmus Film Club SEP 1, OCT 6, NOV 3, DEC 1 LantarenVenster Otto Reuchlinweg 996

open air cinema

thu 22 sep | 19.30 | Lecture and film

| 1 6,-


Special: Camera Japan With: Tom Mes LantarenVenster Otto Reuchlinweg 996


Three times a month at fixed times Erasmus Cultuur organizes Student On Stage: live music performed by students, at Erasmus University Rotterdam. On Campus Woudestein we organize easylistening, jazz or classical music during the lunch break in Maria’s Cantina (SOS at Maria’s). The rougher bands perform at campuscafé In de Smitse (SOS In de Smitse). Erasmus MC offers a stage to some relaxing music during the LaMa drink at Pills Plaza (SOS at Pills Plaza in cooperation with the MFVR).

Does 100 years of experience slow the elephant down or make it more versatile?

With annual sales of $ 99.9 billion and a profit of $ 19.7 billion (pre-tax income) in 2010, IBM is the largest IT company in the world. In 2011 IBM celebrate their 100th jubilee and that is more than enough reasons to look back on the rich history of the company. From the first typewriter to the most advanced computer technology and of course we will also look forward on their ideas for the future. For example: How does IBM handle with the continious uncertainty in financial markets, and how do sales, profits and the rich history of this multinational relate to changing business models, such as the emergence of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Open Innovation? Plus is it possible for IBM to keep their strong position now the BRIC-countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are emerging? The jubilee lecture will be given by a senior IBM speaker (will be announced at a later date). The moderator will be Professor Rob van Tulder (Professor of International Business Society Management, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University).




Festival Rotterdam.

Erasmus Film Club

Visit our website for more information about the


Erasmus Film Club Special: Architecture Film

Jubilee Lecture IBM

tUE 27 sep | 21.00 | FILM

Watch a film on campus, in the open air and forget the lecture rooms and normal life. Grab your fleece and enjoy the film with friends under the stars. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite film. Tinbergenplaza Campus Woudestein —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

fri 7 oct | 16.00 | debate + film | 1 7,50


Architectural Film Festival Rotterdam With: dr. Gijs van Oenen, drs. Robin van den Akker LantarenVenster Otto Reuchlinweg 996

In cooperation with IBM and Rotterdam School of Management

Jubilee Lecture IBM

Would you like to perform?

Are you part of a band or would you like to perform on your own, for fellow students? Erasmus Cultuur is always looking for new student artists. Contact us for more information by sending an email to and maybe you will be the one to get on stage next time.


COURSES & WORKSHOPS autumn 2011 Piano Practice Room

Studium Generale and Erasmus Cultuur organize several quizzes on campus Woudestein during the year. Are you an all round knowledge wonder or a sport freak? Visit our biweekly pubquiz or one of the pubquiz specials.

Erasmus Cultuur offers several courses for students of the Erasmus University. Most courses are taught in English (unless otherwise stated on our website or in our webshop) and therefore also accessible for international students. These courses you will find here. To enroll for a course, visit our website and follow the link to our webshop. When you have a Dutch bank account, online payment is possible with


Every two weeks you can join the pubquiz while having a drink in Café In de Smitse. Make a team and answer the sport- and photography questions, soundbites, newsfacts and poptrivia.



| 12.30 - 13.30


SOS AT MARIA’S MON 12 SEP, MON 10 OKT, MON 14 NOV Campus Woudestein ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————----—


Scientists of all faculties of the EUR supply questions for this quiz. From memorable lawsuits to historical moments, and from philosophical problems to medical wonders, a wide range of subjects is included. 4 questions will be published in Erasmus Magazine in advance, as a warming up and to prepare yourself for the quiz!

wed 12 oct | 16.00 | IBM Jubilee Lecture


WHO SAYS ELEPHANTS CAN’T DANCE? With a.o. prof. dr. Rob van Tulder LB-097 campus Woudestein EUR Language English More information and enrolment (required):

SOS IN DE SMITSE WED 28 SEP, WED 26 OCT, WED 30 NOV Campus Woudestein ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————----—


| 16.00 - 17.00



Basic Digital Photography

(8 x Fri, 13.30-16.00, 07/10-25/11 or 02/12-27/01: 1 100,-) It takes more than a good camera to take beautiful pictures. Photography includes a focus on composition, rendering and the right moment for taking the picture. Learn to get the best out of yourself and your camera using assignments and the work of professional photographers.

Pubquiz Special:

Make a team and battle against others in this competition. At the end of the season (4 quizzes) the team with the highest score is honored. This quiz is a cooperation between Erasmus Cultuur and Erasmus Sport. Keep an eye on our website, facebook or SIN-online channel for other pubquiz specials! This quiz is a cooperation between Erasmus Cultuur and Erasmus Sport.

with an interactive introduction. Afterwards you will hit the streets to take photographs and discuss each others work. Jazz Singing

(8x Mon, 19.30-21.00, 24/10-19/12: 1 75,-) Learn to sing the Blues and Jazz with fellow students. Together you will practice on arrangements of the best jazz songs and you’ll be instructed on how to use your voice.


(4x Wed, 16.00-18.30, 05/10-26/10: 1 30,-) A student of the Rotterdam Artschool will teach you the basics to design a poster with Adobe Photoshop. Everything you need to know to leave Wordart and Paint behind. During the lessons, you need to bring your own laptop with Photoshop.

For more information

QUIZZZZZ! ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————----—




| Register from 17.00 onwards

PUBQUIZ SEP 12 & 20, OCT 4 & 18, NOV 1, 15 & 29 DEC 13 Language English Café In de Smitse T-building

tue 18 oct

| 17.30 | Register from 17.00

PUBQUIZ SPECIALS OCT 18: Sciencequiz NOV 7: Sport- & Culturequiz DEC 6: Sport- & Culturequiz Language English Café In de Smitse, Erasmus Sportcafé

(4x Wed, 16.00-18.30, 9/11-30/11: 1 30,-) Planning to create a flyer, poster, brochure or yearbook for your student association? Adobe Indesign is the perfect programme to do this in a professional way. A student of the Rotterdam Artschool shows you how to use the programme. For the workshop, you need to bring your own laptop with Photoshop. Street Photography

(Wed 2 Nov, 14.00-18.00: 1 12,50) This workshop is about capturing that specific moment when you see interaction between people on the street. You will start at the Photomuseum

(10x ma, 20.00-21.00, 03/10-19/12: 1 60,-) The name speaks for itself: this course is a combination of Modern and Jazz Dance. No hard and tense movements, but very musical dancing full of passion.

(10x wo, 18.00-19.00, 12/10-14/12: 1 60,-) This starters course will provide you all the elements to begin your journey into tango dancing on any dance floor, in any city. During the lessons you will be dancing in pairs. Dancetrends

Guitar Lessons (beginners & advanced)

(12x Mon, 1 or ½ hour, 10/10-30/01: 1 130,-) Always wanted to learn to play the guitar (better)? Than this is your chance! You are taught by an experienced guitarist, and you will learn to play the electric of acoustic guitar in the style of your choice (pop, jazz or classical).


tue | 17.30

(6x Tue, 16.30-18.30, 25/10-29/11: 1 70,-) Discover your talent for acting! In this course you will focus on the basics of acting and personal development. Learn to work with your voice, emotions, attitude, conflicts and each other. Drawing and Painting



Modern Jazz

Tango: The Next Generation Acting (basics)


Pubquiz Special: Erasmus Sciencequiz

Erasmus Sport- & Culturequiz


Ideal. If you don’t have a Dutch bank account, it is possible to pay cash at our office or with a credit card at the Erasmus Student Service Centre. After registering through the webshop, you will receive a final confirmation with detailed information by email one week before the course starts.

(1 30,- until september 2012) Not every student owns his or her own piano. Are you one of those students, but would you like to practice? We offer a piano card, which allows you to practice on the pianos at campus Woudestein and Erasmus MC.

Latin Percussion

(15x Thu, 20.00-21.00, 29/09-26/01: 1 83/ 1 102,-) Hold on to the Summer Vibe! In this course you will explore all kind of Latin styles by playing the congas, surdos, bells, tamborims, timbales, repiniques, bongos and many other rhythm instruments. Rock Central: Bandcoaching

(1 42,50 per hour) Professional coaching for your band. Are you and your band trying to break through or do you experience problems with your sound or repertoire? Specialists of Rock Central are available to assist you.

(8x Thu, 17.00-19.00, 27/10-15/12: 1 100,-) For everybody who wants to learn the basics of drawing and painting or wants to refresh his or her techniques. Work with different materials (like charcoal, Siberian chalk and paint) and techniques. Most materials will be available during the lessons, but you will need to take along your own paper and charcoal. Salsa

(10x vr, 16.30-17,30, 07/10-16/12: 1 60,-) Infected by the Salsa virus yet? Then consider this course! The tropical music makes you want to move and with this course you learn how to make the right moves at the next salsa party. Zumba

(10x vr, 17.30-18.30, 07/10-16/12: 1 60,-) Zumba is a combination of fitness and dance moves to swinging music like Salsa, Flamenco and Merengue. Each lesson will be a combination of partying and exercising. Classical Ballet

(10x ma, 19.00-20.00, 03/10-19/12: 1 60,-) Classical Ballet is a graceful dance style and an excellent base for every dancer. During this course you will work on strength, flexibility, relaxation and condition following the basic principals of ballet dancing.

(Wed 5 Oct, 18.30-22.00: 1 7,50) In cooperation with Erasmus Sport we offer an evening full of dance workshops. From Modern to Hiphop, several dance styles will pass during the 5 workshops of this evening.

Programme flyer autumn 2011  

Overview of English programmes of Studium Generale and Erasmus Cultuur during autumn 2011

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