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Xploring Assignment Erika Randall & Alanah Brach

We examined the audience of a typical Tim Hortons based in Ottawa, ON near Algonquin College. The location was busy for a Thursday afternoon, and many different conversations in multiple languages filled the air. There were several groups sitting together at tables of two or four, as well as groups of elderly women and men extending their conversations beyond the time it takes to enjoy their coffee and snacks. There’s quite a bit of diversity among the groups. There were families with young children and teenagers, elderly couples, groups of friends speaking foreign languages, and 20-something college students catching up over coffee. There was also a steady flow of primarily college afed students ordering food to go. Everyone in the location was dressed casually and there was a relaxed atmosphere to the conversations. Although some individuals were seated alone reading a newspaper or scratching lottery tickets, the majority were engaged in conversations with what seemsd to be old friends. .

Typical Customers

Location based Customers

• Range of middle aged women to elderly men and women • Range of ethnicity • Parents and their young adult children • Sitting to have lengthy “catch-up” conversations • Skewed to women • Open body language • Talking long after they’ve finished their food and drink • Keeps conversation up even outside • Friendly people, starting conversations in bathrooms.

•Young students • Picking up food for breakfast, lunch and dinner • In and out – no sitting and talking

• Two elderly couples at a table. • Steady flow of customers taking coffee to go. • A couple of groups of college students. • Mother and son eating sandwiches with their coffee. • Group of three 20-something friends to our right hanging out over coffee. • Elderly man alone at a table reading the paper. • Family with teenage kids in the back corner. • An older man is scratching lottery tickets at a table in the back corner. • Some people have food to stay, but all of them have a beverage. • Before they leave, each person rolls up their rim. • College students come and go, but it’s mostly the elderly or families that stick around to get a table or talk. • They’re almost out of donuts. • A woman and her 10 year old son came in. She bought him an apple juice and donut and she’s set up her laptop and hard drive to get some work done.

Two ladies beside me talking about work over a coffee. One is about 25 and the other 45-55. 25: They use me as a service, but at the same time they know me, my boyfriend and my life. You know what I mean? But I’m looking for someone as a business partner. Someone who doesn’t mind the job, has the experience. I’m not looking to hire someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. I’m looking for someone who knows their trail. Like if I’m sick, I can give you the house key. You can go in and show the house and I don’t have to babysit them. Like, that’s what was good about her – she was always there. But at the same time it was just a partner who got the job done. We got things done, we were friends but just at work. 45: Its great if you can have the connection, but its more about getting the work done. I mean, I’d rather have the openness, the friendliness. I hate having managers who aren’t like that, and I’ll never be like that.

25: And that’s like me, I mean, if I criticize someones work its always constructive. 45: Well that’s it. You still need to know to get the job done. I mean, my customers – they want their house clean and pristine, but if I forget the powder room it’s not the end of the world. If they have that one on one relationship with you it goes a lot further. 25: You know what, it does go a lot further. It’s human to forget but having that bond knows that they know you’ll work hard. That’s awesome. They know how they can approach you and that you put the work in. They know I won’t just not show up. I have 7 and 8 hour shifts all week, but if my partner’s not going to come in I need to know so I can adjust. I’ve been battling ten hour shifts all week on my own. 45: Yeah, I mean if they’re not going to come in they should just let you know. I mean, I used to manage seven buildings and had my own team – then I got laid off. But I think it would be so great to get back into it.

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