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Some Things You Need To Know About Poker Room Bonus A. Poker Room Bonus- The Reason Why People Choose To Play Online Sometimes you may wonder why some people choose to play online poker instead of heading out to their friendly casinos? Some answers may be obvious like when you play online poker you get to save money, it is more convenient to do so and you can choose from among thousands upon thousand of player enjoying the game. Another reason that not many non online poker players know is that when you play poker online you can enjoy poker room bonus. B. Poker Room Bonus - The Explanation So what is a poker room bonus ? Well a poker room bonus is a marketing tool which online casino use to get player started. The poker room bonus will not cost the player anything. It really actually is just that - a bonus, given to players for siging up. Since there are hundreds (if not thousands) of online casinos vying for your attention the poker room bonus is one way to give incentive to players and to draw their attention. So what you should do with the poker room bonus is take advantage of i the best way you can. Research on the website you are about to enter and compare if they have the best poker room bonus out there, remember it is a player’s market and you can always choose the best. 1. Poker Room Bonus - How Do You Clear An Online Bonus?

There will be a lot of online poker bonus offering you the sky. Some will give you a match bonus which means if you deposit US$500 you get US$ 500 match bonus. However you can not expect to claim your match bonus as easy right? The truth is online casino will not immediately give you the bonus and out it in your account. Instead these casinos will put it in your ‘bonus account’ and you have to clear the bonus to claim it. The only way to clear the bonus is to play poker which is a pretty fair way to clear your bonus because you’ll be playing anyway. You have to play a number of hands, depending on your house to claim the bonus. In some poker site you have to play 1000 hands to clear US$200 bonus. So you have to get the same amount of cash of your bonus by playing 2500 hands. Thats quite a lot but if you are confident with your skill you may end up clearing and claiming your bonus an making more money. Another way of clearing your bonus is by participating in tournaments. Check your online poker’s rules to see whether you get a clearing or not.

Some Things You Need To Know About Poker Room Bonus