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NBA Betting Report: Who Are the I n ju red Players You Should Know About The only way to make logical bets when participating in NBA betting is to research a lot on the stats of the game. Here are some tips that we've gathered from experts to help you make logical choices and eventually make you some cash! NBA Betting Tip # 1: Check injured players. These NBA betting statistics should include who the injured players are. Most people ignore the injury report list and gloss over to more exciting NBA betting tips. However, it is basically a piece of cake to check the injury report and study the list. An injured athlete, no matter what position he is in, can be a big factor in the game, thus affecting the NBA betting outcome. For bettors who do not check the injury list, a lot can happen. Sometimes, a person who didn't do any research will bet on a great line up and then discover mid game that the line up has been changed because of an injured player. A little research would have avoided and solved the problem and would have given that bettor a chance to change his NBA bet. NBA Betting Tip # 2: Do not get carried away with big games on TV. Just because it's a big game with the usual NBA hype doesn't mean you have to go out there and bet to your heart's content. Be logical about it! Some people, most especially those just getting into the NBA betting scene, will bet on anything that has major hype tagged with it. If you are the type who likes betting on everything that has major NBA TV coverage, maybe you should think about it a little bit first. Here’s our logic about why you should not bet on every NBA event that is broadcast on TV: when an NBA game is nationally televised, it will have the typical sharp guidelines from sportbooks. You cannot escape your sportsbook's sharp line since these bookies know they will drum up more business and action from the public because it is a big TV event. When the game is usually one-sided with a team favorite, what we recommend is for you to cautiously bet on the underdog. If the underdog is playing a game against a clear NBA team favorite, you can be sure that the sportsbooks will be shading that line so that they can attract as much betting from the public as they can. This also means that the sportbooks will be shaving the line by 1 point to even 2 points in favor of the sportsbooks. This means that the team, which is your favorite, would normally go for 6, but will be given by the sportsbooks a 7 or 8 as they are aware that this can draw more money from gamblers' pockets.

NBA Betting Report: Who Are the Injured Players You Should Know About