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A Warning on the New Online Blackjack for Money T rend There is a new online blackjack for money trend and it is called 6/5 blackjack. This new online blackjack for money trend is a vaguely new way of distributing cards and experts are warning that this can drain money out of your pocket. This online blackjack for money trend is fooling blackjack players all over the world so they need to be educated about it in some way. How 6/5 Blackjack Began So Why Does This Online Blackjack for Money Called 6/5 Blackjack Pay Less? As you know, casinos' payout for a blackjack is 3 to one. When a player gets ace-10 on the first 2 cards, a blackjack, that player will win 50 percent more. So in a blackjack, if a player bet $20, he will take home $30. However, some online sites and even land-based casinos in Las Vegas have changed this formula. Casinos have began setting up the games 6/5, this mean the house will pay less when a player wins in a game that is distributed on a 6/5 card. So, if a player bets $10 and that person gets a natural blackjack, the casino will pay $12 instead of $15. This is a huge amount and a huge difference for players; also a huge savings for casinos. The house gets a 1.39 percent edge with this 6/5 blackjack system. So, why did blackjack players not protest about this 6/5 blackjack? Well, casinos marketed the game well and novices remain in the dark with what is happening. How the Blackjack Single Deck 6/5 Works Blackjack players are only half-informed. We all know that fewer decks mean blackjack players have better odds. Blackjack games are affected with card counting. If a casino uses just one deck, then players can count if 2 cards or the 10 cards have already been dealt. The solution of the casino is to use 6 decks or 8-deck cards and put them in one stack. So, this gave players a hard time to do card counting. The average deck of card is 6/8 decks of cards; this is what most casinos use in their blackjack tables. Now, the scam lies in the advertisement of casinos that the stack is 6/5; a player will then think he has better odds of counting because the deck of cards used are lowered. However, you might just think that you have better odds at getting blackjack, but the truth is, a table that provide 6/5 blackjack card distribution has a lower payout. So, whatever advantage a player thinks he has, the truth is you lose 1.39 on payout. So, before playing land-based blackjack or online blackjack, remember to check if they are playing 6/8 or 6/5. Also, check the payout ratio of getting a natural blackjack.

The best way to protect yourself from this type of confusing casino deviation is to choose the best online blackjack for money site.

A Warning on the New Online Blackjack for Money Trend