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The best way to Make Money On These Side or Without Tons Of Work Obviously, it would not be that easy but I knew that there were products and resources out there that I could and would use to become successful. Well, I bought as many as I could on a trial basis (and cancelled many in the first 30 days), joined several forums for a wealth of advice and after 4 months I now have the tools necessary. This series of articles will distill down to a few pages what it has taken me 4 months to learn. It is the result of having spent 10-12 hours every day researching products and then reading about and using many of them until I now have a core set of products and resources with which to be successful in this internet business opportunity and start making money online. In this article and the ones to follow you will find my book or product recommendations and I take these recommendations very seriously. These resources are the ones I am currently using (or have tested extensively) and the money has started to come in significantly as I have put in place 4 major income streams. Today I am going to recommend 2 books that cover an area in which most online marketers are extensively involved; namely the Google AdWords and AdSense ad programs. The first of my recommendations is The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords by Perry Marshall. Anyone involved in Internet Marketing needs to thoroughly understand Google AdWords if they want to be successful. It is that important and answers one of the top questions you have to consider; what is the fastest way to drive traffic to my site? This is the granddaddy of all AdWord books and gives the best in-depth discussion of the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model that I have discovered. In addition, I have found the extensive follow up emails to be a great source of information. Marshall takes you from beginner to expert in less than 200 pages and he keeps the text crisp and readable. Of all the books that have been written about AdWords, this would be my #1 pick. My second recommendation is AdWords Miracle by Chris McNeeney. McNeeney makes the bold assertion that he can teach anyone to get to the point where they can leave their regular job, just by using AdWords and the pay-per-click model of advertising. He is very specific and this points out the main difference between this book and Marshall's "Definitive Guide". AdWords Miracle is all about using AdWords while selling ClickBank products, while Marshall's book covers more general ground. It is a terrific read, and compliments the "Definitive Guide" very nicely. As this topic is so important for anything we will be doing, you can't go wrong reading both books. I did. In the next article, I will be talking about affiliate programs; a great way to make money on the Internet and an area that you must understand completely in order to maximize your profits. Till then, keep in mind my favorite maxim; " I need to learn, learn, learn so I can earn, earn, earn".

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The best way to Make Money On These Side or Without Tons Of Work  

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