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September 8, 2011

Information Alert Press Release Contact: Lauren Cook, Dir. of Communications Equity Center (512) 478-7313

School Finance Litigation Team Adds Two New Members The Equity Center is pleased to announce that Richard E. Gray, III and Toni B. Hunter of the Gray & Becker Law Firm will be added to lead roles in the anticipated public school finance litigation. They will join school finance attorneys Buck Wood and Doug Ray in this effort to bring fair treatment to Texas taxpayers and public school children. Longtime General Counsel of the Equity Center, Buck Wood, explained, “We’ve added Rick and Toni to our team because this litigation will have a massive impact on the quality of education that is available to children in Texas. This is absolutely a ‘must-win’ situation.” Rick Gray was lead counsel for the Alvarado Plaintiff Intervenors (an alliance of property-poor school districts) in the ground-breaking Edgewood I and II school finance litigation in the late 1980s and early 1990s that lead to the reform of the entire Texas system of school finance. Toni Hunter brings 26 years of well-recognized experience and talent in school finance and constitutional matters, including leadership roles in Edgewood III, IV, and West Orange Cove. “In addition to being gifted attorneys in their own right, the synergy that will result from their involvement promises to be awesome,” said Dr. Wayne Pierce, Equity Center executive director. “The combined experience and talent of this team of public school finance attorneys far exceeds that of any other in the state’s history and offers great hope to Texas children.” The Equity Center is an organization of over 600 Texas public school districts, created on the principle of fair treatment of children in the financing of Texas schools and of the tax payers that provide for their financial support. The Equity Center has been involved in all Texas public school finance litigation as a coordinator and advisor of the Alvarado Plaintiffs, providing cutting-edge research and expert testimony. School Districts across the state have been invited, and are in the process of taking formal action, to join a new and united effort on behalf of Texas public school children.

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