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March 10, 2011

Legislative Update School Finance Bills Filed This Week On Monday, March 7 Representative James White, House District 12, filed HB 2444, relating to public school finance. In his press release, he made known his concerns about the current funding scheme and his ideas about how to correct it. HB 2444 is a very equitable bill that is simple in concept but powerful in action. It eliminates Target Revenue and all wealth hold harmlesses and brings all school districts into the equalized cost-based formula system. The basic allotment is set at $4,765. Any additional revenue available after the elimination of Target Revenue and the wealth hold harmlesses is put back into the system to raise the basic allotment. Filed yesterday by Rep. Eissler, HB 2721 was described by the author as a “shell bill” for school finance. It moves toward equity by eliminating Target Revenue and lowering the basic allotment to $4,265, among other things. We’ll see what the next version brings. We’ve already sent out several alerts about Rep. Hochberg’s HB 2485 and HB 2484, filed Tuesday. We are expecting at least one school finance bill to be filed by the Senate today or tomorrow. We will continue to update members and send out additional commentary about all these bills as we review them.

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