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Network Update: E2 Networks have experienced significant growth so far this year. Please join us in thanking God for these new additions and, along with those to Launch, please pray that they would grow strong roots for God’s Kingdom   

Vol. 11—Issue 8 July 2010

Barrie (ON) E2 Network - Associate: Paul Simons, (705) 716-7271 South Simcoe, Keswick (ON) E2 Network - Associate: John Coulman (905) 476-3491 Cochrane (AB) E2 Network - Associate: Doug Mitchell (403) 932-6565

Soon to Launch   

Edmonton (AB) E2 Network - Associate: Victor Ko (780) 758-8594 Downsview (ON) Church of God of Prophesy E2 Network Associate: Steve Clarke (416) 909-5615 Saskatoon (SK) E2 Network - Associate: Brad Mayer (306) 653-1452

Contact information is provided if these Networks are close to your location or if you can refer people. Please contact Paul Simons, E 2’s National Network Director at: (705)-716-7271 if you would like to see an E2 Network established in your area.

EEAT 2015

The WINNING COMBINATION: PRAYER AND EVANGELISM The Book of Acts of the Apostles is a fascinating history of the Early Church highlighting its explosive and expansive growth over a 30 year period. The continued waves of growth were because the believers knew from personal experience that prayer works, prayer is work and prayer leads to work. Prayer and evangelism was a winning combination for them! Twenty, out of twenty-eight chapters of the Book of Acts make a reference to prayer. The Church’s mission of evangelism was born in prayer, and the first two evangelists were sent out with the united prayers of the Church at Antioch (Acts 13:2-3). The apostle Paul used the winning combination in his powerful pioneering ministry. So, it is not surprising that Paul repeatedly appealed to Christians and congregations to pray so that his evangelistic preaching might be with divine anointing and the gospel will go forth with clarity and conviction (Ephesians 6:19-20; Colossians 4:2-4). Again, Paul requested the Thessalonian believers to pray for

him and his team that the word of the Lord might spread rapidly (2 Thessalonians 3:1).

results of that blow among the people we see and touch.” Let’s move ahead with this time-tested winning combination!

The winning combination was graphically illustrated in Israel’s advance to Canaan in Exodus 17. The Amalekites had declared war on God’s people at Rephidim. The battle plan was simple and straightforward: Joshua gathered the right men for physical battle and Moses along with Aaron and Hur went up the hill to battle in the heavenlies. As long as Moses was praying with raised hands, Joshua overcame the Amalekite army with swords. And whenever Moses lowered his hands with weariness the Amalekites prevailed (Exodus 17:11-13). One can undoubtedly conclude that Moses’ use of the weapon of prayer against the Amalekites on the hill was as strategically important as Joshua’s military strategy in the valley.

Dr. T.V. Thomas Director, Centre for Evangelism & World Mission Member, National Team of E2

Cross the Street Conference Engaging our world with authentic faith

Evangelism is primarily and ultimately a form of spiritual warfare, so prayer cannot be divorced from evangelism. When prayer is mobilized without evangelism, it tends to become a form of escape from reality. Evangelism without accompanying prayer can tend to be nervous, busy and often futile activity. Prayer was, and still is the lifeline of evangelism. Effective evangelism stands or falls on prayer.

Date: Saturday October 16, 2010 Location: Glad Tidings Church in Burlington, Ontario Speakers: Claude Houde; Will Graham; Eric Swanson; Kevin Shepherd; David Macfarlane and many more Cost: from $50 to $69 for the day depending on the size of your group. Only $25 for students. Requirements: An expectant heart and a great attitude Webpage:

To be effective in ministry today, this combination of prayer and evangelism is not an option. Prevailing prayer harnessed with well-orchestrated evangelism becomes a powerhouse of God to pull down Satan’s strongholds (2 Corinthians 10:4). That winning combination certainly gives a fatal blow to Satan and his Kingdom and assures us of victory and a spiritual harvest. This is what wellknown, 20th century American preacher and author of Quiet Talks on Prayer, S.D. Gordon succinctly meant: “Prayer is striking the winning blow at the concealed enemy. Service is gathering up the

(For information, promo video clip, downloads and to register) This is a national conference that will inspire, encourage and equip all Christians and church leaders to impact their communities for Christ in many new and exciting ways for the good of the Kingdom! We believe that as groups from your congregation experience this event together that they will return to your church “fired up” and equipped to better support you and your leadership in your vision to impact your community for Christ!

Influence July 2010  

The Newsletter of the Equipping Evangelists

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