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EuroCyclingTrips CMI Pro Cycling

The Team:

Presentation: EuroCyclingTrips – CMI Pro Cycling is a professional cycling team registered as a Continental Team with the international cycling governing body the UCI. The team is registered in Guam-USA and includes riders of many different nationalities to create a truly international and diverse team. All members of the team are passionate about the sport of cycling and love to travel to far-away lands and meet new and different people. The team aims to inspire and encourage people of all backgrounds and ages to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle through sport and specifically cycling.

Our team members share a form of easy-goingness and seriousness that is rare for an entire team. The team has strong results on the international circuit, but has shown that enjoyment of the sport, and sharing that with others is just as important as winning races.

Team Ethos: The team’s ethos is what drives our group. While every team wants to win races, this team is about more than racing. Bike racers have a natural drive to race and to win. This is the most standard goal of any team and we have had impressive results over the years, with stage wins in Pro races in Europe as well as on the Chinese and African pro circuit revealing a variety of skills and abilities, ranging from fast sprints to overall stage race wins via young rider classifications. The primary goal of the team’s ethos aims to create a pressure-free atmosphere to enable each individual to evolve in a situation that helps them to give the most of themselves for the common good of the group. This is not only important for the team, but also as a reference for team members, partners, sponsors and fans to learn from and apply to their personal or professional lives and goals. The team has also been successful in having riders selected to their National Teams, the National Championships and the World Championships.


Our team aims to inspire and motivate people of all ages and backgrounds to live a balanced lifestyle through sport and specifically cycling.

Articles, videos and documentaries on races, race results and a team’s endeavour are commonplace in this day and age but at EuroCyclingTrips – CMI Pro Cycling we want to bring people one step closer. We aim to give people a true “behind-the-scenes” look at Pro Level racing with the goal of inspiring people to aim and achieve their sporting goals and improve health, or better still, inspire people to aim for higher achievements. Pro riders are not always lodged in amazing hotels, they might not always have access to the best nutrition while traveling and racing and are often obliged to adapt their training and timetable to unforeseen circumstances. These are often similar hurdles to those encountered by amateur athletes and people looking to focus on their health and fitness. Seeing that pro athletes are often faced with the same challenges as the “mere mortal” is a powerful force to encourage people to maintain focus and achieve their goals. With an increase in team budget we aim to provide a better communication platform for our fans, partners and followers to show how our athletes overcome these daily challenges, to inspire people to take up some form of sporting activity and to focus on their general health regardless of age, natural ability or background.


We strive to produce as much content as possible to provide a “behind-the-scenes” look at the life of a cyclist. With an increase in team budget, we aim to greatly improve this means of communicating with fans via the many public access forms of media and social media that are at our disposal today. Cycling is first and foremost a “lifestyle” sport for the vast majority of participants. Although racing makes up a big part of a cyclist’s calendar and focus, the vast majority of an athlete’s time is spent training, traveling and preparing for races. Unlike other well documented “lifestyle” sports, such as surfing and adventure & extreme sports, we feel that the “lifestyle” element of cycling has not fully been exploited as a platform for content and communication with fans and partners; this is something we greatly aim to develop over the course of the next few years to work towards creating a solid stream of content covering the many facets of cycling. Some studies have shown that the majority of cycling enthusiasts relate more to content on exciting and adventurous rides, travel, training & diet as well as the ups and downs of any goal oriented process that seeks to achieve improvement, than actual in-race coverage.


The term “development� in the sport of cycling is too often associated with the development of young riders into top level professionals. The development of cycling should not be reduced to this single interpretation. Although our team relishes the opportunity to help young riders benefit from our more experienced riders to help progress their cycling careers, we are also driven by the possibility to help develop cycling on a larger scale. The development of cycling means getting more people involved in the sport, regardless of their age or goals. The more people we can inspire to take up cycling the better, be it competitively, for fun with the family, as a means of weekend escapism or for transportation. As such, our team has a mixture of youthful riders and older riders from different nations and backgrounds to showcase that there are no limit to getting involved in the sport regardless of your age or goals.

Amateur Cycling & Triathlon club:

Affiliated to the team is an amateur cycling club and a triathlon club consisting of athletes who share the same values as those of the professional cycling team. This ethos and attitude has attracted amateur cyclists of varying levels as well as many triathletes and Ironaman Hawaii qualifiers including well known Tour de France rider, Tour of Spain winner and former World Time Trial Champion Laurent JALABERT.

Media coverage:

Media attention is just one of the aspects that enables the team to showcase its abilities, sponsors and partners to the wider world. Although the team manages its own media via its numerous social media platforms, coverage from outside sources is highly desirable. Over the past years, the team has seen coverage from media sources ranging from TV coverage from outlets such as Eurosport & TV5-Monde to cycling specific magazines via more general press such as the newspaper Le Monde.

Cycling trips and vacations:

Title sponsor EuroCyclingTrips is a company that, as the name suggests, organises cycling-related holidays and trips, mostly in Europe. Their business shares many elements with the team and an obvious partnership has evolved over the years around the elements of travel and cycling. Their desire to see the team active in as many countries as possible throughout the year, and their shared love with the team for cycling adventures has seen the two cooperate on many levels. EuroCyclingTrips organises the team’s training camps and get-togethers, sometimes making these available to the public in the form of shared training events where enthusiasts get to share the experience with the Pro riders. In the past, the team has also made the most of EuroCyclingTrips’ experience and offerings to run sponsor and partner-specific cycling trips. This collaboration encourages a closer link between Pro riders and cycling fans and enthusiasts that is relatively unique. Unlike other teams that will allow members of the public or sponsors to join the team’s riders for a single ride, or a single day, we embrace a longer and more durable shared experience.


The team’s registratoin and invovlement with the Pacific island of Guam reflects many aspects of what makes our team special. The small and close-knit community of Guam as well as the wide variety of backgrounds of the island’s inhabitants reflects our team’s close-knit and varied memebership. Our team’s native Guam riders include the road and mountain bike national champions with Dan APONIK and Derek HORTON as well as two riders who have reprisented Guam at no fewer than three separate Olympics with Derek HORTON once again and Peter LOMBARD. These athletes are true ambassdors for the sport of cycling as well as for the island of Guam. As part of the broader project, Guam is looking at hosting an ever increasing number of national and international cycling events.

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