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EQUINOX Pool Mosaics & Tiles

Designer Pools in Glass, Stone & High-Tech

Equinox has built a reputation for making pools and water features into something special using its own-brand glass mosaic Pool Collections, ceramic mosaic, stone tiles and high-tech stone Equinox pool mosaics and tiles have been selected by prestigious hospitality sector clients such as Four Seasons, Maryatt, Jumeirah, Dusit and Capella. The project list includes cluster housing developments in Singapore and Malaysia, condominium developments all over South East Asia, resort and spa projects in Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, the Maldives, the Seychelles and Singapore, and private residences in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In Singapore, Equinox has worked with architects and landscape architects to supply more than 50 customised swimming pools. Equinox’ own-brand glass mosaic offers two Pool Collections: Island Series and Ocean Series. The former focuses on 20x20x4mm and 15x15x4mm formats while Ocean Series features 25x25x6mm and 35x35x8mm. Blends mix complementary colours and different surface finishes (matte, gloos and iridescent) to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. Any blend in the series can be customised on request. Glass is an extremely durable material and can last for, literally, thousands of years. The same

in not true for the adhesive and bonding that bind the mosaic to the surface, so Equinox carefully specifies adhesive and grout for all our mosaic products. Newgeneration grouts are waterrepellent and anti-bacterial so there is no need to use organic grouts, which tend to get spotted with mould over time.

50x50mm and 25x25mm. As with glass mosaics, we advise on suitable waterproofing products, adhesives and advanced grouts.

Equinox offers a design service, helping clients turn their ‘pool dreams’ into reality, whether they want a complex pattern or a specfiic visual image. Renderings are supplied free of charge to help clients refine and decide on their design and choice of mosaic colours and finishes.

Extremely compact, fully vitrified porcelain stoneware tiles open up new possibilities for designers. These ‘high-tech’ stones and marbles are are viable choice for pools and water features, offering larger fomats and very naturalistic surfaces. Each piece presents a unique surface patina.

To complement its glass mosaic, Equinox also supplies stone tiles for pool and water features as well as ceramic mosaics and hightech stones (fully vitrified porcelain stoneware). The core stone tiles are Sukabumi Green the classic Bali-style pool finish - but with exceptional control over cut, calibration, finish and tonality. The effort we put into QC turns what is usually regarded as a rustic material into a beautiful, refined finish. Another natural stone Himalayan White - also looks great in submerged applications. We supply tiles at 150x150mm and 100x100mm and mosaic at

Ceramic mosaics are another option for submerged applications, and Equinox has an excellent range starting at 50x50cm going up to 100x100cm.

Right: Glass mosaic pool showing custom design wave pattern. Far right: luxury condominium pool in Sukabumi Green stone

Cover photograph shows main pool in Ocean Series ‘Tramontana’ matte 35x35mm glass mosaic with Island Series Pacific ‘Tonga Luxe’ in Jacuzzi area.

Contemporary styling in glass, ceramic and stone...

Glass Mosaic

Island Series: Mediterranean













Glass Mosaic






Swimming pool using Equinox Island Series ‘Thassos’ aventurine mosaic, 20x20mm format.

Glass Mosaic

Island Series: Caribbean











St. Lucia


Infinity pool in deep blue iridescent ‘Guadeloupe’ mosaic. Guadeloupe format is 15x15x4mm supplied on 327x327mm sheets.

Award-winning design in a Singapore shophouse. The pool, see here in daylight and nicely lit at night, uses ‘Anguilla’ matte glass mosaic in 15x32mm brick format (standard format is 15x15mm).

Glass Mosaic

Island Series: Pacific




Pacific range tiles are 20x20x4mm in format. As with Mediterranean and Caribbean, standard blends shown here can be customised on request.

Glass Mosaic






Tonga Luxe (1% platinum)



Vanuatu Luxe (1% 24k gold)

Swimming pool in ‘Tonga’ glass mosaic; a blend of matte off-white, gloss white and iridescent white. With a pool depth of 1.2 metres, water refraction turns the pool an attractive pale blue. The deeper the water, the deeper the tone of the mosaic.

Glass Mosaic

Ocean Series: Seashore

Ocean Series ‘Seashore’ is a rich range of 25x25x6mm format mosaic blends. All blends can be customised; and many can be finished wth a bevelled edge (the natural edge mosaics are bevelled by a mechanical process). Most ‘Seashore’ blends mix matte, gloss and iridescent finishes but some (e.g. Costa Brava) are all matte and some (e.g. Long Beach) are all iridescent.


Blue Harbour

Bonavista Bay (bevelled edge)

Cap Ferrat (bevelled edge)

Cape Verde

Chesapeake Bay



Costa Brava

Cote d’Azur


Glass Mosaic


Key West

Long Beach

Milford Sound

Montego Bay

Monterey Bay

Palm Beach



Pool floor in ‘Blue Harbour’ blend, prior to immersion.

Glass Mosaic

Ocean Series: Offshore Ocean Series ‘Offshore’ is a range of 25x25x6mm an 35x35x6mm mosaics featuring a running tone in matte or gloss finishes. Smaller formats can be specified with a bevelled edge. Offshore have proven to be a popular choice for submerged applications because its watery look at varied tonality (note: Offshore is not a blend) work well with pools and water features. There are three tone pallettes: Mistral, which is turquoise and green; Sirocco, which shows pale blues through to inky near-black blues; and Mistral, which bluegrey and deep green. Another attraction of Offshore is the possiblity of specifying the large 35x35mm format.

Mistral 25 mate bevelled

Mistral 25 gloss bevelled

Mistral matte 35

Mistral gloss 35

Sirocco 25 matte bevelled

Sirocco 25 gloss bevelled

Sirocco 35 matte

Sirocco 35 gloss

Tramontana matte 25

Tramontana gloss 25

Tramontana matte 35

Tramontana gloss 35

Equinox Ocean Series Tramontana matte 35x35mm glass mosaic installed at a private residence at Sentosa Cove, Singapore.

Glass Mosaic Island Series: Mediterranean Cabrera, Capri, Catalada, Corfu, Corsica, Formentera, Ikaria, Marmara, Murano, Mykonos, Paros, Pellestrina, Santorini, Sardinia, Thassos,Vulcano, Zembra Any Mediterranean mosaic can be specified as ‘Luxe’ option by the addition of one percent 24-carat gold leaf or platinum leaf mosaic..

Island Series: Caribbean Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Barbuda, Bonaire, Caicos, Cozumel, Guadeloupe, Mayaguana, Martinique, Martinique, Monsterrat, Trinidad

Island Series: Pacific Bougainville, Fiji, Hawaii, Galapagos, Maui, Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, Tuvalu,Vanuatu Any Pacific mosaic can be specified as ‘Luxe’ option by the addition of one percent 24-carat gold leaf or platinum leaf mosaic.

Ocean Series: Seashore Algarve, Blue Harbour, Cap Ferrat, Cape Leeuwin, Cape Verde, Chesapeake Bay, Connemara, Copacabana, Costa Brava, Cote d’Azur, Finisterre, Gibraltar, Key West, Long Beach, Milford Sound, Montego Bay, Monterey Bay, Palm Beach, Taranto, Tintagel Most Seashore series mosaics are available in bevelled edge.

Ocean Series: Offshore Mistral, Sirocco, Tramontana Mistral, Sirocco and Tramontana are available with bevelled edge in 25 x 25mm format.

Island Series: Mediterranean / Caribbean Format: 20 x 20 x 4mm Sheet size: 327 x 327mm AMERICAN STANDARD ASTM ASTM C373 Water absorption 0.01% ASTM C424 Crazing resistance Pass ASTM C482 Bond strength to Portland and cement 496psi ASTM C484 Thermal shock resistance Pass ASTM C1026 Resistance to freeze-thaw cycling Pass ASTM C1027 Visible abrasion resistance Class 4 ASTM C1028 Static coefficient of friction Dry 0.74 / Wet 0.49

Island Series: Pacific Format: 15 x 50 x 4mm Sheet size: 327 x 327mm AMERICAN STANDARD ASTM ASTM C373 Water absorption 0.01% ASTM C424 Crazing resistance Pass ASTM C482 Bond strength to Portland and cement 488psi ASTM C484 Thermal shock resistance Pass ASTM C1026 Resistance to freeze-thaw cycling Pass ASTM C1027 Visible abrasion resistance Class 4 ASTM C1028 Static coefficient of friction Dry 0.68 / Wet 0.45

Ocean Series: Seashore / Offshore Format: 25 x 25 x 6mm & 35 x 35 x 6mm AMERICAN STANDARD ASTM

Sheet size: 327 x 327mm

ASTM C373 Water absorption 0.01% ASTM C424 Crazing resistance Pass ASTM C482 Bond strength to Portland and cement 525psi ASTM C484 Thermal shock resistance Pass ASTM C1026 Resistance to freeze-thaw cycling Pass ASTM C1027 Visible abrasion resistance Class 4 ASTM C1028 Static coefficient of friction Dry 0.88 / Wet 0.53

Custom Design Equinox has the capability to design and fabricate the most complex custom design pools. Our design studio can produce accurate visuals upon receipt of CAD/.dwg files. Custom pools are supplied with a comprehensive installation guide for contractors. The process is straightforward and produces spectacular results ranging from subtle tonal shifts to bold graphic imagery, according to client request. Fabricated sheets are dry-laid at the factory to check on accuracy of design and to assess colours, gradients and shading. Custom design swimming pools and water features by Equinox have been delivered to Singapore, Japan, the Middle East and Europe.

Subtle wave design for pool at a private residence in Singapore.

Custom design swimming pool by Equinox for a major project in Vietnam, showing dynamic pattern of waves eventually merging with the ‘beach’. This beach is an area of shallow water where guests sunbathe on loungers placed in the pool.

Custom Design

Multi-tonal custom pool for casino resort, Macau.

Stone Equinox supplies various types of natural stone pool tiles at sizes ranging from 25x25mm up to 200x200mm. The core products are Atlanta White and Sukabumi Green. What distinguishes Equinox pool stone is diligent quality control, which takes the uncertainty out of this natural product. We double-check and triple-check stone slabs, cutting, calibration, surface finishing, packing and shipping.

Resort pool in honed and splitface Atlanta White stone.

Sukabumi Green tiles 100x100mm with honed finish. Exhaustive quality control ensures precise and even tonality.

Stone The pool deck is integral to a successful swimming pool design, and Equinox offers two solutions: natural stone, particularly our cream and pale gold Coral Stone, which is a tough limestone made of petrified coral reefs.

Coral Stone is a lovely, reasonably priced choice for pool decking. It imbues any pool with the look and feel of a luxury beach resort. Its subtle, pale tones change in the light, from bright cream to pale gold.

Popular pool deck finishes are brushed and honed, both of which are pleasant to walk on in bare feet and, being pale in colour, do not get unduly hot in the sun. Grip is more than adequate for this application. The

The visual and tactile attractiveness of Coral Stone make it a good choice for feature walls. Wherever it’s used, Coral Stone gives any project the luxury esort’ look and feel.

High-Tech Materials Super-compacted porcelain stoneware is stronger than granite but 60% lighter. The tiles are fully vitrified and therefore absorb almost no water. Not only does this help them resists staining, chemical attack, weathering and general weat and tear, it makes them suitable for submerged applications as well as for pool decks. Equinox offers high-tech stone, high-tech marble and high-tech wood; all made in Italy using state-of the-art production technologies. High-tech marble, stone and wood are made of the same core materials - clays, feldspars and carefully selected minerals - and so all have the same physical properties, belying their different appearance. Each hightech tile shows a unique surface patina, making the end-result extremely naturalistic but with all the advantanges of a high-tech material. Lightness (these tiles are only 10mm thick, even at 600x1200mm size), great structural integrity, and superior performance over time. Advanced manufacturing and quality control ensures that tiles are accurately squared and rectified, completely flat (absence of warping and wedging, etc): ready to install in the most demanding application.

Pool terraces and deck area in high-tech stone Cream Europa. Kempinsky Hotel, Adriatic.

Pool deck in very grippy (R13) ribbed Blackstone tile 300x600mm. These tiles have a cushioned edge which add to the structured look.

Pool deck and the pool itself in 300x600mm high-tech stone ‘Crema Europa’ with a structured (R11 A+B grip rating) surface. Hotel & Spa Iadera, Croatia.

High-Tech Materials

International Beach Hotel, Caorie, Italy. Attractive, durable pool deck in high-tech stone Pietre di Barge with high-tech Porfido inserts.

Superb high-tech stone tiles, showing antiqued finish, give character and texture to pool deck.

Refined pool deck in hightech stone Pietra Etrusca 600x600mm.

High-Tech Materials

No worries about sun-bleaching, rotting or insect attack: this pool deck is finished in high-tech wood ‘Abbazia’ 900mm long planks in mixed widths - 110mm, 150mm and 225mm. Every tile shows a unique grain surface. The grip rating is R10/A.

Pool Mosaics & Tiles  

Contemporary pools in classic and high-tech materials

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