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Innovative Surfaces and Colours

Equinox offers a broad range of designer tiles from the finest factories in Italy. All are highly specified porcelain stonewore material to meet the most demanding project requirement. New-generation porcelain stoneware tiles show interesting and attractive surface textures in trendy colours. It’s a great combination for the designer working to finish a design with a surface which has great visual and tactile impact and yet holds up in terms of specificaition and performance.

Whether you are looking for a pure-tone mirror polish finish or a matte, textured finish, we have a wide selection of tiles in many formats, some as large as 1200x1200mm. Designer tiles focus on appearance but the specification

is still very strong, with excellent superior wear and abrasion resistance characteristics, very low water absorption, and good resistance to stains and chemical attack. Being so compact, tiles can be very large but still relatively thin (10mm to 14mm depending on product) so they are quicker and easier to install than natural materials. All tiles are rectified, squared and monocalibre.

Starting with neutral base shades of white, grey, and sand, the matte surfaces of Pico tiles have depth from an irregular pattern of either inverted or elevated dots. Two tones of red and blue, applied as little dots in the hollow or as a base colour, further activate the relief by creating slight shadows, making the tiles cooler or warmer Iridium floor tiles wth ‘Soft’ surface finish. On the wall above are ‘Optical’ tiles which give the impression of a 3-D surface, through they are in fact flat.

Creative imaginaton, technical innovation

Dechirer range Bianco Deco Hexagon mosaic. Unglazed porcelain stoneware: Delicate looking but hard wearing

Glazed subway-style tiles from Italy. Available in a range of tones, including black and white, and with deco tile showing a convex face.

Cretto Nero takes a traditional concept, refines it, and adds into the mix a 21st century specification.

Dechirer, designed by architect Patricia Urquiola, exemplifies a new Italian approach to designer tiles: no longer designed in-house but often commissions from respected internatonal figures, from Urquiola herself to Rodolfo Dordoni, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and Tokujin Yoshioka. Shown here is a Nero Deco heaxagon tile in a very large format - 1.2 metres from edge to edge.

The majolica floors of the most beautiful homes overlooking the Mediterranean are the inspiration for this range of tiles, which has subtle tones and shades, sometimes lighter, sometimes more intense. Extremely compact porcelain stoneware (compressed by 4,000 tons of pressure) and 14mm thickness guarantee good resistance to mechanical stresses, shocks and wear over time. To produce the lustrous top surface, a special glassy grit is finely ground and evenly applied on the surface. A slow firing completely melts the materials so that it penetrates into the body, making the tile more resistant and easier to clean.

Scirocco tiles on terrace. These tiles can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

Rich blue of Maestrale. Tilies come in a single format: 450x450x14mm. Matching skirting tiles measure 450x72mm.

Pale blue tone of Grecale is redolent of the Mediterranean.

Levante offers a deep, warm beige tone. This photo clearly shows the thickness and richness of the glazed surface.

Designer Italian tiles (MD-Stone range): understated elegance.

Subtle variation in tone and surface appearance are a hallmark of the MD range. Stunning decorative tiles can be curved or contain metal strips.

Silvergrey Flamme tiles give the look of refined, textured stone.

The beautiful appearance and lovely feel of premium quality antique cotto, but with none of the staining of maintenance issues. The surface is not glazed, but rather manually polished. The structure is advanced porcelain stoneware.

Wall clad in Rosso ‘Optical’ porcelain stoneware tiles. Although they look indented the surface is, in fact, entirely flat, so these tiles could also be used on the floor.

Glitter tile has an attractive, high-honed finish. Available only in 600x600mm. The surface looks quite delicate but is extremely resilient and can take heavy foot traffic.

Glitter tile has an attractive, high-honed finish. Available only in 600x600mm. The surface looks quite delicate but is extremely resilient and can take heavy foot traffic.

Floor in polished Iridium Sky 600x600mm tiles in semi-polished Soft finish. Full body inpervious porcelain stoneware.

Iridium Champagne Soft floor with insert of Iridium Brown polished. These are impervious tiles which can be used indoors or outdoors.

Iridium Verde polished tiles at 600x600mm. Irdium tiles are not glazed but a single homogeneous mass. Polish is achieved by mechanical grinding. The tiles are robust enough to be used on an airport floor

Phenomenon range offers a honeycomb porcelain stoneware mosiac. Great for feature walls.

Pico’s subtly composed shades have a matt finish with a sensual surface feel. Pico defines a regularirregular texture, the result is the pairing of two relief surfaces: “Down” with sunken dots and “Up” with elevated dots. Both reliefs are available in their natural, monochrome base colours: “Blanc,” “Gris” and “Terre”.

Folded tiles are, in effect, moulds of complex origami patterns on a large scale. The tiles are 600x600mm. There are three subtly different patterns.

Flow tiles are a superb rendering of stripped, painted timber. Four colours are offered in formats of 1200x300mm and 1200x150mm. Floor or walls; interior or exterior.

New Bas-Relief wall tiles in Dechirer range accentuate the the surface texture of the standard Dechirer range.

Bark White tiles on gallery floor. Bark is offered in 900x600mm format. Thickness is 12mm.

Armani pinstripes distinguish the Bark range. Semi-polish glazed finish on this ‘Coke’ tone.

Stream Pure Grey 300x300mm tiles with Stream series white glazed border tiles.

Stream Pure Blue showing the subtle varation of surface and colour that combine to make Stream such an attrative finishing option.

Stream Pure Green imbues any surface with a springlike freshness.

Stream series Red Mist tiles. Easy to install 300x300mm tiles showing this gorgeous glaze of deep reds.

Designer Tiles  

Creative and innovative designer tiles from Italy

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