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Hello, welcome to our first newsletter for 2012, and a belated “Happy New Horse Year” to our readers. Whilst on the subject of happiness, have you ever considered an original portrait of your special equine friend? Our feature article this month comes from pet and equine artist Catherin McMillan, from Animal Art House. A private commission by Catherin will immortalize the soul of your animal best friend, and her work can be found throughout Australia and in many countries overseas. Our feature product this month is “Intelligent Ice”, another groundbreaking development from Intelligent Inventors, the designers of WTP bits. Suitable for horses, people and pets, this temperature controlled ice wrap eliminates freeze burn, and is recommended for prevention and treatment of inflammation and injury. It was decidedly unintelligent weather which prevailed at the NSW Pony Club State Dressage Championships, held in Orange in January. Flooding rains and howling winds could not deter the enthusiasm, and we congratulate all competitors and their stoic family supporters. We proudly presented our Moxie Techno rugs to the four age Champions, including the very successful Brodie Howe, whose photo appears courtesy of Barry McGregor Photography.

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Out and About: where you will find us 1-4 March: SIEC: Equestrian NSW Interschool Championships

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14-18 March: SIEC: Arabian National Championships

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21-22 April: SIEC: NSW Horse of the Year


Lesley Fitton


23-25 March: SIEC: National Pony of the Year Show 30 Mar-1 Apr: SIEC: Show Horse Council Grand National Championships

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Commissioning an equine/pet portrait

By Catherin McMillan equine and pet portrait artist

Immortalising your equine or furry companion is a great way to capture that special bond and moment in time. Whilst some find it a daunting affair I hope the following advice can help answer some of the questions you may have. Styles:


There are many styles of artwork. From realism (photo like) to impressionism (just the essence of the image which may not look “real”) and the more modern pop art (high contrast outline) styles of work.

Everybody has a favourite image of their horses or pets that they adore. Although these can be great photos they don’t necessarily create a great work of art.

Its important to consider the style of work you like. Why? Because your portrait is with you for many years to come and may become an heirloom, so it’s important to pick the medium you prefer. Do you like the softer look of pastels, traditional watercolours or oils? Perhaps you prefer the relatively modern acrylics on canvas? Choose an artist who’s work best represents what you have in mind both in style and medium. If you are unsure what these mediums actually look like that is you haven’t seen it in person, then take a trip to a local art gallery to view them first hand. There are heaps of regional galleries which can help an you may see a particular style that you like there as well. I know I have been asked to work in the style of the 1800 for some formal portraits. It’s really up to the person commissioning the work... in this case – you. As an option you can visit a number of artists websites choose the one that best represents what you have in mind. I have lots of work on display at my site for just this purpose. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Artists are beautiful people and are happy to discuss art all day... just ask my husband!


Ask the artists opinion on the photo you have chosen to have immortalised. Its always a good idea to send a number of images to your chosen artist, not just your favourite. Your favourite photo may not show the correct coat colour or perhaps the eye isn’t open enough, the ears are slightly out of kilter. Most artists are more than happy to composite images together to create the ideal image of your animal. The more information you can provide, the more the artist has to work with. (Ok so good artists are nosy like Sherlock Holmes, but we always get our image.) In the case of an memory piece of an “immortal” subject, it’s not always possible to have the perfect photo or image as the animal may have passed a number of years ago..


Some artist charge extra when working with images of poor quality. This is due to the difficulty they present for the artist in question to see all the details required to create your portrait.

A competition time or a at least a rough completion time should be able to be given. A more experienced and popular artist may be booked out months in advance whilst a newer less experienced artist may only take a couple of weeks to complete your portrait.

This image is blurry and out of focus. Detail is hard to see.

Things to remember: Don’t judge the quality of the portrait by the turn around time to completion alone. The most important thing is to like the artists style and feel it will best represent what you are after.

A clear image showing plenty of detail not only of the horse but also the harness. For this reason always try to forward clear images the higher the resolution the more the artist has to work with. Images can always be placed on a disc and posted rather than emailed, ask their preference. Make a copy for your self as a back up should the CD go astray in the post. Payment and completion times: When you are buying anything you are entering a contract with the supplier so what you agree to is what you agree too… so I can only provide a loose guide on what I think is reasonable. I (& the majority of artists) will ask for a deposit. Ask up front how they would prefer payment to be made for your portrait. I offer a lay-by system but this is not common. I will do a certain number of small changes to a portrait at no additional charge to keep you happy with the work. This is not universal and you need to discuss this with your chosen artist. Should you require more than these or major changes are requested, then expect to pay a little more for the time and effort required to achieve these changes. I feel it is good to send a preview of your completed portrait to view prior to you receiving your finished portrait. Don’t just expect this as a given, a number of artists will just ship upon completion. If there is something you need changed then negotiate it with the artist. I am happy to provide alterations as above but some are not. It is important to remember that art is art and it’s purpose is to promote emotions in the viewer. There is no “perfect” image, there is only what it brings out in you.

Do they capture the essence of the animal? Is it life like ready to jump out of the image at you if this is the type of portrait you are after? Do they allow a background to be included in the portrait should you require it? What is the extra cost for such? In the case of pop art pieces can you choose the colour of the background? Whilst its not always possible to meet the artist in person due to their location, don’t be afraid to ask the artist to ring and speak to you in person. This way you can go though questions you may have or they may be able to ask questions to you directly that you may not have thought about whilst typing that initial email contact. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. About Catherin Catherin is a professional portrait artist with over twelve years experience. Her work can be found in private collections throughout Australia and Internationally. She works in a variety of mediums including pastels, watercolour and acrylics. Her business has been built by word of mouth from happy customers over time and she is always looks forward to meeting another subject and their happy master. Catherin is a member of the International Equine Artists, Canine Art Guild, American Society of Bovine Artists and the Kiama Art Society. Her original artwork can be viewed an purchased at the following Australian Art Galleries: Aarwun Gallery - Canberra Light Horse Gallery – Robertson NSW Weswal Gallery – Tamworth NSW Boyd Gallery – Narellan NSW If you would like more information about commissioning a portrait or to view Catherin’s work visit: email: • phone: 0401 619 884


Intelligent Ice

For relief of injury and pain in Humans / Animals / Pets


hen a human or animal is injured, it is usually the first and best course of action to cool the area as quickly as possible using ice packs or very cold water. The immediate goal is to reduce inflammation and swelling in order to minimize tissue & cell damage, and speed the healing process. Ice slows the inflammatory response while other treatments, such as medication, can begin to take effect. However, care must be taken whenever cold therapy is applied to a limb. Ice wraps used incorrectly or applied for too long can potentially damage the skin and underlying tissue. Until now, the traditional types of ice pack have potentially been too cold, resulting in damage to nerve endings and, in extreme cases, possibly frostbite. What is Intelligent Ice?

How it Works

Intelligent Ice solution is a “temperature controlled” therapeutic cooling product. This represents an amazing breakthrough in technology for use when a person or animal is injured. It is no longer necessary to use straight ice, which can freeze burn after about one minute, and cause damage to underlying tissue and nerves. This outstanding “Intelligent Ice” product may be strapped on and left in place for several hours, reducing the swelling and bruising at a safe and effective pre-set temperature. The product will remain at the set temperature for up to 4 hours, depending on the thickness. The wrap may then be replaced in the freezer, and when brought out for reuse, the temperature will increase to a safe and comfortable 7-8 degrees Celsius. This product can be used repeatedly, and will last for many years.

The solution is a natural substance which can be set, at preparation, so that it permanently remains at a specified temperature e.g. it could be set at +7 degrees Celcius or as low as -30 degrees C. Depending on the thickness of the ice, the product can stay at the pre-set temperature for up to 4 hours. For human jackets and hoods, the ice is set to remain between 7-8 degrees Celsius for about 4 hours, and then when returned to the freezer, it will re freeze back to the set temperature within about 1.5 hours, depending on the thickness of the solution. Normal ice and gel products take about 6 hours to re freeze, are too cold, and can cause freeze burn and nerve damage. Another amazing benefit of this leading technology is that the ice product solution may be placed in the normal part of the fridge, where it freezes within about 36 hours. By contrast, water placed in the normal part of a fridge will not freeze.


Cures Shin Soreness

• Temperature controlled “memory” solution • Remains at a safe and comfortably cold temperature for up to 4 hours • Remarkable pain relief • Can be worn continuously all day and all night • Amazing technology using natural ingredients • No water, no condensation, no mess • Rapid healing time • Remains at the pre-set cooling temperature for its life span of many years • Universal space technology cooling fabric covers • Universal applications for humans, large animals and pets

Intelligent Ice has been proven to cure shin soreness in horses, when used continuously for 72 hours. It also comes highly recommended for ongoing treatment of old injuries, and prevention of soreness immediately following exercise. It is advised that a bandage be wrapped over the ice boots to prevent any damage to the covers. For transport in floats in hot weather, Intelligent Ice may be wrapped around the horse’s neck. It can reduce the local area body temperature from 37°c to 13°c. Tests have shown that even when the pads are completely melted, they keep the affected area cold for up to 4 hours. By placing the pads in the freezer for 1.5 hours they will be ready for use again.

Further information, including testimonials, can be found on our website:




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Aids in the treatment of

• Hoof Resection

• Laminitis/Founder

• Poor Fitting Boots

• Quarter Cracks

• Hoof Bruising

• White Line Disease

Equicast can be applied by an owner, vet, or farrier is user-friendly and affordable for the treatment of hoof problems (structural wall failure). Casting adds temporary wear protection and support to the whole hoof capsule. Whether these equine hoof problems originated naturally or by man doings, casting (Equicast) helps support the whole hoof capsule, this added support does help grow stronger healthier hoof walls and soles. Our products and wrapping methods have been designed to assist nature in restoring healthy and effective biomechanics necessary for sustainable and healthy growth.

Check out the testimonials and videos on the website!