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Equine Learning Experiences Australia 6 week Empowerment Program for Women – Honoring your authentic self & listening again to your inner voice.

Part 1 - Learn the power of

Part 2 - Honoring your

Part 3 –Creating a connection

to the moment.

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Through specific interactions with the ELEA team of horses you can start to claim back your power again by learning techniques to become more mindful & present.

During the second part of this program you will learn through activities with the ELEA team of horses, techniques around listening to your inner voice again and being more congruent.

Mindfulness & being fully present Authentic Self & standing

We rely so much today on reading our environment from our cognitive intelligence. This can cause stress, anxiety & even depression. The horses can teach you that there are other resources that your bodies hold that can assist you to respond to your environment instead of reacting to it. Once you discover these techniques it can help you to increase your sense of wellbeing & reduce stress in your life.

By increasing awareness in this area you can learn to gain internal strength. When you are more aligned physically , emotionally and spiritually, not only the horses but people will start to respond to you in a more positive way. With the techniques and activites shown in part 2 you can learn to start honoring your true self again and not put so

much energy into others expectations.

again to y ou r i ntern al & liv e fu lly a gai n.

This third and final part of the program will support you to learn to connect to yourself again from a deeper level which in turn will support you to connect more deeply with others in your life. Drawing upon specific life coaching techniques & the “Mind Body Method’, the ELEA horses will support you to listen to & interpret your environment from a much broader perspective. This increased self awareness may be able to assist you to move forward in your life more easefully and with a stronger sense of self and connection.

• This 3 part program runs over the course of 6 weeks. • Each component is 2 weeks apart and runs for 3 hours in length. • Cost is $360 for the entire program or alternatively it is $120 for each individual part of the program. • A minimum of three participants each workshop is required For Bookings please contact Equine Learning Experiences Australia Contact: Emily McVeigh Ballarat , Victoria , 3357 Ph: 0415 991 115 Email:

elea womens program  

womens program

elea womens program  

womens program