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Equine Learning Experiences Australia

Authenticity ELEA programs are about honoring the person you are. We spend a lot of energy in our lives doing rather than being!! This can cause a lot of stress, anxiety and even depression in our lives. The ELEA programs increase our ability to feel again so we can start to respond to life once again instead of just reacting to life. Through specific activities and interactions with the horses we will learn once again to honor our inner voice without judgement and increase awareness around our self defeating behaviours.

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Equine Learning Experiences Australia support people in personal development. Assisting in building self awareness around limiting beliefs and behaviours whilst promoting a sense of fulfillment and well being. Equine Learning Experiences Australia Ph: 0415 991 115 Email:

Horses are a mirror to your soul

š › Through specific interactions with horses we can learn more about ourselves and how we show up in the world

Programs ELEA 10 week Empowerment Programs cover foundational life skills which include but are not limited to: •

Self Esteem / Confidence

Being Congruent and listening to your inner voice

Clear communication


Problem Solving

Honoring your authentic Self


Listening to your Emotions and understanding the messages behind them

Stress Management and mindfulness techniques

Equine Learning Experiences Australia incorporates fundamental life skills into all of their programs. Promoting a sense of well being whilst giving you specific tools to reduce stress and anxiety in your life. “So far at Equine Learning Experiences Australia, I have learnt important things about myself, how to recognise them, how to own them, and how to apply the solutions to life situations. I have learnt how to ground myself and how to be just in the moment, aware of how I’m feeling, and aware of everything going on around me, listening, feeling and breathing. I have learnt about communication and my main communication obstacle. With the help of ‘Sally’ I learnt to use good verbal communication, patience, reassurance and praise. The way we deal with horses in this way shows us how in a situation this same communication is really helpful to communicate what we want to in a calm, controlled manner. Working with ‘January’ showed me I have a tight grip on how things should be done and my expectation. When I loosened my grip on January's lead rope a little, she was more willing to come with me. It would help me in situations if I loosened my grip and expectations on things a little, it would help me greatly to do so in life situations. (Finding Futures Participant) For pricing and fee structure, please contact Emily McVeigh at Equine Learning Experiences Australia on # 0415 991 115 or email

ELEA 10 Week programs are specifically aimed at supporting •



Community Service / Disability Sector

ELEA brochure 29th May 2012  
ELEA brochure 29th May 2012