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Presents PRESERVE™

Preserve™ is a trademark of Fitzco, inc.

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PRESERVE™ Information Sheet

The Original Preservation Specimen Card NOW Available as PRESERVE™ SPRING 2015

*Designed for long-term storage of DNA from biological samples

*Provides effective long-term preservation of blood and buccal cells for DNA Amplification

*Can be stored at room temperature

Tested and validated for use with biological samples and are produced with quality assurance through our cGMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and ISO 9001-2008 certification

Coming - Fall 2015 PRESERVEc™ Cards-

PRESERVE™ Cards with an advanced indicator to identify the zones where cells can be found

PRESERVE™ Specimen Cards

Pros Can punch multiple samples Easily shipped and takes little room for storage Can be treated to view sample or preserve sample Can custom print or label easily

NEW** PRESERVEi™ Cards Indicating PRESERVEi™ cards

The pink card turns white when it comes into contact with a sample indicating where transparent sample like saliva or buccal samples are locate helping to identify the best place to take a punch when taking a sample from the specimen card Customization of Card Available

Samples available on request for simple concordance study for validation.

Preserve™ trademarked by Fitzco Inc.

Quality Samples >> Quality Results

*Can be shipped at room temperature


Preserve™ Cards are made from biological grade cotton Linter collection paper.

DNA Amplification – Comparison of PRESERVE™ and FTA®

Performance Testing Preserve™ Cards are tested using a Kirby Bauer Susceptibility Test where the zone of inhibition indicates the degree of sensitivity of bacteria to what you are testing.

PowerPlex®16-HS System was used with standard parameters of 30 cycles for both saliva and blood punches.

Results Saliva - Comparable STR data obtained from Fitzco’s Preserve™ Card when compared to FTA® Classic Card. (Shown) Blood - Comparable STR data obtained from Fitzco’s Preserve™ Cards when compared to FTA® Classic Card PowerPlex® is a registered trademark of Promega Corp. FTA® is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare

Results • N = Negative Control is 705™ untreated paper – 0 mm pathogen kill zone • P = Positive Control is FTA® treated paper, Classic Card – 12 mm pathogen kill zone • BL = Baseline Control is Fitzco’s FP705™ treated paper, R&D production – 19 mm pathogen kill zone • T1 = Test Run # 1 is Fitzco’s Preserve™ treated paper, small batch and custom production – 20 mm pathogen kill zone Pathogen killing formulation impregnated into the paper was confirmed to be successful

Preserve™ trademarked by Fitzco Inc.




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1200 RFU – stands for Relative Florescent Units FTA® is a registered trademark of GEHC

PRESERVE™ is a trademark of Fitzco inc. Marketed by Fast Forward Forensics LLC


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