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Travel Tips for a Healthy and Happy Horse SmartPak offers tips to help you and your horse get safely to and from your destination

“Spend some time before your trip ensuring that your horse is comfortable loading, unloading, and even riding on the trailer.” When you’re traveling with your horse, there’s more to do than simply hitch up the trailer and hit the road. SmartPak has the top tips you need for you and your horse’s best road trip ever. “With a little bit of planning, preparation, and maybe practice,” said Dr. Lydia Gray, SmartPak’s Staff



Veterinarian and Medical Director, “you can get your horse from Point A to Point B with confidence.” Whether heading to a show or moving your horse to another barn, traveling with your horse comes with a variety of challenges so it’s important to be prepared. SmartPak is here with the

helpful tips you need for a successful road trip with your horse to make it to your destination safe and sound.

Tip #1

Plan Your Route (And Your Breaks) Ahead of Time Even if you’re planning to use your GPS while on the road, map out your route ahead

of time to familiarize yourself with the major roadways you’ll be taking. Try to stick to a route that includes interstates and other main roads as much as possible to ensure a smooth ride for your horse. As SmartPaker Viviane learned on her most recent trip, “It’s important to consider traffic, bridges,

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