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OLYMPIAN AND WORLD CLASS EVENTER LAUREN KIEFFER USES EQUI-RESP Whether you are competing at the Olympic level or Amateur, sooner or later your equine partner may develop respiratory issues. Equi-Resp has an all natural solution! Our patented mask design, and scientifically proven nebulizer can help with everything from seasonal allergies, bleeders, copd/ heaves, and all respiratory issues. The all natural EquiSilver we use has an 11 year proven history and is the only patented chelated silver made specifically for nebulization.

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All systems come complete with everything you need! Equi-Resp 405-317-3396

“I have a couple of horses who suffer from breathing issues and the Equi-Resp nebulizer has made a world of difference for them. I would highly recommend the use of this product to assist in maximizing performance at all levels of horse sports!” - Lauren Kieffer

A fresh approach to classic equestrian style.

54  Equestrian  Winter 2016


Winter Issue  


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