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“This is what we strive for. The girls really rose to the occasion. I told them to just go in there and have fun. They had enough experience so they knew what to do, and they did it.” - Chef d’Equipe Ralph Caristo after the Zone 2 team won the Team Gold medal in Neue Schule/USEF National Junior Jumper Championships at the


Pennsylvania National Horse Show.

In one year he achieved the same goal with three different horses, which, in my mind, is the toughest part to work out. Normally you change one horse out, get another one in, but Steve [Wilson] has come so far that he can drive a different pair just as well.

- U.S. Driving Coach Thorsten Zarembowicz on Steve Wilson winning back-to-back USEF Pair Horse Driving National Championship titles with three different horses from when he won the 2015 national title.

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Top: President Barack Obama shook hands with U.S. Paralympian Angela Peavy in the Blue Room during Team USA’s visit to the White House following the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Bottom: Meghan O’Donoghue and Rehy USA won the USEF Eventing One-Star National Championship at the Hagyard Midsouth Three-Day Event & Team Challenge.

Equestrian Magazine  

2017 Winter Issue

Equestrian Magazine  

2017 Winter Issue