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Equestrian Cheese Serving Tray This is a simple solution for displaying cheese and crackers. We used an antique mirror and hot glued a bit on the bottom, adding some cedar boughs and berries for color. The mirror creates a reflection and is especially nice if some holiday lights are nearby. Garland Using Spurs, Stirrup Irons, and Bits Secure your garland to a staircase with wire. Then, drape some pretty wired holiday ribbon laced throughout the garland. We actually attached the spur, bit, and stirrup iron with a branch of the garland. Pick these three items and repeat, going up the stairs. Stirrup Iron with Leather Wreath This wreath can easily be made with an old stirrup leather, stirrup iron, artificial wreath, and some holiday ribbon. Take an old leather and cut it down; use one of the existing holes to secure the wreath with a large-headed nail into the wall. It looks especially cheerful hung on each side of a set of barn doors. In keeping with our green theme, we took the same leftover items, added some large draft horse shoes that we spray painted bright gold, and tied them onto a large wreath. Let’s face it, you most likely will feel some stress this holiday season, but it will not be because your packages lack personality (or because your tack box is a tangled mess of extra stirrups and bits). Mary Cox is an equestrian interior designer who has accumulated a ridiculous amount of tack. She is the owner of Horse of a Different Color, a classic equestrian home décor site (, and welcomes your ideas and creative solutions for incorporating your used tack into your home décor. Check out her ideas on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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