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On presentation  of  their  food  &  beverage  discount  card,  your  clients  will  be  entitled  to: At  the  Radisson  BLU  Resort  &  Spa,  Golden  Bay Agliolio  Restaurant  –  20%  off  their  food  &  beverage  bill Open  for  lunch  &  dinner,  serving    pizza,  pasta  and  grills. Dunes  Cocktail  Bar  –  20%  off  all  drinks Open  in  the  evenings,  serving  a  selection  of  cocktails,  aperitifs,  liqueurs  and  spirits Essence  Restaurant  –  10%  off  their  food  &  beverage  bill Open  for  dinner,  serving  a  la  carte  cuisine Flavours  Restaurant  –  20%  off  their  food  &  beverage  bill Open  for  breakfast  &  dinner,  full  buffet  serving  international  cuisine Lagoon  Bar  &  Restaurant  –  20%  off  their  food  &  beverage  bill Open  daily  (during  summer  seasons  only),  serving  snacks  by  the  pool Mokka  Lounge  Bar  –  20%  off  their  food  &  beverage  bill Open   all   day,   serving   a   selection   of   light   pastries,   snacks,   light   meals   and   a   variety   of   wines  and  hot  &  cold  beverages Swizzles  Bar  –  20%  off  all  drinks Serving  pre  and  after  dinner  drinks At  the  Radisson  BLU  Resort  &  Spa,  St.  Julian’s The  Edge  –  15%  off  their  food  &  beverage  bill Open  for  lunch  &  dinner,  serving  a  la  carte  cuisine Kon  Tiki  –  15%  off  their  food  &  beverage  bill Open  for  breakfast  &  dinner,  serving  a  full  buffet Le  Bistro  –  15%  off  their  food  &  beverage  bill Open  24  hours   a  day,  seven  days   a  week,   serving  a  selection   of  fresh   Dish,  grills,  pasta  &   salads Discounts  are  only   available  on  presentation  of  the   discount   card  prior  to   billing.     This  card   cannot   be  used  for   room   service,  in  the  resort  deli  or  any  other  retail   outlets  located  within  the  Radisson  BLU  Resort  &  Spa,  Golden   Bay,  or  Radisson  BLU   Resort   &  Spa,   St   Julian’s.    This  card  is   non-­‐transferable  and  cannot   be  used  in  conjunction   with  any  other  promotional  offers  within  the  same  food  &  beverage  outlet.



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