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Priority Recommendations: UK NGOs Against Racism 1. The UK government should prioritise the adoption of race equality strategies in England, Wales and Scotland. There should be an opportunity for wide community engagement in the development of the strategies. Once adopted the strategies must be actively implemented. 2. The UK government should demonstrate commitment and leadership in reducing the differential outcomes of ethnic minorities in education, employment, health, housing and accessto justice. This needs to be based on collection and scrutiny of relevant data. This is particularly important in the context of current and future cuts to public spending in these areas.

3. The UK government should act to reduce the negative impacts of restrictive immigration laws and policies on the rights of migrants and asylum seekers. It should take steps to reduce hostile public messaging on immigration and ethnic minorities.

4. The UK government should addressethnic profiling by the police, security and immigration authorities and under counter-terrorism measures. The UK government should also take action to reduce the overrepresentation of ethnic minorities in stop and search incidents, the prison population and deaths in police custody.

5. The UK government should suspend the planned eviction of Dale Farm Traveller site until alternative and culturally-appropriate accommodation is identified. The government should immediately develop a national strategy to effectively addressthe nationwide shortage of Gypsy and Traveller sites. The government should ensure that neither through legislation nor planning controls should Gypsies and Travellers be further disadvantaged in their rights to appropriate accommodation.

6. In response to the recent riots in England, the UK government should take steps to gain a full understanding of the main causesof the riots before instituting new police powers or criminal sanctions. This should include an Inquiry which fully consults young people and communities, enabling local people to contribute to identifying the issuesand the changesthat are needed. In its response to the riots the government should reflect the UK’s obligations under the Convention and should: • Avoid using racialised language which results in criminalising particular communities; • Ensure that the criminal justice system operates fairly, proportionately and independently; and • Ensure that any measures do not lead to worse outcomes for ethnic

Priority Recommendations: UK NGOs Against Racism minorities.

Priority Recommendations CERD  

Priority Recommendations: UK NGOs Against Racism

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