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What I Eat in a Day College Edition

I followed a YouTube diet for a day, and it didn’t include Chipotle. Story by APRIL HlLL | Illustrations by SOPHIE HAUTALA

As a nutrition student, I love food videos. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been caught watching Tasty videos on Facebook when I should have been studying for an exam. Recently, I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos that describe what people eat in a day. Search “What I Eat in a Day,” and hundreds of video results will pop up — “What I Eat in a Day as a Model,” “What I Eat in a Day to be Healthy,” and “What I Eat in a Day for Fat Loss” are just some of the top results. I decided to use one of these videos to see what it takes to eat like a YouTuber for one day. I chose “What I Eat in A Day - college edition,” a video made by popular YouTuber Hannah Ashton, who has 176,000 subscribers and 85,000 views on this video alone. I tried to follow along with what she ate in a day, but I modified a few things because I based my menu off of what I already had in my house. For example, Ashton ate dinner at her school’s dining hall, so she didn’t know exactly what was in it, making it hard to replicate. I ended 4 | EQUALTIME FALL 2019

up cooking homemade pad thai, which was similar nutritionally, but looked a lot different than her meal. (A breakdown of our meals can be found in the chart). Ashton’s meal plan was realistic for me to follow — when I was feeling organized. I liked that she used a lot of simple ingredients that I usually already shop for. I would have struggled to keep all the ingredients in my dorm freshman year because I didn’t have a car, but I could have accurately recreated her meals in the dining hall. Overall, Ashton had a moderate way of eating that might be feasible for people who put effort into keeping lots of healthy foods on hand. I also felt satisfied by the amount of food I ate. However, I will admit I never eat breakfast (one of my worst habits), and I don’t drink collagen coffee. Ashton takes an approach that is a lot more balanced than other YouTube videos I’ve watched. She even admits that some days she’ll eat more sweets or more vegetables, with fluctuations that are normal for many college students. Even though Ashton was realistic about her dietary habits, watching videos about what people eat in a day can give some viewers the impression that they have