Equal Time Fall 2019

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Victoria’s Secret and pick your “dream bra” that you want to fit into. I think that was one of my favorite days, going in and picking out a bra that I loved the most. I think I picked out a B, a 36B. And they try to make your breast size according to that bra. After I healed a little and I put on that bra, it was the best moment in my life. I cried. But they tell you before surgery you’re going to grow, like, a size after because of weight gain and your body evening itself out. So now I’m a 34C. ET: What did that dream bra look like? SS: It was tan and had white lace embroidered onto it with little sparkles on the end of the laces. I remember seeing that bra weeks before at Victoria’s Secret and wanting it but knowing they didn’t make it in my size. ET: The procedure itself, did it hurt? Was it painful afterwards? SS: For me, I had enormous boobs. They said that for a lot of people with this surgery, they only have to make the scar around your nipple and a straight line down. But because my boobs were so big, they had to do that and go all the way under. So they told us that it was going to be a much longer surgery, which scared everyone a little bit. I was going to be under for four, four and a half hours. And yes, it hurt. The recovery process wasw really, really terrible. There’s a really large risk of complications after surgery, so I was really lucky I didn’t have that. But with the stitching, you have to go back every week for a checkup to make sure the scarring is going the way it should be. For a while, you have to wear surgical tape on your scars. You can’t lift your arms above a 45 degree angle or else it hurts really bad and you have a risk of ripping your scars. I was mostly on bedrest, but for me the recovery process wasn’t as bad as it is for a lot of people. Some people can’t even move or pick things up, but thankfully I was up and walking up and down my driveway two days later, trying to get back up on my feet.

Otherwise, the tubing was terrible. There are these tubes they put in your sides that drain fluids from your boobs and those have to stay in for like two weeks. That’s really difficult because you have to sleep with them in and you have to empty them, and I’m really squeamish so that was not my territory. But after a few weeks, you get the hang of it and recovery isn’t that bad. ET: What were some of your friends initial reactions after the procedure? SS: Everybody was shocked beyond belief because it was like a whole new me. And not just my breast size but more like the way I was acting. Everybody just said that I was meant to have small boobs and that was very clear after the procedure. It just seemed like something that was way more me. ET: Would you recommend the procedure to others who are wanting to have smaller boobs? SS: I absolutely would recommend it. I was kind of a special case because I never had surgery before this procedure and I scarred terribly. When I went in for a checkup six months after, they told me they’d never seen someone scar as bad as I did. And it wasn’t because I wasn’t doing my scar care or anything, it was just my body physiology. So that’s hard for me because sometimes I can’t wear certain shirts I want to and sometimes I do feel insecure being naked because I do have these awful scars. So if you’re considering it, I really would consider that aspect of it too, because I never thought it was a possibility but it is. So it’s hard, but at the end of the day, I am so much happier with the boobs I have now. I used to have to wear three to four bras a day. Now I never wear a bra and I just feel like I fit in in a different way. So in terms of health and quality of life and my EQUALTIME | 27