Equal Time Fall 2019

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glam as possible. She gets a full set of the biggest lashes and tints her brows as dark as possible. “I know some people don’t like them, but I don’t care what they think because I feel like my best self,” Lisowski says. Lisowski says she likes that the beauty industry is moving towards more semi-permanent treatments because it requires minimal effort to get the maximum look. She frequently gets acrylic nails and is willing to try other treatments, like laser hair removal, in the future. There is, however, one procedure that Lisowski is more hesitant to invest in. When it comes to microblading, she says “if it’s shit, it’s shit” because she has only ever seen “excellent or botched” microbladed brows. Microblading aside, Lisowski would recommend eyelash extensions and tinted eyebrows to anyone who is looking for a time saving investment to add to his or her beauty routine. She thinks we can all benefit from waking up with a full set of lashes. No matter who you are, Lisowski says semi-permanent beauty treatments are a great way to feel confident. Kristen Nolan, founder of The

Lash Factory in Syracuse, also has great insight into the world of eyelash extensions. The salon offers eyelash extensions, eyelash lifts, eyelash tints, eyebrow waxing, and Henna eyebrow tints. Nolan describes The Lash Factory’s main clientele as “25 to 40-year-old full time professionals,” along with the SU students during the school year. She explained that sometimes her clients come in before or after work for “me time.” Nolan said she feels a deep connection with her clients and appreciates that they take time out of their day to do something for themselves. She connects with her clients with the knowledge that she is part of their self care routine, and she takes pride in that. Nolan recommends eyelash extensions to anyone who wants to wake up and feel beautiful without applying coats of mascara. Eyelash extensions and other semi-permanent beauty treatments are not going away anytime soon. Waking up with a full set of fluttery lashes used to be something women could only dream of, but now semi-permanent beauty treatments are making it a reality. EQUALTIME | 13