Equal Time Fall 2019

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Excuse me,


I (almost) woke up like this! G Story by SARAH GRINNELL Illustration by SHANNON KIRKPATRICK


etting ready in the morning has been revolutionized by semi-permanent beauty treatments like eyelash extensions, eyebrow microblading, and dip nail polish. Gone are the days of swiping on coat after coat of mascara for women who would rather just indulge in these long-lasting services. Semi-permanent makeup allows women to wake up flawless while everyone else basks in the glory of their ingenious investments. Meg Lisowski, a junior engineering student at Syracuse University, has been getting eyelash and eyebrow treatments for four years. This love affair blossomed when she started working at a tanning salon that also offered eyelash and eyebrow services. While working the front desk, her eyelash extensions were on display, and she encouraged interested customers to replicate her look. Lisowski says she’s never looked back because her eyelash extensions make her “feel like a ‘bad bitch’ and make getting ready so quick and easy.” Lisowski explained that waking up with her eyelashes and eyebrows done has minimized her makeup routine, saving her time and effort. She said she doesn't get her eyelashes and eyebrows done to look natural; it is her goal to look as