Equal Time Fall 2019

Page 13

DOROTHY “Life is too short to be wasted on caring about what others think about your appearance. Do what makes you feel good.”

KATY “It doesn’t matter how you look but how you see yourself. Confidence goes a long way and if you compare yourself, you can’t love yourself. How are other people going to love you, if you don’t love yourself?”

IZZY “My senior year of high school helped me realize I loved my curves. I didn’t need validation from the people around me because I loved myself and I knew I was beautiful in my own way.”

Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way, but it’s important to take some time each day to acknowledge this. Confidence and self-love develop over time and require an honest acceptance of all the little, unique things about you. You are only given one body, so why not flaunt it? Life would be boring if everyone looked the same, anyway. EQUALTIME | 11