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From Eqrader to Eqontrol: our complete product portfolio to build your Factory of the Future!


A joint approach for greater efficiency and lower costs: meet the members of OTA

Our new smart onion factory embraces Industry 4.0

In this edition Meet our Team | Eqraft heritage Improving the Eqrader for optimal sorting Onion supershed in the USA | Real-time laser printing

In this edition

forces in agri 32 Joining factory development Meet the OTA members

On the cover Lindert Moerdijk from MSP Onions and Rutger Keurhorst from Eqraft.

Colophon This magazine is an annual publication by Eqraft. It provides an overview of the developments at our company, in the relationships with our customers, in the market, our product portfolio, our projects, and our team. No contents may be quoted without the prior consent of Eqraft. When quoting, Eqraft must be stated as source. No rights can be derived from the contents in this publication.

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onion 52 Innovative factory on the

MSP Onions embraces Industry 4.0

Dutch coast

Rutger Keurhorst

Director Commerce

Embracing Industry 4.0 We’re moving towards “smart factories” where machines take over labor-intensive activities, communicate with each other, and can be controlled and monitored anytime and anywhere. In this magazine, you’ll read all about it through an overview of our latest projects and developments. Enjoy! In de “slimme fabriek” nemen machines arbeidsintensieve processen over, communi­ceren ze met elkaar en kunnen ze bediend en gemonitord worden op elk moment en vanuit waar dan ook. In dit magazine lees je er alles over: we geven je een overzicht van onze laatste projecten en ontwikkelingen. Veel leesplezier! Wir sind auf dem Weg zu “intelligenten Fabriken”, in denen Maschinen arbeitsintensive Tätigkeiten übernehmen, miteinander kommunizieren und überall und jederzeit gesteuert und überwacht werden können. In diesem Magazin geben wir Ihnen einen Überblick über unsere neuesten Projekte und Entwicklungen, der Sie über dieses Thema ausführlich informiert. Viel Vergnügen bei der Lektüre! Avanzamos hacia la creación de “fábricas inteligentes” donde las máquinas asuman las tareas más trabajosas, se comuniquen entre sí, y puedan ser controladas y supervisadas en cualquier momento y desde cualquier lugar. En esta revista le informamos de todo ello a través de una presentación de nuestros proyectos y desarrollos más recientes. ¡Disfrute de la lectura! Nous nous orientons vers des « usines intelligentes » où les machines prennent en charge les activités les plus intensives, communiquent entre elles et peuvent être contrôlées à tout moment et depuis n’importe où. Vous en saurez plus en lisant ce magazine, qui vous donne un aperçu de nos derniers projets et développements. Bonne lecture !


The Story of Eqraft


With 30+ years of experience, we know the agricultural sector from the inside out and understand the high demands factories are facing every day. Read all about our company’s heritage and vision.

The year of Eqraft


14 From BaxmaticÂŽ to Eqraft Product Portfolio

Eqrader and beyond

order 20 Discover driven production Eqontrol

Improving the Eqrader for optimal sorting Our new and improved Eqrader sorts products quickly and automatically by internal and external inspection of quality, shape, weight, color and rot.



Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

Factory of the Future


Infographic: our take on Industry 4.0

Real-time laser printing


currently saving 22 “We’re a lot of labor costs” Customer Case Baker & Murakami

Due to increasing labor costs and market demands, our

48 Engineers tell about Career at Eqraft

their daily jobs

customer’s demanded a flexible bag printing system. Together with LC Packaging, we developed exactly that.

Global Management, Sales & Service Team


We’re looking forward to meeting you!


The story of Eqraft Every day your clients demand high standards for grading, packaging and delivering your agri and bulk products. Eqraft designs, builds and maintains smart factories that improve your performance. Doing so, we empower you to be a reliable partner.

Machines are no longer separate sections of the

boost your efficiency, effectiveness, scheduled output,

production process: an integral solution is required

and continuity. All this, to make your factory stay ahead

in order to solve factory efficiency issues. Finding that

of competition, improve its margins, and save time for

solution is pivotal for the continuation of business.

things that are more important than everyday routine.

A lot is at stake: large-scale buyers put mounting pressure on factories, competition is fierce, and

Careful listening

scaling a prerequisite.

What does it take to run a factory at maximum capacity, despite the unpredictability of the industry on the sides of

Saving time

both supply and demand? This is the key question that Eqraft

Eqraft understands this urgency. Thanks to over 30

asks itself, day in and day out. For every client the answer

years of experience, we know the agricultural sector

differs, but the purpose is always the same: optimization

from the inside out. We sympathize with the challenge

of production capacity. It is the very reason why every

that as factory owner and manager one faces in having

project starts by listening carefully to the client. Only if

to meet customers’ demands. We keenly explore how to

we fully grasp the objectives of the factory can we design and realize a first-class, failure-free, and efficient process.


Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

Stay ahead of competition, improve margins, and save time

Arie van der Knijff



The story of Eqraft

Gerard van der Knijff


Reliable partner

How we started

Together with our customers we analyze the production

Our legacy dates back to 1984, when founder Arie van

process from beginning to end in order to be able to

der Knijf started “Emmeloord Repair and Construction”

guarantee a quick return on investment. We design and

in the Netherlands. Following some years of generic

assemble the production line, and our mechanics ensure

construction work, ERC developed the closed onion

that machines are tested, calibrated, and properly running

topper, which turned out to be a great success. In 1992,

on site. The products we deliver are of the highest industrial

Arie’s brother Gerard joined the company. He focused on

standards and can easily be integrated with your existing

product development, network expansion, and stepped up

machinery. In case support is needed, our support team

the company’s sales capacity. The Van der Knijff brothers

can easily perform online monitoring of machines to

increasingly began to understand their machines as part

guarantee rapid and effective response. Eqraft empowers

of a bigger picture. High-tech machinery replaced simple

you to be a reliable partner for your customer by ensuring

mechanics – weighing and packaging machines were

you can sort, process, and package products in time.

added to the portfolio – and the role of ERC gradually changed to that of an integral supplier for factories. Although the family company expanded during the past years, it has always remained a tight-knit community.


Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

Arie, Gerard and Sander van der Knijff in front of two Onion Toppers ready for transport at the Pilotenweg in Emmeloord, Netherlands (1997).

Thanks to the innovative vision of the Van der Knijff

Thanks to its employees’ punctuality, broad technical

brothers, the company grew and required more space. In

expertise, and open-mindedness, Eqraft became the

the late ‘90s, ERC decided to move to the Fabrieksweg in

company it is today: an internationally renowned

Emmeloord, the Netherlands, premises that are currently

builder of agricultural factories.

still in use. International clients have been welcomed

In today’s market, embracing change is crucial.

from the very start, and challenged the company to keep

Therefore, we constantly challenge our employees to

growing and push the boundaries of innovation.

push beyond their limits. We value young talent and their fresh outlook on the future.

Craftsmanship & Innovation Building on the company’s focus areas related to sorting

Embracing the future

and packaging, ERC Machinery increasingly emerged as

Together we face a challenging industry. In the midst of

integral consultant and supplier. Extensive cooperation

ever-higher demands, our aim is to help you meet and

with Qreenno’s “efficiency engineers” perfectly tied in

exceed expectations. Thanks to our recent restructuring

with this development. Because of the cooperation with

and rebranding, we are ready for the future. In fact,

Qreenno, craft, ambition, and innovation go hand in hand.

embracing the future is what drives us. Our ever-evolving

In mid-2016, ERC Machinery took over the activities of

industry begs that we work hard to retain our leading

Propak, another supplier of processing machines for the

role. Our goal is to increase the performance, efficiency,

agricultural industry. In 2017, ERC Machinery, Qreenno,

and continuity of your process. Ensuring that you stay

and Propak merged and continued as Eqraft.

ahead of competition, improve your overall margin, and save time for the things that matter most.

At Eqraft, there is a strong sense of belonging. More than a couple of our colleagues built long-lasting careers of

Let’s build your Factory of the Future – together!

continued growth and learning. 9

The story of Eqraft

Het verhaal van Eqraft

Die Geschichte von Eqraft

Eqraft ontwerpt, bouwt, levert en onderhoudt wereldwijd

Eqraft konzipiert, baut, liefert und wartet auf der

innovatieve productietechnieken voor verwerking en

ganzen Welt innovative Produktionstechniken für die

verpakking van uien, aardappels, noten, zaden en meer.

Verarbeitung und Verpackung von Zwiebeln, Kartoffeln,

We realiseren totale fabrieken: van brainstormsessie

Nüssen, Saatgut und vielem mehr. Wir setzen komplette

en investeringsplan tot assemblage en volledige

Fabriken in die Tat um: von Brainstorming-Sitzungen


und dem Investitionsplan bis hin zu Montage und vollständiger Automatisierung.

We kennen de agrarische industrie van binnen en buiten dankzij ruim dertig jaar ervaring. We voelen mee met

Dank mehr als dreißigjähriger Erfahrung kennen wir die

de uitdaging waar je als eigenaar en manager van een

Agrarindustrie wie unsere Westentasche. So können wir

fabriek mee worstelt om aan de eisen van afnemers te

die Herausforderungen, denen man sich als Besitzer und

voldoen. Graag gaan wij het gesprek aan over meer

Manager einer Fabrik stellen muss, um den Anforderungen

efficiëntie, effectiviteit, rendement en continuïteit.

der Abnehmer zu entsprechen, gut nachempfinden.

Dit alles om ervoor te zorgen dat je optimaal grip hebt

Ein Gespräch zum Thema höhere Effizienz, Effektivität,

op het verwerkingsproces, de concurrentie voor blijft,

Rendite und Kontinuität möchten wir gern mit Ihnen

betere marges behaalt en proactief kunt ondernemen.

führen. Das alles dient dem Zweck, dafür Sorge zu tragen, dass Sie den Verarbeitungsprozess optimal in der Hand

De industrie ontwikkelt continu en daarin willen we een

haben, Ihren Vorsprung gegenüber der Konkurrenz

leidende rol vervullen. Ons vakmanschap strekt zich uit

behalten, bessere Gewinnspannen erzielen und Ihr

van hoogwaardig advies, ontwerp en assemblage tot de

Unternehmen proaktiv gestalten.

continue verbetering van verwerkingsprocessen. Ambacht, ambitie en innovatie gaan zo hand in hand.

Die Branche ist in einem stetigen Entwicklungsprozess,

Zo helpen wij mee te zorgen dat je een betrouwbare

und wir möchten dabei eine führende Rolle spielen.

partner bent voor jouw afnemers.

Unsere Sachkenntnis reicht von qualitativ hochwertiger Beratung, Konzeption und Montage bis hin zu kontinuierlicher Verbesserung von Verarbeitungsverfahren. Handwerk, Ehrgeiz und Innovation gehen auf diese Weise Hand in Hand. Unser Beitrag besteht somit darin, dafür zu sorgen, dass Sie für Ihre Abnehmer ein zuverlässiger Partner sind


Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

La historia de Eqraft

L’histoire d’Eqraft

Eqraft diseña, construye, suministra y presta servicios de

Eqraft conçoit, construit, livre et entretient partout dans

mantenimiento a nivel mundial de sistemas de procesado

le monde, des technologies de production destinées au

y envasado de cebollas, patatas, frutos secos, semillas y

traitement et à l’emballage d’oignons, pommes de terre,

otros productos. Nos encargamos de todo el proceso: desde

noix, graines, etc. Nous construisons des usines entières :

la tormenta de ideas inicial y el plan de financiación

des séances de réflexion et plans d’investissement à

hasta la construcción y automatización completa.

l’assemblage et à l’automatisation totale.

Nuestros treinta años de experiencia nos permiten

Grâce à plus de 30 ans d’expérience, le secteur agricole

conocer a fondo el sector agrario. Sabemos el reto que

nous est très familier. Nous sommes à vos côtés pour

supone para usted, como propietario y gerente de una

résoudre les problèmes que vous rencontrez en tant que

fábrica, cumplir las exigencias de los clientes. Nos gusta

propriétaire et gérant d’une usine, lorsque vous essayez

hablar de mayor eficiencia, efectividad, rendimiento y

de répondre aux exigences de votre clientèle. C’est avec

continuidad. Todo ello para que usted pueda tener bajo

plaisir que nous réfléchirons avec vous au sujet de

control todo el proceso de producción, estar un paso por

l’amélioration de l’efficacité, des rendements et de la

delante de la competencia, obtener mayores márgenes

continuité. Tout ceci afin de vous permettre de contrôler

y actuar de forma proactiva.

le processus de traitement de manière optimale, de maintenir de l’avance sur la concurrence, d’obtenir de

El sector se encuentra en una transformación continua

meilleures marges et d’entreprendre de manière proactive.

y queremos desempeñar un papel crucial en ello. Nuestra experiencia nos permite ofrecer desde un asesoramiento,

L’industrie se développe continuellement et nous

diseño y montaje de alta calidad hasta una mejora

souhaitons jouer un rôle de premier plan dans celle-ci.

continua de los procesos industriales. Con nosotros,

Notre expertise s’étend des conseils, du design et d’un

tradición, ambición e innovación van de la mano. De esta

assemblage de qualité à l’amélioration continue des

forma le ayudamos a seguir siendo un socio fiable para

processus de traitement. L’artisanat, l’ambition et

sus clientes.

l’innovation sont ainsi développés ensemble. C’est de cette façon que nous vous aiderons à rester un partenaire fiable pour votre clientèle.


Eqraft Highlights

Embracing the Future!

Welcome in Emmeloord (NL)

...and our Watertoweroffice in Goes (NL)

Finishing some Onion Toppers

teel logo in s Our new

Partner of the DB-20 Solar Racing Team


Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

Celebrating the rebranding

New booth at Fruit Logistica Berlin


the Eqrader

Thank you for the great teamwork!

Potato Europe booth with OTA Partners

Event-catering & hospitality by Caisson

Authentic food, drinks & hotel Smokkelhoekweg 12 4421 JH Kapelle (NL) Decaisson.nl

New service hub in Yakima (WA, USA) Growing the Support Team

1st prize at MAF Soccer Tournament


Eqraft Product Portfolio Solutions to build your Agri Factory of the Future. Our product portfolio ranges from reception and cleaning all the way to making sure that your customers’ orders are properly graded, weighed, packed and ready to ship.

Eqrader – OG 4 The Eqrader sorts onions at high speed by quality, size, weight, shape and color based on internal and external checks. See page 28 for more information.


Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

Tangled Product Separator – KB

Belt Sizer – BS

Roller Sizer – RS

Specially designed for the separation of

Separates smaller from bigger sized

Sorting of field crops with soil, long roots

tangled shallots.

products in a product friendly manner.

and weeds. Possibility of placing a cleaning and sorting section in one frame.

Clod Separator – MCS

Vibrating Pre-Cleaner – TZ

Brushing Machine – RBM

Separates first-year onion sets and clods by

Separates the produce from undersized

Simple and effective machine for brushing

means of wind sifting.

products, loose skin and soil.

or polishing of agricultural products.

Standard Bin Tipper Gentle Mono – KKGM-S

Standard Bin Tipper Bunker Mono – KKBM-S

Large bin tipper that gently transfers

Gently transfers products such as potatoes,

Protects the products when tipping bins into

products such as potatoes and onions into

onions and others into a grading or packing

a grading or packing installation.

a grading or packing installation.


Large Bin Tipper Gentle Mono – KKGM-L


Eqraft Product Portfolio

Onion Topper – KS 85-3 Large volume topper that removes foliage and roots in a clean and safe manner by rotating knives.


Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

Onion Topper – KS 85-1

Onion Topper – KR 85-3

Onion Peeler – ROP

Removes foliage and roots in a clean and

Onion topper with walk-in enclosure makes

Full automatic peeling of onions. Individual

safe manner by rotating knives. Compact

cleaning and servicing easy and safe.

positioning and measuring of onions by vision technology.


Onion Shaver – EB

Waste Scraper – WSS

Stationary Bin Filler – KVS

Removes the foliage remnants and cuts the

Heavy duty waste scraper system designed

Fully automatic bin level filling for agri and

roots. Prepares the product for luxurious

for onion waste such as lose skins, dust and

bulk products.


whole onions.

Storage Bunker – POB Storage bunker that minimizes damage during filling and emptying with product.


Eqraft Product Portfolio

Baxmatic® & Sewing Lane & Combination Scale The combination of our multi-head scale and Baxmatic® system guarantees high output and minimum effort through the combination of big buckets and accuracy of the scale.


Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

Lion Combination Scale – LRD

Exigo Combination Scale – ERD

Baxmatic® & Sewing Lane – PBNA

Calculates optimum output weight at high

Calculates optimum output weight at high

High speed bag filling. Automatically fills

speed. Very suitable for gentle handling of

speed. Has different options for delivering

different bags at high speed and sews the

delicate products.

the weighed product.

bags shut. The Baxmatic® or the Sewing Lane can also be delivered as stand-alone, as a set or as a set with a Combination Scale.

Check Weigher – CKS Checks weight and rejects products when

Rollmatic – NAR Eqraft’s solution for filling roll-stock bags.

over or underweight.

Big Bag Filler Duo – BBD

Pax Filler – PF Deposits pre-packed goods in various sizes of crates or cartons.

Big Bag Filler Bulk Flowables – BBBFM

Bulk Flowable Scale Duo – BFS-D

Automatic filling of big bags after manual

Ideal for packaging free flowing products

Suitable for free-flowing products, such as

attachment of bags. The machine is

such as grains, pulses and seeds.

pulses, grains, seeds and granulates.

semi­automatic, covered and comes with or without weight detection.


Eqontrol - Order driven production through complete factory automation Factories often utilize labor-intensive processes, where any fluctuation in the processes can lead to decreased output. In light of increasing undercapacity and process alignment, it is therefore imperative to minimize the human impact on the production process.

A solution to this two-fold problem is to implement

With Eqontrol, the desired outcome can be selected on a

complete factory automation and integrated machine-to-

device and the machines will automatically respond. This

machine communication. Eqontrol is the software layer

ease of configuration enables quick production adaptation

from Eqraft that allows all machines in the production

according to demand. Custom work and small quantities are

line to communicate in an intelligent manner.

much easier and cheaper to realize. Because of the modular

The automated instruction process can control several

factory setup, the various components are highly flexible.

machines and processes at the same time, while minimizing interference with other production streams.

Eqontrol is designed to be highly intuitive. It can be used on desktops, tablets and smartphones, enabling the operator to

Due to the machines being interlinked, it is very easy

keep an eye on the process and easily check errors. Integrated

to change to another configuration on a production

machine alarms and graphical presentation of the process

line. Using Eqontrol aligns the possibilities of the

give the operators an overview of the problem and make

salesperson, the capacity of the individual machines

their work easier.

and the operator on the production floor. This enables the salesperson to sell promises that can be delivered

Building a history of the production data is simplified and the

by the production line.

complete production process is easy to trace with Eqontrol.


Eqontrol is een softwarelaag die alle machines in

Eqontrol ist eine Softwareschicht, die es allen

de fabriek in staat stelt om op een intelligente wijze met

Maschinen im Werk ermöglicht, intelligent miteinander

elkaar te communiceren. Het kan meerdere machines

zu kommunizieren. Es können mehrere Maschinen und

en processen tegelijk aansturen, wat storingen met

Prozesse simultan gesteuert werden. Dabei wird die

andere productielijnen minimaliseert en het omstellen

Interferenz mit anderen Produktionsströmen minimiert

van een productielijn makkelijk maakt. Eqontrol maakt

und die Neukonfiguration einer Produktionslinie

ordergestuurde productie mogelijk en houdt een

vereinfacht. Eqontrol ermöglicht eine auftragsgesteuerte

productiedatahistorie bij, waardoor het productieproces

Produktion. Da die Produktionsdaten in ihrem Verlauf

getraceerd kan worden.

gespeichert werden, ist die Rückverfolgbarkeit des gesamten Produktionsprozesses möglich.

Eqontrol es una capa de software que permite a

Eqontrol est une couche logicielle qui permet à

todas las máquinas de la fábrica comunicarse entre sí

l’ensemble des machines d’une usine de communiquer

de forma inteligente. Puede controlar varias máquinas

intelligemment entre elles. Capable de commander

y procesos simultáneamente, reduciendo al mínimo

plusieurs machines et processus de façon simultanée,

las interferencias con otros flujos de producción y

elle réduit tout risque d’interférence avec les autres flux

simplificando la reconfiguración de una línea de

de production et facilite la reconfiguration d’une ligne de

producción. Eqontrol permite la producción basada en

fabrication. Eqontrol permet une production basée sur les

los pedidos y, dado que se mantiene un historial de los

commandes et garantit la traçabilité de l’ensemble

datos de producción, es posible hacer un seguimiento

du processus de production grâce à la sauvegarde

de todo el proceso de producción.

de l’historique des données y associées.


Embracing new technologies with Baker & Murakami Baker & Murakami Produce Company grows, packages and ships freshly packed onions to destinations throughout the United States. With the help of Eqraft and other OTA members, Baker & Murakami now has a brand-new factory that’s future-proof.

Baker & Murakami Produce Company is the result of a merger between two of the biggest and most respected names in the U.S. onion industry, with a history dating back more than 45 years. “The reason both companies came together was the need for modernization. Looking at labor costs and the huge investment needed to automate, it just made sense. Together, we are the largest shipper in Idaho and Eastern Oregon, and we are one of the largest shippers in the U.S.,” Chief Operating Officer Cameron Skeen explains. Both companies were primarily working mechanically before the new factory was built, so switching to Eqraft’s fully automated system was a big step – but a necessary one, says Cameron. “The industry is at a turning point where everyone has to decide whether or not to integrate new technologies. We decided to take action.”

Eye-opener Baker & Murakami was already familiar with Eqraft’s onion toppers, which were regularly sold in the region. However, the collaboration actually started in 2015, when Cameron was invited to the Fruit Logistica trade show in Berlin by Norman “Snap” Keene, Eqraft’s support and sales representative in the United States. 22

Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

Working together with the Onion Tech Alliance really made sense to me


Embracing new technologies with Baker & Murakami

Visiting the Netherlands was an eye-opener for me

Customer Case Name

Cameron Skeen (COO)

Company name

Baker & Murakami Produce



Ontario, Oregon, United States

Company type

Onion packer/shipper and

growers’ network

Eqraft Machines

Modesta Machines

Symach Palletizers

• Onion Toppers KR85-3

• Filters

• Palletizers Mach 5.1

• BigBag Fillers with

• Wind sifting

• Wrappers

• Cyclones

• Roller tracks

• Bin Fill Systems

• Scraper conveyers

• Rotation Tables

• 16 head Combination

• Extraction hoods

integrated weighing

Weighers • Baxmatic® 10-50# Bagger


Deprez Handling Solutions • Roller tracks

• Clippers 1-5#

• Shuttle

• Check Weighers

• Bin-Rotation Tables

• Tray / Carton Fillers

• Bin De-stacker

• Master Baler Line

• Bin stacker

Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

Cameron Skeen COO of Baker & Murakami Produce Company

Facing challenges “What stood out to me most during my visit was the

A month later, Eqraft and the other OTA partners

concept of the Onion Tech Alliance (OTA) – working

arrived in Ontario and the process development started.

together with a group of companies, each with their

There were a few tricky challenges to overcome: first of

own expertise, really made sense to me,” says Cameron.

all, the existing building presented challenges due to

Eqraft also invited him to the Netherlands, where he

length, width and ceiling height, and the project had to

saw several reference projects first-hand. “That was a

be completed within a three-month timeframe. “We had

very good experience. I noticed that companies in the

to go back to the drawing board many times. It was a real

Netherlands were ahead of the curve in terms of

puzzle, but in the end we solved it together – the result

automation. It was an eye-opener for me.”

is a beautiful piece of engineering,” says Cameron contently. He adds, “Thomas Bimbi, our local support

What convinced Cameron to work with OTA was its

and sales representative, was integral to our success

way of working together with the client to achieve

during the installation phase.”

the best end results. From the moment they started collaborating, he had the feeling that they understood

And the end result? At the time we spoke to Cameron,

each other’s vision. “I never got the feeling that they

the new factory had been operational for three months

just wanted to sell their products to us; it was bigger

and the employees were still becoming familiar with the

than that. Representatives from Eqraft, Deprez,

equipment. “That takes some adjusting, but we’re already

Modesta and Symach have all been on-site and were

saving a lot of labor costs. Before, where two companies

100% involved in the project. I enjoyed working with

used to put in long working days, we are now achieving

Gerard, Rutger, Diederick, Johnny, and Sacha.”

the same results with just one company and a lot fewer people. And we’re still improving.”


Embracing new technologies with Baker & Murakami

Investeren in de toekomst met

Neue technologien mit

Baker & Murakami

Baker & Murakami

Baker & Murakami Produce Company teelt, verpakt en

Baker & Murakami Produce Company züchtet, verpackt

verscheept uien door de gehele Verenigde Staten.

und liefert frisch verpackte Zwiebeln innerhalb der

Het bedrijf is de grootste uienleverancier in Idaho en

gesamten USA, ist der größte Lieferant in Idaho und

Oost-Oregon en een van de grootste van de VS. Met hulp

dem östlichen Oregon und einer der größten in den USA.

van Eqraft en de andere OTA-leden produceert het bedrijf

Dank der Unterstützung von Eqraft und den anderen

nu vanuit zijn vernieuwde fabriek, die helemaal klaar is

OTA-Mitgliedern betreibt das Unternehmen jetzt eine

voor de toekomst.

brandneue Fabrik, die für die Zukunft bestens aufgestellt ist.

Chief Operating Officer Cameron Skeen legde voor het

Die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Eqraft und COO Cameron

eerst contact met Eqraft op de Fruit Logistica in 2015.

Skeen begann während der Fruit Logistica-Messe in

Het concept van de “Onion Tech Alliance” sprak hem

Berlin im Jahr 2015. Das Konzept der “Onion Tech Alliance”

erg aan, dus besloot hij Eqraft te bezoeken in Nederland

gefiel Cameron sehr. Daher stattete er Eqraft einen

om wat referentieprojecten te zien. “Het viel me op dat

Besuch in den Niederlanden ab, um sich einige Referenz-

Nederland voorliep wat betreft automatisering. Dat was

projekte anzusehen. “Ich stellte fest, dass die Niederlande

echt een eye-opener voor me.” Wat Cameron overtuigde

in Sachen Automatisierung einen großen Schritt voraus

om met OTA samen te werken, was de manier waarop

waren. Das hat mir die Augen geöffnet.” Was Cameron

de OTA-leden samenwerken met de klant om de beste

überzeugte, war die Art und Weise, wie Eqraft und die

resultaten te behalen.

anderen Mitglieder der OTA mit dem Kunden zusammenarbeiten, um die besten Endergebnisse zu erreichen.

Er waren wat uitdagingen gedurende het ontwerpproces, maar uiteindelijk kwamen Baker & Murakami, Eqraft en

Es gab einige Herausforderungen während der Prozess­

de andere OTA-leden samen tot een oplossing. Cameron

entwicklung, aber schließlich konnten Baker & Murakami,

is erg tevreden met het eindresultaat: “Met onze nieuwe

Eqraft und die anderen OTA-Mitglieder alle Probleme

fabriek besparen we nu al de helft op arbeid en we zijn

gemeinsam lösen. Cameron ist mit dem Endergebnis

nog steeds aan het verbeteren.”

sehr zufrieden: “Wir haben jetzt schon nur noch den halben Arbeitsaufwand und es wird immer noch besser.”


Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

Adopcíon de nuevas tecnologías

Adopter de nouvelles technologies

con Baker & Marakami

avec Baker & Murakami

Baker & Murakami Produce Company cultiva, embolsa y

Baker & Murakami Produce Company cultive, conditionne

envía cebollas frescas a todo Estados Unidos. Es el mayor

et expédie des oignons frais partout aux États-Unis.

distribuidor de Idaho y del este de Oregón y uno de los

L’entreprise est le premier expéditeur de l’Idaho et

mayores de Estados Unidos. Con ayuda de Eqraft y otros

de l’est de l’Oregon et l’un des plus importants sur le

miembros de la OTA, la empresa ha puesto en marcha

territoire américain. Avec l’aide d’Eqraft et des autres

una fábrica nueva preparada para el futuro.

membres de l’OTA, l’entreprise exploite désormais une toute nouvelle usine tournée vers le futur.

La colaboración entre Eqraft y el jefe de operaciones, Cameron Skeen, comenzó durante la feria Fruit Logisti-

La collaboration entre Eqraft et Cameron Skeen, Directeur

ca, celebrada en Berlín en 2015. El concepto de la “Onion

des Opérations, est née lors du salon Fruit Logistica

Tech Alliance” gustó mucho a Cameron, por lo que decidió

à Berlin en 2015. Le concept de « l’Onion Tech Alliance »

visitar Eqraft en los Países Bajos para conocer algunos

a vraiment plu à Cameron, qui a alors décidé de venir

proyectos de referencia. “Me di cuenta de que Holanda

visiter Eqraft aux Pays-Bas afin de découvrir certaines

estaba a la cabeza de la innovación. Me abrió los ojos”. Lo

projets phares. « J’ai remarqué que la Hollande était à

que convenció a Cameron para trabajar con Eqraft y los

la pointe de l’automatisation. C’était visionnaire pour

demás miembros de la OTA fue su forma de colaborar con

moi. » Ce qui a convaincu Cameron de travailler avec

el cliente para alcanzar los mejores resultados finales.

Eqraft et les autres membres de l’OTA, c’est la façon dont ils travaillent de concert avec le leurs clients afin

Se plantearon algunos problemas durante el desarrollo

d’obtenir les meilleurs résultats possibles.

del proceso pero, al final, Baker & Murakami, Eqraft y los demás miembros de la OTA resolvieron juntos el

Certains défis se sont présentés durant la mise en place

rompecabezas. Cameron está encantado con el resultado

du processus mais, au final, Baker & Murakami, Eqraft et

final: “Ya estamos ahorrando la mitad de la mano de obra

les autres membres de l’OTA sont parvenus, ensemble,

y seguimos mejorando”.

à réunir toutes les pièces du puzzle. Cameron est très satisfait du résultat final : « Nous utilisons déjà deux fois moins de main d’œuvre et nous ne cessons de nous améliorer. »


Improving the Eqrader for optimal sorting

The Eqrader is a newly developed machine that sorts products quickly and automatically by internally and externally inspecting for quality, shape, weight, color, and even rot. The first model was installed at HOZA, a Dutch onion seed propagator. Advancements have been made over the past year based on the client’s feedback. Time for an update. 28

Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

The Eqrader places individual onions in cups, where they’re then cleaned by a Modesta dust extraction system that blows away onion skins and dust. Then the machine checks the onion internally and externally, using camera technology and an infrared scan. A tilt section ensures that the onion is turned and checked on all sides. The grader then categorizes the onions so they can be crated,

Bas Pomstra

Manager Product Development

using different dispensers that can be adjusted according to customer demands. Eqraft is currently developing an intelligent, self-learning neural network that will take future grading to the next step. Advantages of the Eqrader include user and product friendliness, low maintenance costs, and use of the newest vision technologies.

Mechanical optimization Bas Pomstra, Manager Product Development, tells us which mechanical improvements have been made since the first client started using the Eqrader in May 2017. First, the so-called “V-band”, which places the onions in cups and guides them through the machine, was optimized to allow a more streamlined transition. “An average of 75% to 90% of the cups are filled,” says Jim Hoogzand of HOZA, who worked with the machine in the past year. 29

Improving the Eqrader for optimal sorting

Furthermore, improvements were made to the tilt section,

these categories. This will enable the user to sort batches

which ensures a 360-degree check of the onions, and the

meeting certain quality characteristics required for a

integrated cup washing system, which automatically

particular customer or country.

washes the cups. Lastly, the software of both the interface and the Q-Eye camera were adjusted to fit the customer’s

In order to achieve optimal grading, the neural network

needs better. Two additional cameras were added, and

needs more data to “learn” how to classify the onions.

the focal distance was fine-tuned, which means there

The first test results were positive. After “training” the

are now six highly-focused cameras aimed at one track,

machine with 80 000 onions, the Eqrader was put to

ensuring even better coverage of the entire onion.

the test by having it sort 20 000 onions. The results: it was able to perform with at least the same quality as

While employees and onion traders may have different

traditional sorting. For example, all stones in the batch

opinions on the quality of an onion, the Eqrader always

were success­fully rejected. Eqraft is currently developing

sorts consistently and according to the same standards.

the neural network together with the onion sector,

Furthermore, it does this much quicker than a human

collecting as many red and yellow onions in all

could: 10 onions per second per track.

categories as possible. “The more data we have, the smarter the machine gets,” says Bas.

Future roadmap: machine learning Besides mechanical improvements, significant progress has been made in the development of the machine’s neural network. The neural network is a self-learning system that receives data based on a classification model that is used to determine the quality of the onions. The external quality characteristics are divided into categories and subcategories. Currently, the neural network is being “taught” to sort the onions based on


The more data we have, the smarter the machine gets

Optimaal sorteren met

Verbesserung der Aqrader für

de Eqrader

optimale sortierung

De Eqrader is een optische sorteermachine die producten

Die Eqrader kann Produkte schnell (10 Zwiebeln pro

snel (10 uien per seconde per spoor) en accuraat kan

Sekunde und Bahn) und automatisch durch interne

sorteren door een interne en externe inspectie van

und externe Prüfung von Qualität, Form, Gewicht und

kwaliteit, vorm, gewicht en kleur – zelfs rotdetectie is

Farbe sortieren - sie entdeckt sogar faule Stellen. Im

mogelijk. In het afgelopen jaar zijn de eerste aanpassingen

vergangenen Jahr wurden die ersten Fortschritte erzielt:

gedaan: mechanische verbeteringen als een meer

Mechanische Verbesserungen wie stromlinienförmigerer

geleidelijke overgang op de aanvoerband en een betere

Keilriemen und Neigungsabschnitt, aber auch im

kantelsectie. Dit zorgt voor minder onderhoudskosten

neuronalen Netzwerk. Das selbstlernende System

en een hogere ROI. Ook werd het neurale netwerk verder

klassifiziert Zwiebeln nach Qualitätsmerkmalen.

ontwikkeld. Dit zelflerende systeem sorteert uien volgens

Die ersten Test­ergebnisse waren positiv und Eqraft

kwalitatieve kenmerken. De eerste testresultaten waren

ist derzeit dabei, die Software weiter zu verbessern.

positief en Eqraft werkt momenteel aan verdere verbeteringen van de software.

Mejora de Eqrader para una

Amélior le Eqrader pour

clasificacíon óptima

un tri optimal

La máquina Eqrader puede clasificar los productos rápida

Le Eqrader permet de trier les produits rapidement

(10 cebollas por segundo y carril) y automáticamente,

(10 oignons par seconde par piste) et automatiquement via

realizando una inspección interna y externa de la calidad,

un processus de contrôle interne et externe de la qualité,

la forma, el peso y el color. Incluso puede detectar la

de la forme, du poids et de la couleur – la machine peut

podredumbre. Durante el pasado año se efectuaron los

même détecter les oignons pourris. Les premiers progrès

primeros avances: mejoras mecánicas, como una banda en

sont intervenus l’an dernier : améliorations mécaniques,

V más aerodinámica y sección inclinada, y otros desarrollos

comme la rationalisation de la bande en V et de la section

en la red neural. Este sistema de autoaprendizaje clasifica

inclinée, mais également développements au niveau du

las cebollas según sus características de calidad. Los

réseau neuronal. Ce système évolutif classe les oignons en

primeros resultados fueron positivos y Eqraft está

fonction de leurs caractéristiques de qualité. Les premiers

mejorando el software.

résultats se sont avérés positifs et Eqraft travaille encore à l’amélioration du logiciel.

19 31

Introducing OTA: A joint approach for greater efficiency and lower costs A factory is no longer viewed as a chain of individual components; an integrated approach is required, and the machines must communicate with each other. By joining forces, the Onion Tech Alliance (OTA) approaches projects from a wider perspective, significantly increasing efficiency. On the following pages, we will introduce the OTA members to you!


Many companies are tied down by conventional

A joint approach

equipment and fragmented processes. Product handling,

Together with the onion sector, OTA wants to develop

optical sorting, integrated line control and watertight

the right procedures for the coming decades and favors a

traceability are all increasingly important for good and

joint and integrated approach. That approach manifests

consistent quality. Across the spectrum, onion processors

itself in an integrated design based on individual

are under intense pressure, caused by labor costs that are

speciali­zations. It further develops existing technologies

simultaneously rising while the availability of workers

and advances joint responsibility for the total performance,

is decreasing. OTA sees a growing, worldwide demand

control and linking of IT systems, as well as provides joint

for complete solutions, and foresees a revolution in

delivery of service and project support.

onion processing in the near future. Each of the participating parties brings their own

All OTA members were on-site here and 100% involved (see page 22)

specialization to the table: Eqraft (consulting, engineering and machinery for sorting, weighing and packing), Deprez Handling Solutions (internal transport and storage technology), Modesta (separation and de-dusting technology), and Symach (palletizing and wrapping). A joint approach is a great advantage for a factory owner, who will then have access to specialized expertise for each

All members are working for the best end result (see page 52)

component of the process at the start. Instead of having to piece together the puzzle by yourself, OTA will give you expert advice at every step along the way. Read more at oniontechalliance.com


Introducing OTA: A joint approach for greater efficiency and lower costs

OTA: De krachten bundelen

OTA: Ein gemeinsamer ansatz

Verwerking en verpakking kunnen niet meer worden

Eine Fabrik kann nicht mehr länger als Kette einzelner

gezien als een aaneenschakeling van losse componenten:

Komponenten angesehen werden. Erforderlich ist ein

een integrale benadering is noodzakelijk. Door de krachten

integrierter Ansatz, bei dem die Maschinen miteinander

te bundelen benadert de Onion Tech Alliance projecten

kommunizieren. Dank des Zusammenschlusses kann die

vanuit een breder perspectief, waardoor de efficiency

Onion Tech Alliance Projekte von einem größeren Blick-

significant toeneemt.

winkel aus angehen und ihre Effizienz erheblich steigern.

Elk van de deelnemende partijen brengt zijn eigen

Jeder der Beteiligten bringt seine eigene Spezialisierung

specialisme in: Eqraft (advies, ingenieursdiensten en

ein: Eqraft (Beratung, Engineering und Maschinen für das

machines voor sortering, verwerking en verpakking),

Sortieren, Wiegen und Verpacken), Deprez Handling

Deprez Handling Solutions (intern transport), Modesta

Solutions (interner Transport und Lagertechnik), Modesta

(scheiding- en ontstoffingstechniek) en Symach

(Trennungs- und Entstaubungsbranche) und Symach

(palletiseren en wrappen).

(Palettierung und Umhüllung).

Product handling, optisch sorteren, integrale

Produkthandling, optische Sortierung, integrierte

lijnbesturing en waterdichte traceerbaarheid worden

Liniensteuerung und wasserdichte Rückverfolgbarkeit

steeds belangrijker voor een goede en constante

werden immer wichtiger für gleichbleibend hohe Qualität,

kwaliteit, terwijl arbeid steeds duurder wordt. Eqraft

während Arbeit immer teurer wird. Die OTA verzeichnet

constateert wereldwijd een toenemende vraag naar to-

eine weltweite Nachfrage nach Komplettlösungen und

taaloplossingen en voorziet de komende tijd een

sieht in nächster Zukunft eine Revolution in der

omwenteling in de uienverwerking. Ze kiezen daarom

Zwiebel­verarbeitung voraus. Ihr Ziel ist die Entwicklung

een gezamenlijke en integrale benadering. Samen met

der geeigneten Verfahren für die kommenden Jahrzehnte,

OTA zorgt Eqraft voor de doorontwikkeling van bestaande

wobei ein integrierter, auf individuellen Spezialisierungen

technieken en legt gezamenlijk verantwoording af over

basierender Ansatz gewählt wird. Die Weiterentwicklung

de totaalperformance, de besturing en koppeling van

bestehender Verfahren, gemeinsame Verantwortung für

IT-systemen (Eqontrol) en het gemeenschappelijk leveren

die Gesamtperformance, Steuerung und Verknüpfung von

van service en projectondersteuning.

IT-Systemen und ein gemeinsames Angebot von Service­ leistungen und Projektsupport sind weitere Ambitionen.


Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

OTA: Un enfoque conjunto

OTA: Une approche commune

Una fábrica no puede verse como una mera cadena

Une usine ne peut plus être perçue comme une chaîne

de componentes individuales. Es necesario plantear

de composants individuels : il convient d’adopter une

un enfoque integrado y las máquinas deben poder

approche intégrée et les machines doivent communiquer

comunicarse entre sí. Sumando fuerzas, la Onion Tech

entre elles. En joignant leurs forces, les membres de

Alliance aborda los proyectos desde una perspectiva

l’Onion Tech Alliance abordent les différents projets

más amplia, con lo que aumenta significativamente

selon une perspective plus large et améliorent ainsi

la eficiencia.

sensiblement le niveau d’efficacité opérationnelle. Chacune des parties prenantes apporte son expertise :

Cada uno de los participantes aporta su especialización:

Eqraft (conseil, ingénierie et équipement pour le triage,

Eqraft (consultoría, ingeniería y maquinaria de clasifi-

le pesage et l’emballage), Deprez Handling Solutions

cación, pesaje y envasado), Deprez Handling Solutions

(technologie de transport et de stockage en interne),

(transporte interno y tecnología de almacenamiento),

Modesta (technologie de séparation et de dépoussiérage)

Modesta (tecnología de separación y aspiración de polvo)

et Symach (palettisation et conditionnement).

y Symach (paletizado y embalaje). Les techniques de manutention des produits, de tri optique, La manipulación del producto, la clasificación óptica,

de contrôle de ligne intégré et de traçabilité étanche sont

el control de línea integrado y la rastreabilidad estanca son

essentielles au maintien d’un niveau de qualité constant

parámetros cada vez más importantes para alcanzar una

et satisfaisant et la main d’œuvre coûte de plus en

calidad elevada y constante, y la mano de obra cada vez

plus cher. L’OTA observe une demande accrue pour des

es más cara. La OTA observa la existencia de una demanda

solutions exhaustives et prévoit une révolution dans le

de soluciones completas a nivel mundial, y prevé una

traitement de l’oignon au cours des prochaines années.

revolu­ción en el procesamiento de las cebollas en un futuro

Les membres de l’organisation entendent mettre en

cercano. Su objetivo es implantar los procedimientos

place des procédures adaptées pour les décennies à

adecuados para las próximas décadas, eligiendo un

venir en adoptant une approche intégrée basée sur les

enfoque integrado basado en las especialidades individuales.

spécialisations individuelles. Ils développent, en outre,

Asimismo, desarrolla las técnicas existentes y asume la

les techniques existantes et la responsabilité commune

responsabilidad colectiva con respecto al rendimiento

pour une performance globale, le contrôle et la mise en

total, el control y la vinculación de los sistemas informáticos,

relation des systèmes informatiques et la livraison

así como la prestación conjunta de servicios y asistencia a

conjointes des services et d’une assistance projet.

los proyectos.


Modesta: Empowering clean air

Factory owners want machines that require as little manual labor as possible and deliver fast, high-quality results. Dust extraction and a clean working environment are usually not the first issues that come to mind, but they are vital in keeping a factory running and reducing costs. That’s where Modesta comes in. In all sectors in which the OTA members are active, there’s a reasonable percentage of waste. Sawdust, dirt, sand, onion skins and other residual products can lead to dirty, dusty, unhealthy and even dangerous working environments. Furthermore, if a factory doesn’t meet certain rules and regulations, it’s not allowed to continue operating. “Factory owners often only start thinking about dust extraction at the end of the process, after buying the machines,” says Wyboud Kloppenburg, corporate sales manager at Modesta. “Thanks to our OTA membership, we can now join the conversation at the very start and offer better and more integrated solutions. 36

Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

Moreover, thanks to our filter installations, the machines of the other OTA members stay clean and perform better. Therefore, the customer experiences less downtime, lower maintenance costs on production machinery, and higher production reliability.”

Family business

We think about the long-term effects and the solution they really need

Modesta started operations right after World War II, in a small town in the eastern part of the Netherlands. The company initially specialized in the drying and conditio­ning of grains and grasses, but due to changing market demands, it shifted towards ventilation technology for the wood industry. Diederick Kloppenburg, Modesta’s current director and son of the founder, joined the company at age 22. His son Wyboud followed in 2012. Diederick: “Wyboud is the third Modesta generation. We’re quite proud of that.” After a large renovation in 2007, the company now has an office and production plant in Putten, where all the machines are produced and assembled.

Thinking green Entrepreneurs of the future re-use their waste, says


Diederick: “The problem is that if you put different kinds

Company type Production and installation

of waste together, you can’t use it and have to pay to get

of filter systems and active

rid of it, but if it’s sorted, it can be re-used.” Wyboud adds:

cleaning solutions

“Companies think about sustainable supply chains, but

Owners Diederick and Wyboud Kloppenburg

often forget the leftovers of their production process.” Modesta advises factory operators to design the factory

Started in


workflow with the end of the production cycle in mind.


Putten, The Netherlands

Number of employees


Complete vision This way of thinking is what Diederick calls a “complete

Active in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand

vision”. He explains: “Instead of selling our clients the filter system they’re asking for, we think about the long-term effects and ask if that’s really the solution they need.” This vision comes from years of experience and a no-nonsense, straightforward way of doing business. It’s what keeps their clients coming back. 37

Empowering clean air for non-stop performance

Reliability is key when processing agri products. Modesta’s smart air filters keep your factory clean, safe and healthy to ensure non-stop performance. With 70 years of experience in modular air filtering, we gladly help you maximise your productivity. Contact

Wyboud Kloppenburg or Jan Plette






+31 341 371 010


Handelsweg 48 3881 LS Putten The Netherlands


Modesta: Empowering clean air

Schone lucht dankzij Modesta

Modesta: Für saubere luft

Hoewel het meestal niet het eerste punt op de agenda is,

Normalerweise ist dies nicht das erste Problem, das

moeten fabrieken dagelijks een behoorlijk percentage aan

angesprochen wird. Aber es ist eine Tatsache, dass Fabriken

afvalstromen verwerken, die kunnen leiden tot een vieze,

sich mit einem großen Berg Abfall herumschlagen müssen,

ongezonde en gevaarlijke werkomgeving en storingen.

der zu schmutzigen, ungesunden und gefährlichen

Dankzij Modesta’s samenwerking met de andere OTA-leden

Arbeitsbedingungen führen kann. Darum ist Modesta ein

kan filtering vanaf het begin worden meegenomen in de

so wertvoller Zuwachs für die OTA: Ab sofort sind Filter-

fabrieksopzet en beter worden geïntegreerd met andere

systeme von Anfang an fester Bestandteil der Gespräche

machines. Modesta adviseert over de totaalvisie van een

und können besser mit den anderen Maschinen integriert

fabriek en bouwt en levert deze ook van begin tot eind:

werden. Modesta bietet Beratung im Hinblick auf die

van filtersystemen tot het sorteren en hergebruiken

Gesamtvision der Fabrik: Von Filtersystemen über die

van afvalstromen.

Sortierung bis hin zur Wiederverwertung der Abfallströme.

Modesta: por un aire más limpio

Modesta: Valoriser l’air pur

Aunque no suele ser el primer tema que se aborda,

Bien qu’il ne s’agisse généralement pas de leur première

las fábricas tienen que hacer frente a un importante

préoccupation, les usines génèrent un certain pourcentage

porcentaje de residuos que pueden dar lugar a entornos

de déchets qui peuvent donner lieu à des environnements

de trabajo sucios, insalubres y peligrosos. Por eso,

de travail sales, insalubres et dangereux. En ce sens,

Modesta es una valiosa incorporación a la OTA: ya es

Modesta vient complémenter l’OTA de façon idéale :

posible hablar de los sistemas de filtros desde el principio

désormais, la problématique des systèmes de filtre est

y, de este modo, pueden integrarse mejor con el resto de

abordée dès le début du développement du projet et peut

las máquinas. Modesta proporciona asesoramiento sobre

ainsi être mieux intégrée aux autres machines. Modesta

la visión completa de la fábrica: desde sistemas de filtros

dispense des conseils de manière globale : depuis les

a la clasificación y reutilización de flujos de corrientes

systèmes de filtre jusqu’aux dispositifs de tri, en passant


par les mécanismes de réutilisation des flux de déchets.


Deprez: Pioneers in box handling

Deprez Handling Solutions has been a pioneer in fully automatic box handling since the nineties: it offers solutions for the internal transport and storage of products. With their in-depth expertise on handling solutions and their network in the potato and carrot industries, Deprez is a welcome addition to OTA. “We started out as a machine producing company, but have developed into a consulting party that offers complete factory solutions,” says Mattias Mergaert, sales manager at Deprez. This development also explains the name change in 2015, from Deprez Construct to Deprez Handling Solutions. “It’s a different mindset: instead of pushing to sell our specific machines, we offer our expertise and we realize turnkey projects.”

Pioneering Deprez is a family-owned company, founded in 1984 by Johan Deprez and his wife Germana, son and daughter, respectively, of potato farmers. 40

Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

Johan started out designing and manufacturing equipment for the gentle handling of potatoes and later added carrots, other dry bulk goods and recycling projects to the business. Over the years, Deprez has successfully produced the first non-stop box-filler with a capacity of 100 tons/hour, as well as many automatic box-handling projects. In 2008, Deprez implemented a fully automated potato washing, grading and packaging project, including automatic box storage. The return on investment is very high, says

It’s a different mindset: instead of pushing to sell our specific machines, we offer our expertise

Mattias: “Using this automated solution, a customer processes 40 000 tons per year with 16 employees. Companies that rely on manual labor need more than 60 people to get the same job done.”

Traceability and flexibility What sets Deprez apart from its competitors is the combination of product handling and box handling. “It’s very important that the items inside the boxes are handled in a gentle manner – especially food products,” explains Mattias. Due to an increasing demand for traceability, smaller storage units were needed in order to keep product batches separate from each other. “The advantage of boxes, as opposed to big silos, is that they are not only easily traceable, but also more flexible.”

Deprez handling solutions Solving the puzzle

Company type Internal transport and

And the collaboration with other OTA members? “When

storage solutions

they asked us to join OTA to offer our services in product


Johan and Germana Deprez

handling and contribute our expertise in the potato

Started in


sector, we were very enthusiastic. We can benefit from


Kortemark, Belgium

each other’s knowledge. For the other OTA members, we

Number of employees


will be the piece of the puzzle that solves the box handling

Active in Belgium, France, U.K., U.S.,

part of a factory line, and vice versa.”

Australia, The Netherlands, Spain, Poland

Future-proof With their membership in OTA and a new production site in Kortemark (Belgium) that was opened in 2017, Deprez is ready for the future. Mattias: “We’re very aware that hiring young people with potential will help us grow. A great challenge for us in the coming years will be to attract employees with new talents, especially engineers.” 41


Deprez: Pioneers in box handling

Deprez: Pioniers in

Deprez: Pioniere im bereich

box handling


Deprez is al sinds de negentiger jaren een pionier in

Deprez ist schon seit den Neunzigern ein Pionier im

volautomatische kistenhandling: ze bieden oplossingen voor

Bereich des vollautomatischen Behälterhandling.

intern transport en opslag. Met hun diepgaande expertise

Das Unternehmen bietet Lösungen für den internen

van handling solutions en hun netwerk in de aardappel- en

Transport und die Lagerung von Produkten. Mit seinem

wortelindustrie is Deprez een welkome toevoeging aan OTA.

umfassenden Know-how auf dem Gebiet von Handling­

Wat ze onderscheidt van concurrentie, is de combinatie

lösungen und seinem Netzwerk in der Kartoffel- und

van product handling en kistenhandling: als het op eetbare

Möhrenbranche ist Deprez ein willkommene Ergänzung

producten aankomt is een zachte omgang met het product

der OTA. Was Deprez von der Konkurrenz unterscheidet,

in een kist erg belangrijk.

ist die Kombination von Produkt- und Behälterhandling. Vor allem bei Lebensmitteln ist es wichtig, dass die Produkte im Behälter vorsichtig gehandhabt werden.

Deprez: Pioneros en la

Deprez: un pionnier en matière

manipulación de cajas

de manipulacion de boîtes

Deprez lleva desde los noventa innovando en la

Deprez est à l’avant-garde des systèmes de manipulation

manipulación de cajas totalmente automática. Ofrece

de boîtes entièrement automatisés depuis les années 90

soluciones para el transporte interno y el almacenamiento

et propose des solutions pour le transport et le stockage

de productos. Con su amplia experiencia en soluciones

des produits en interne. Grâce à son expertise approfondie

de manipulación y su red en la industria de la patata y la

en matière de solutions de manutention et au réseau

zanahoria, Deprez ha sido recibida con los brazos abiertos

dont elle disposent dans l’industrie des pommes de terre

en la OTA. Lo que diferencia a Deprez de la competencia

et des carottes, l’entreprise apporte sa pierre à l’édifice de

es que combina la manipulación de productos con la

l’OTA. Ce qui démarque Deprez de ses concurrents, c’est

manipulación de cajas, especialmente con productos

la combinaison de solutions de manutention de produits

alimenticios. Es muy importante que el producto que

et de manutention de boîtes : il est très important, surtout

hay dentro de la caja sea tratado con sumo cuidado.

avec les denrées alimentaires, de manipuler délicatement le produit à l’intérieur de la boîte.


Symach Palletizers: Stable and secure

Symach’s machines are an integral part of the OTA Agri Factory. After the onions are cleaned, topped, graded and packed, the Symach systems come in for palletizing and securing the load. Their custom-built palletizers offer great stacking quality. Symach palletizers can stack many different products: not just agricultural products like onions, potatoes, carrots, and red beets, but also pet food, seeds and bakery products, packed in either bags, cases or crates. Before shipping, the stacked pallets must be secured by wrapping the pallet. “Stacking bags can be especially hard when they have an uneven shape and the product can move in the bag,” says Jan-Pieter Grootendorst, market development specialist at Symach. “The palletizer has to stack the sacks accurately and straight, to create a stable load.” 44

Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

Efficiency rates Symach’s palletizers specialize in stacking bags with different bag weights, dimensions and product sizes. They can stack in a straight and stable way up to 2.7 meters high. Jan-Pieter: “What sets our machines apart from others is that they are easy to operate and always provide the same high level of stacking quality. The palletizer can stack any

Our machines are easy to operate and always provide the same high level of stacking quality

bag, regardless of the shape or type, individually and with overlap. This way, we ensure a perfectly rectangular and stable pallet.” According to their clients’ efficiency logs, Symach’s machines have an efficiency rate of more than 95%. Besides palletizing, the company also specializes in load securing and it builds wrapping machines and integrated label applicators that can ensure full traceability.

Asking questions Clients like to work with Symach because of their sincere advice, Jan-Pieter believes. “We don’t just want to deliver the machine they’re asking for; we want them to be happy with our solution over the long run. So we ask a lot of questions: what are their expectations, what do they do, what are their future plans? This way, we can give very targeted advice. We find they appreciate that.”

Symach palletizers The next step

Company type Custom-built palletizers,

OTA membership affords Symach and its OTA partners many opportunities. For years, Symach has worked

wrappers and related machines Owners Barry-Wehmiller Inc.

together with Eqraft, previously ERC and Qreenno, and

(a diversified global supplier

they had many of the same customers. Intensifying this

of engineering consulting and

collaboration – along with the other OTA members – was

manufacturing technology for

a logical next step. Jan-Pieter explains: “The advantage is

the packaging, corru­ga­ting,

that – although we’re still four different companies – we

sheeting and paper

integrated our ways of working. For example, thanks to

conversion industries)

workflow automation, all OTA machines can be connected

Started in


to each other and can be centrally controlled.”


Terneuzen, The Netherlands

In addition, he thinks the visions of the different

Number of employees


companies are in line with each other: “At Symach,

Active in Europe, U.S., Russia, Australia,

we value innovation, like the rest of OTA. We’re very

Latin America, Canada, Asia,

committed to realizing the Factory of the Future.”

Africa, Middle East 45

More than good palletizing! • Palletizing • Pallet Stretch Wrapping • Pallet Labelling • Automatic Corner Board Application • Pallet Transport

www.symach.nl 46

Symach Palletizers: Stable and secure

Stevig en stabiel met de palletizers

Stabil und konstant mit

van Symach

Palet­tierern von Symach

De machines van Symach zijn een logische toevoeging op

Die Maschinen von Symach sind integraler Bestandteil

de diensten van de andere OTA-leden: nadat het product

der OTA-Agrarfabrik der Zukunft. Nach dem Reinigen,

schoongemaakt en gesorteerd is, moet het worden verpakt

Sortieren und Verpacken übernehmen die Symach-

en gepalletiseerd. Symach’s op maat gemaakte palletizers

Systeme die Palettierung und Lastsicherung. Die kunden­

bieden een hoge stapelkwaliteit tot wel 2,7 meter,

spezifischen Palettierer bieten hohe Stapelqualität in

ongeacht de vorm of het type van de zak. Volgens de hoge

einer Höhe von bis zu 2,7 Meter. Die Protokollierung

standaarden van hun klanten hebben Symach’s machines

der Effizienz bei Kunden ergab, dass die Maschinen von

een efficiency rate van 95%. Dankzij hun jarenlange

Symach eine Effizienz von mehr als 95 % haben. Dank

ervaring kunnen ze klanten gerichte adviezen geven die

langjähriger Erfahrung kann das Unternehmen Kunden

helpen in hun lange termijnbehoeften te voorzien.

gezielt beraten und Lösungen entwickeln, die deren Bedürfnissen langfristig gerecht werden.

Estable y firme con los paletiza­

Une gestion stable et régulière

dores de Symach

avec les palettiseurs Symach

Las máquinas de Symach forman parte integral de la

Les machines Symach font partie intégrante de l’usine

fábrica agrícola OTA del futuro: después de limpiar,

agricole du futur imaginée par l’OTA : après le nettoyage,

clasificar y empaquetar los productos agrícolas, se

le calibrage et l’emballage des produits agricoles, les

ponen en marcha los sistemas de Symach para realizar

systèmes Symach prennent en charge la palettisation et

el paletizado y asegurar la carga. Sus paletizadores

la sécurisation de la charge. Leurs palettiseurs fabriqués

person­alizados ofrecen una elevada calidad de apilado

sur mesure offrent une excellente qualité d’empilage

que puede llegar a los 2,7 metros de altura. De acuerdo

jusqu’à 2,7 mètres de haut. Selon les données recensées

con el registro de eficiencia de sus clientes, las máquinas

chez leurs clients, les machines Symach présentent un

de Symach presentan una tasa de eficiencia superior al 95

taux de rendement de plus de 95 %. Forte de plusieurs

%. Gracias a sus años de experiencia, pueden ofrecer a los

années d’expérience, l’entreprise fournit des conseils

clientes un asesoramiento muy específico para ayudarles

ciblés aux professionnels et répond ainsi à leurs besoins

a satisfacer sus necesidades a largo plazo.

sur le long terme.


Career at Eqraft: Engineering the future


Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

Despite my young age, I was given a lot of responsibility from the beginning

Mike Kooijman

Sales Engineer

Eqraft has an open and flat organizational structure: young engineers are given the chance to grow along with the company, and taking responsibility from the get-go is part of the job. Two members of the Eqraft engineering team tell us about their experiences. It goes without saying that, for Eqraft, the engineering department is crucial: both the sales engineers, who make a rough plan before the complete outline is designed, and the members of the engineering team, who design and draw the machines in detail.

Flying start The sales engineers combine designing projects with actual sales: they are the link between account managers and engineers. It’s a role that was invented to make communication between these departments run more

Nico Bredenhoff

Project Engineer

smoothly and to meet customer’s wishes more accurately. Mike Kooijman (23) was the first to take on this role three years ago. He studied mechatronics in Vlissingen (NL) and immediately began working for Eqraft upon graduation. “Despite my young age, I was given a lot of responsibility from the beginning. I received my own projects, and I went to meetings with customers by myself. It made me learn a lot in a short period of time.” 49

Career at Eqraft: Engineering the future



When Mike and his colleague sales engineers get a project

Mike underscores the same kind of diversity in his job.

signed, it moves on to the engineering department,

“I work together with lots of different people – one meeting,

for example to Nico Bredenhoff, project engineer.

I could be talking about screws and pins; the next, about

“We fill in all the details: what is the exact type of machine,

finance and budgets.” The most interesting project he’s

the desired capacity, the colors?” he explains. “It takes

involved in is the new MSP factory (see page 52).

a lot of product knowledge to know exactly what the

“It’s a very innovative project in which we work very

possibilities are and, of course, it all depends on the

closely with the client.” But he also enjoyed visiting the

customer’s needs and wishes. Sometimes we help the

U.S. for projects at Baker & Murakami Produce (see page

sales engineers along the way, when they’re still in

22) and Torrey Farms. “Of course, it was amazing to travel

negotiations with the client.” How much time he spends

to those places and meet the clients in person,” Mike

actually engineering depends on the size of a project; for

enthuses. Nico agrees: “Face-to-face communication

the bigger ones, he often fulfills a project management

is extremely important; I think that’s underestimated

role instead of designing everything himself.

sometimes. Some things are hard to explain over the telephone or in an email, and it’s a more personal way

“That means I’m responsible for the planning and also

of working.”

all the interfaces outside of the project scope. Therefore, I also meet with customers and work closely with our partners; I rarely just sit at my desk all day.” Nico works together with a team of 10 engineers, so when he is asked to fulfill a coordinating role, he can let them do the engineering. “I enjoy the diversity of this job; it really changes with every project.”


I enjoy the diversity of this job; it really changes with every project

Carrière bij Eqraft: Deze engineers

Karriere bei Eqraft:

bouwen aan de toekomst

Ingenieurlösungen für die zukunft

Twee werknemers van de afdeling engineering vertellen

Zwei Mitarbeiter der Engineering-Abteilung erzählen

over hun ervaringen bij Eqraft. Mike Kooijman begon

uns von ihren Erfahrungen bei Eqraft. Mike Kooijman

drie jaar geleden, op 20-jarige leeftijd, als sales engineer

hat vor drei Jahren bei Eqraft angefangen. Damals war

bij Eqraft. Hij combineert projectontwerp met sales.

er 20. Inzwischen ist er Vertriebsingenieur und verbindet

“Ik krijg al vanaf het begin veel verantwoordelijkheden,”

Projektdesign mit Vertrieb. “Ich hatte von Anfang an

vertelt hij. Nico Bredenhoff is project engineer: “Ik vind

viel Verantwortung”, sagt er. Nico Bredenhoff ist

de diversiteit van dit werk erg leuk: het is bij elk project

Projekt­ingenieur: “Mir gefällt die Abwechslung, die

weer anders.”

dieser Job bietet; jedes Projekt ist anders.”

Trayectoria profesional en Eqraft:

Travailler chez Eqraft:

La ingeniería del futuro

Ingénierie du futur

Dos empleados del departamento de ingeniería nos

Deux employés du Service Ingénierie nous parlent de

cuentan su experiencia en Eqraft. Mike Kooijman empezó

leur expérience chez Eqraft. Mike Kooijman a commencé

a trabajar para Eqraft hace tres años, cuando tenía

à travailler pour Eqraft il y a trois ans, à l’âge de 20 ans.

veinte, y ahora es ingeniero de ventas. Combina el

Il occupe aujourd’hui le poste d’Ingénieur Commercial

diseño de proyectos con las ventas reales. “Asumí muchas

et combine des fonctions de conception de projets et de

responsa­bilidades desde el principio”, afirma. Nico

vente. « On m’a confié de nombreuses responsabilités dès

Bredenhoff es ingeniero de proyectos: “Me gusta este

le début, » indique-t-il. Nico Bredenhoff est Ingénieur

trabajo porque es muy variado: cambia con cada proyecto”.

Projet : « Ce que j’aime dans mon travail, c’est la diversité : ça change vraiment d’un projet à l’autre. »

19 51

MSP Onions embraces Industry 4.0 Currently, the engineers of Eqraft and OTA partners are realizing a brand new, innovative and fully sustainable factory from the ground up for onion trader MSP.

We talked with Lindert Moerdijk, owner of MSP Onions. He’s currently leading one of the biggest projects MSP has ever faced: realizing a fully automated onion processing plant according to the principles of Industry 4.0. In this “smart factory”, machines take over labor-intensive activities and can be controlled with a comprehensive software layer that links all components of the production process.

Quality and traceability MSP Onions is a family business located on the Dutch coast in the province of Zeeland, close to the harbor city of Vlissingen. The company was founded in 1983 by the brothers Moerdijk. For the past several years, MSP has been facing the problem of undercapacity. Therefore, long-term investments are needed in order to automate. As current owner Lindert explains, “The question is not if Industry 4.0 is coming, but how fast. That’s why we decided to take the plunge and build this “Factory of the Future” with Eqraft.” 52

Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

The question is not if Industry 4.0 is coming, but how fast

Lindert Moerdijk

Owner of MSP Onions


Eqraft Machines

Modesta Machines

Deprez Handling

• Toppers

• Filters


• Conveyers

• Cyclons

• Orbiters

• Optical grader

• Wind sifting

• EvenFlows

• Bin fillers

• Extraction hoods

• Roller tracks

• Scales

• Scraper conveyers

• Bin fillers

• Baxmatics

• Bin lifts

• Control Cabinets

• Rotation Tables

• Line steering

• Shuttles

• Eqontrol • Total integration +


project management

Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

Customer Case Name

Lindert Moerdijk

Company name

MSP Onions

Location Nieuwdorp, Zeeland, The Netherlands Company type Sorting and packing onions

Lindert tells us about the most important challenges the

increasing the costs per kilogram, full traceability of

company is facing nowadays: “Our international clients

its products, and workflow automation. Together with

want high quality and 100% tracking & tracing for a low

Eqraft and the other OTA partners, they began drawing

price. With the current method of working, the Dutch

the ideal onion factory from scratch. As Lindert relates:

onion industry cannot fully meet these standards of

“It wasn’t an easy task. We had to constantly force ourselves

quality and traceability. That was the trigger we needed

to have a totally unbiased vision. That also meant that the

to take action.” Delivering onions of constant quality

first 24 ideas could be scrapped. We really needed to invest,

is very hard when you sort the product manually,

together with OTA. We didn’t make any conces­sions.” The

he explains, and internal quality is impossible to judge

final result was a factory line that was discussed, improved

with the naked eye. Moreover, watertight tracking and

and engineered to the smallest detail by a group of

tracing can’t be ensured in the current Dutch onion

people with different areas of expertise and different

industry, which keeps the doors closed to collaborations

backgrounds. “We can honestly say that this is the best

with strictly regulated countries, such as China. Another

production line possible – not only for our company, but

problem that MSP is currently facing is undercapacity.

for the entire onion industry,” says Lindert proudly.

Labor is expensive, and operating every component of the production process with a separate machine and operator

There were quite a few challenges to overcome in designing

isn’t very efficient. When a machine has to be stopped

this “Factory of the Future”. Instead of adjusting the

and adjusted manually, it often means interference with

factory plan to fit an existing building, the architecture

other processes or even a full production pause.

was optimized according to the process flow at an early stage by loading the 3D drawing of the building into

Wish list for the ideal factory

Eqraft’s factory model. However, that also meant that

Taking all of these challenges into account, MSP formulated

part of the building design had to be changed due to

a “wish list” for their new factory. It wanted a significant

construction regulations, such as fire safety. “The general

improvement in the quality of their onions without

challenge we faced was that this had never been done 55

MSP Onions embraces Industry 4.0

before, so you encounter problems you couldn’t have

Flexible factory

anti­cipated. I learned to not get nervous, but to keep

But the product that will truly make the difference is

talking to all parties involved instead. The advantage of

the additional software layer that enables all machines to

working with OTA is that you get the help of real experts in

communicate with each other intelligently: Eqontrol (see

every specialty at every step of the process,” says Lindert.

page 20). The automated instruction process can control several machines and processes simultaneously, while

To realize all of this, MSP’s purchases included a 12-lane

preventing interference with other production streams.

optical grading production line from Eqraft and several

Because the machines are linked, a simple push of the

other machines from Modesta and Deprez. The Eqrader

button is enough to rebuild a line. “That’s new in the onion

ensures quick and accurate sorting based on internal

business,” says Nico Bredenhoff, project engineer at

and external qualities, using cameras and infrared scans.

Eqraft. “In most current factories, operators have to move

Thanks to the use of an intelligent, self-learning neural

through the factory and set up machines one by one.

network, the Eqrader can sort the product based on

With Eqontrol, they can simply select the desired outcome

pre-defined categories depending on the requirements of

on a tablet and the machines do the rest.” Therefore,

a specific customer or country (see page 28), ensuring the

production can be easily modified according to demand.

high quality that MSP demanded.

Custom work and small quantities are much easier and

The new factory will be fully CO2 neutral


Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

cheaper to realize. Because of the modular factory set-up, the different components are highly flexible; analysts have compared Industry 4.0 factories to Lego kits. One of MSP’s requirements was a user-friendly interface. “We made the comparison to an iPhone: once you have it in your hand, you intuitively know how it works,” says Lindert. Eqontrol can be used on desktops, tablets and smartphones, enabling the operator to keep an eye on the process and easily check errors. Integrated machine alarms and a graphical presentation of the process give the operator an overview of the problem, so manual action will be required in only extreme cases. That will be the biggest difference, says Lindert: “Manual labor will decrease dramatically. We will save at least 60% of labor costs in the beginning and, in the long run, that will be even more.”

Green innovation Where sustainability is often seen as a necessary evil, MSP and Eqraft believe sustainability can actually save money. “By fully recycling all waste, we can turn it into something useful: for example, processes that generate heat will be used to warm up the building,” explains Lindert. The new MSP factory will be 100% CO2 neutral. All in all, the new factory, which is expected to be completed next year, will be a true showcase of innovation. Nico Bredenhoff elaborates: “That’s why we’ll also include a showroom and walking platforms in the factory itself. They follow the journey the onions make, so that we can show visitors how the process works.” Lindert adds: “When it’s finished, the factory will be open for onion traders from all over the world as a meeting point and showcase.”


MSP Onions embraces Industry 4.0

Uienfabriek aan Nederlandse

Zwiebelfabrik an der

kust omarmt Industry 4.0

Niederländischen Küste wird mit Industrie 4.0 ausgestattet

Op dit moment bouwen Eqraft en de andere OTA-leden

Derzeit realisieren Eqraft und die anderen OTA-Mitglieder

aan een gloednieuwe, innovatieve, geautomatiseerde en

eine brandneue, innovative und vollständig nachhaltige

volledig duurzame uienfabriek voor MSP Onions. In deze

Zwiebelfabrik für MSP. In dieser “intelligenten Fabrik”

“slimme fabriek” nemen machines arbeidsintensieve

übernehmen Maschinen arbeitsintensive Tätigkeiten

activiteiten over, die gestuurd kunnen worden met een

und können mit einer übergeordneten Softwareschicht

overkoepelende softwarelaag. Lindert Moerdijk, eigenaar

gesteuert werden. Lindert Moerdijk, Eigentümer von MSP

van MSP Onions: “Onze internationale klanten willen

Onions: “Unsere internationalen Kunden wollen hohe

hoge kwaltiteit en 100% traceerbaarheid voor een lage

Qualität und 100 % Track & Trace zu einem günstigen

prijs. Met de huidige manier van werken kan de

Preis. Mit der gegen­wärtigen Arbeitsweise kann die

Nederlandse uienindustrie niet volledig aan die eisen

niedeländische Zwiebelindustrie diese Qualitäts- und

voldoen. Dat was de prikkel die we nodig hadden om

Rückverfolgbar-keits­anforderungen nicht ganz erfüllen.

actie te ondernemen.”

Das war die Motivation, die wir brauchten, um tätig zu werden.”

MSP had drie belangrijk eisen: ze wilden de kwaliteit van hun uien significant verbeteren zonder de kiloprijs te doen

MSP wollte eine erhebliche Qualitätsverbesserung seiner

stijgen, volledige traceerbaarheid van hun producten en

Zwiebeln ohne Anstieg der Kosten pro Kilo, volle Rückver-

verregaande automatisering op de werkvloer. Samen met

folgbarkeit seiner Produkte und eine Automatisierung des

Eqraft en de andere OTA-partners ontwierpen ze de best

Workflows. Gemeinsam mit Eqraft und den anderen

mogelijke productielijn.

OTA-Partnern wurde die optimale Produktionslinie entworfen.

Dankzij de overkoepelende softwarelaag die alle machines met elkaar laat communiceren (Eqontrol) is een simpele

Dank der übergeordneten Softwareschicht, die alle

klik genoeg om een complete productielijn om te stellen.

Maschinen miteinander kommunizieren lässt (Eqontrol)

Door de modulaire indeling kan de productie makkelijk

reicht ein einziger Klick aus, um eine vollständige

worden aangepast aan de vraag. Verder wordt de fabriek

Produktionslinie wieder aufzubauen. Der modulare

100% CO2-neutraal.

Aufbau ermöglicht es, die Produktion problemlos an die Nachfrage anzupassen. Außerdem wird das Werk vollständig CO2-neutral sein.


Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

La fábrica de cebollas de la costa

Une usine de traitement

Holandesa adopta la industria 4.0

d’oignons de la côte Néerlandaise axé sur l’industrie 4.0

Actualmente, Eqraft y los demás miembros de la OTA

Partant de rien, Eqraft et les autres membres de l’OTA

están creando desde cero una nueva fábrica de cebollas,

travaillent actuellement à la mise en place d’une toute

innovadora y plenamente sostenible, para MSP. En esta

nouvelle usine de traitement d’oignons innovante et totale-

“fábrica inteligente”, las máquinas asumen las actividades

ment durable pour MSP. Dans cette « usine intelligente », les

más trabajosas y pueden ser controladas mediante un

machines prennent en charge les activités les plus intensives

software general.

et peuvent être contrôlées au moyen d’une couche logicielle principale.Lindert Moerdijk, Gérant de MSP Onions : « Nos

Lindert Moerdijk, propietario de MSP Onions: “Nuestros

clients internationaux exigent une qualité optimale et une

clientes internacionales exigen una elevada calidad y el

traçabilité à 100 % à moindre coût. Le secteur néerlandais

100 % del seguimiento y rastreo a un bajo precio. Con la

de l’oignon ne peut pas, sur la base des méthodes de travail

forma de trabajo actual, la industria cebollera holandesa

actuelles, répondre à ces normes de qualité et de traçabilité.

no puede satisfacer estos estándares de calidad y

C’est ce qui nous amené à agir. »

rastreabilidad. Ese fue el detonante que necesitábamos para ponernos en marcha”.

MSP souhaitait une amélioration sensible de la qualité de ses oignons sans augmenter le coût par kilo, un traçabilité

MSP quería mejorar considerablemente la calidad de sus

complète de ses produits et une automatisation de ses flux

cebollas sin incrementar el coste por kilo. También pedía

de travail. Avec Eqraft et les autres partenaires de l’OTA, l’en-

la rastreabilidad total de sus productos y la automatización

treprise a imaginé la meilleure ligne de production qui soit.

del flujo de trabajo. Junto con Eqraft y otros socios de la

Grâce à la couche logicielle principale qui permet à toutes les

OTA, diseñaron la mejor línea de producción posible.

machines de communiquer (Eqontrol), un simple clic suffit à reconfigurer entièrement une ligne de production. Grâce

Gracias al software general que permite que todas las

à la structure modulaire, la production peut être facilement

máquinas estén comunicadas (Eqontrol), basta un solo

ajustée en fonction de la demande. De plus, l’usine sera

clic para reconstruir toda una línea de producción.

entièrement neutre du point de vue du CO2.

Gracias a su configuración modular, la producción puede adaptarse fácilmente en función de la demanda. Además, la fábrica no emitirá CO2.


Our vision of the Factory of the Future Bin-handling

Storage packaging materials

The closed-circuit bin-handling system takes care of the transportation from grader to packaging and again back to the grader to be filled.

Below bin-handling, packaging materials can be stored. Close to packaging machines with as little movement as possible.

9. Bin-handling

The part after storage takes the bins to the designated packing line to be emptied in a gentle even flow.

Pallet Buffer

Pallets are stacked on transportation systems. The trolley will take them to their destination.

10. Inspection

Manual selection of products right before weighing.

8. Storage

Conditioned storage for quality products (with a two-day production capacity) and other products. Full traceability is guaranteed.

12. Dispatch

The trolley takes care of two things: I. Feed pallets to robots / palletizers II. Transport packed pallets to automated dispatch. 60

11. Packaging

Packaging area, capable of packaging at least 4 000 (50lb) bags per hour. Box filling, prepack and Big Bag filling belong to the possibilities as well.

Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

3. Box Tipper

1. Unloading

This automatic box tipper is the “end� of an automated bin-handling circuit. From here on the bins are transported to the empty bin buffer, to be loaded on a truck.

Bins are placed on the track for direct processing or temporary storage. If filled, grader can run one night shift to fill storage.

2. Trolley

The trolleys transport the product to the preferred infeed- / storage location.

4. Pre-Grading

Undersized onions and waste will be taken out by rollers.

Empty bin buffer

When a truck is unloaded, it can be filled directly with empty bins if needed.

Full bin buffer

Unloaded product is temporarily stored / conditioned.

5. Pre-Sizing

Small onions are taken separately. This increases capacity regarding topping and grading.

7. Grading

All onions are graded. #2 and #3 go to a separate storage / buffer for loading on trucks when the time is right.

Waste handling

Waste is handled in a closed circuit. Dust is removed by a filter. Main stream is cleaned by active wind sifting.

6. Topping

Small onions are topped separately to increase capacity.


Real-time laser printing eliminates the struggles of pre-printed identification

Sander van der Knijff


Sales Engineer

Eqraft Magazine | Edition 2, 2018

The Eqraft Laser Printer for Bags enables: • Real time printing & online editing • Individual product ID • Durable, water-resistant & light-resistant prints • No consumables • Can be integrated with Baxmatic® bagging equipment.

Due to increasing labor costs and

“At the end of the nineties, our customers started to

market demands, many of Eqraft’s

struggle with increasing amounts of product numbers,

customers felt the need for a flexible bag-printing system that lets them print and make changes in real time, without needing to change tape, tickets or ink ribbons. Together with LC Packaging,

employee injuries such as RSI, and higher labor costs,” says Sander van der Knijff, sales engineer at Eqraft. He explains the demand for an automated bag-printing system: “Filling and labeling bags was a process that required lots of manual labor – from hanging the bags on the machine to be filled to changing the tapes. Thanks to the new bag laser printer, pre-printed identification has become a thing of the past.”

Eqraft developed a system to do


exactly that.

One of the most common frustrations during bag packaging is the time consumed by the labeling system. Changing tape, tickets or ribbons means halting the process while another tape or ticket roll is being loaded. This leads to unnecessary delay, the accumulation of costs per bag, and increasing lead times. 63

Real-time laser printing eliminates the struggles of pre-printed identification

Furthermore, the tape or tickets attached to the bag can

Contactless printing

easily tear off or be removed and can fade when subjected

“Besides the reduction in manual labor, there are other

to sunlight, causing logistical problems and loss of

advantages,” says Sander. Since the printing is without

identification. Depending on the number of customers,

contact, there are no moving parts to experience wear

as well as the number of products being packaged, storage

and tear. This printer has been developed for high-volume

of all of the different tapes and tickets increases costs

continuous operation at a high level of reliability.

and often leaves you with unusable surplus material.

It allows for the individual printing of bags with filling dates, product information, track & trace numbers and


any other information that makes the identification

As Sander explains: “We have been working with LC

of each specific bag and its contents possible. Printing

Packaging for a long time, so together we started to think

is done straight onto the bag without the use of the

about a way to automate the printing process. The new

so-called consumables, such as PE tape, paper tickets,

bag laser printer is the result of that.” Where Eqraft

sprayed ink or ink ribbon.

developed the laser printer, LC Packaging executed the design of the bags. This family business, which has been

And the software operation? “The text and images can

active in the packaging business for four generations,

be edited online in real time and without specialist know-

developed special bags that are compatible with the

ledge through the user-friendly interface,” explains

machine. Richard Macro, international purchaser at LC

Sander. “With this printer and these bags, the customer’s

Packaging, elaborates: “We developed laser-printable

require­ments can be fulfilled on the fly.” And the next

bags onto which images and texts can be printed directly,

step? Sander confides: “Right now, we’re working on the

without the use of ink ribbons, tape or paper tickets.”

automation of printing on paper bags.”

With this printer, changing tapes, tickets or ribbons becomes a thing of the past


Realtime laserprinten


Traditioneel gezien is het labelen van zakken een proces

Traditionell ist die Etikettierung von Säcken ein Vorgang,

dat veel manuele arbeid vereist: van het aan de machine

der eine Menge manueller Arbeit erfordert: Vom Hängen

hangen van de zakken tot het verwisselen van de rollen.

der zu füllenden Säcke an die Maschine bis hin zum

Dat leidt tot onnodige vertraging. Daarnaast kunnen

Wechseln der Klebebänder. Das führt zu unnötiger

de etiketten makkelijk van de zak scheuren, wat voor

Verzögerung. Außerdem reißen die an den Säcken

logistieke problemen zorgt. Samen met LC Packaging

befestigten Etiketten leicht ab, was logistische Probleme

ontwikkelde Eqraft daarom een flexibel printsysteem dat

verursacht. Gemeinsam mit LC Packaging hat Eqraft

direct en contactloos de benodigde informatie op speciaal

ein flexibles System zum Bedrucken von Säcken

daarvoor ontworpen zakken kan printen, zonder dat

entwickelt, das kontaktloses, direktes Drucken auf den

daar tape, etiketten of inktpatronen aan te pas komen.

Sack ermöglicht, ohne dass Klebeband, Etiketten oder

Veranderingen worden gewoon real-time aangebracht

Tinten­bänder gewechselt werden müssen. Veränderungen

via gebruiksvriendelijk software.

können in Echtzeit in einer benutzerfreundlichen Schnittstelle vorgenommen werden.

La impresión láser en tiempo real

L’impression laser en temps rél

Tradicionalmente, el etiquetado de bolsas ha requerido una

Traditionnellement, l’étiquetage des sacs est un processus

gran cantidad de trabajo manual: desde colgar las bolsas en

qui nécessite beaucoup de travail manuel : depuis la sus-

la máquina para llenarlas hasta cambiar la cinta adhesiva.

pension des sacs sur la machine à des fins de remplissage

Esto suele conllevar retrasos innecesarios. Además, las

jusqu’au changement des bandes. Cela implique des délais

pegatinas adheridas a la bolsa pueden rasgarse fácilmente

inutiles. De plus, les étiquettes fixées au sac peuvent facile-

y provocar problemas logísticos. Junto con LC Packaging,

ment se déchirer, causant des problèmes d’ordre logistique.

Eqraft desarrolló un sistema flexible de impresión de

De concert avec LC Packaging, Eqraft a développé un système

bolsas que permite imprimir sin contacto y directamente

d’impression flexible pour sac qui vous permet d’imprimer

sobre la bolsa, sin necesidad de cambiar la cinta adhesiva,

sans contact et directement sur le sac sans avoir besoin de

las pegatinas ni las cintas entintadas. Los cambios pueden

changer la bande, les étiquettes ou les rubans encreurs. Les

hacerse en tiempo real con una interfaz fácil de usar.

modifications se font en temps réel et de manière conviviale.

65 19

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Eqraft Magazine 2018  

We’re moving towards “smart factories” where machines take over labor-intensive activities, communicate with each other, and can be controll...

Eqraft Magazine 2018  

We’re moving towards “smart factories” where machines take over labor-intensive activities, communicate with each other, and can be controll...

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