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Various challenges in respect of financials, timely executions, cost and time overrun, statutory clearances were faced by the Company in the successful and timely execution of these contracts. The Company was successful in mitigating all these challenges and emerge Winner. It is a very well known fact that to win contracts in solar industry, one needs to provide the quality -value of Gold in the price of steel, hence at NEPC, we strive to achieve this. The major contributor for us is to provide customers value for money, without compensating in Quality.

EQ : Every Project is unique when it comes to mounting structures in terms of kind of land, different modules, different climatic conditions etc…Could you share your experiences of working in such diverse environment

making it possible to mount 100 KW per day with 8 workmen. The main aim of NEPC is to remove the pre conceived notion that aluminium is less economical than conventional GI structures. We believe that we are achieving this as we have completed a respectable 2 MW structures in aluminium for flat roof top in the past 10 months.

cost is lower than thin film. Output wise also, c-si offers more power output in comparison to thin film for a similar size module. With the overall PV market growing, thin film technology will be applied in more areas, however it becoming a dominant technology in the future is questionable.

EQ : Please enlighten us on the projects executed and in pipeline worldwide, and India.

EQ : What goes behind the Materials technology, Installation Techniques for Mounting Structures across various projects

NEPC India Limited has successfully executed about 2000 KW Aluminium Mounting Structure Projects in a very

NEPC’s Mounting Structures uses exclusive high quality material such as aluminium. NEPC mounting systems stand

Technical Specification Description

2 Module Structure


Aerodynamic design, Two Module Structure

Installation type

Flat Roof/Pitched Roof

Mounting structures are the only loose end of the solar project as the solar modules, inverters, cables, junction boxes are not custom-made as per site , and only the technology and quality needs to be chosen, whereas in Mounting structures the entire environment decides the uniqueness of the structure to be designed and also the type of solar module which is to be used for the particular project.

Design Lifetime

20 years


2000 x 1800 MM


Aluminium Alloy-6063 T6

Tilt Angle

0̊-60̊ (Flat Roof) & Customized (Pitched Roof)

Tracker Type


Design Wind Load

185 Km/hr

Panel Type

Any type of PV Modules

Module Orientation

Landscape or Portrait

Since there is a current boom in Rooftop solar market with many encouraging solar policies in states like Kerala with the ANERT project and in Andhra Pradesh & Tamilnadu, with net metering for rooftop solar,we, at NEPC have developed the Revolutionary Aluminium Rooftop structures.



Distance from Ground to Panel

100 MM

NEPC has launched our unique Aluminum Module Mounting Structures in January 2013. Till date, NEPC has supplied 2MW of these Aluminum flat roof structures. The product has been revolutionary in the Indian Solar market as it has enabled Solar companies to have an alternative, as compared to the traditional steel structures, which are much heavier and bulky. The fabrication work required in the traditional steel structures are much higher, whereas NEPC’s Aluminium Mounting Structures have been designed in such a way that they can accommodate any poly/mono crystalline modules and all major C-Si and thin film modules. Being very light weight (approx.10 kgs per KW), NEPC’s structures are easy and more economical for transport. The best part is that it comes pre-assembled as per customer requirements

Distance between Panel Airgap 25 MM Total Weight for 1 KW

10-12 kgs


Free, Panel Cleaning as required

short span of time and about 1 MW Solar Power Projects. Solar Power Projects of 10 MW scale are in pipeline in India. These Projects are in advanced stage and NEPC is aiming for financial closure by October,2013 and implementation of these Projects are scheduled by March,2014.

EQ : What is your opinion on working with c-Si, Thin Film modules? The market share of c-si , which accounts for nearly 92% of the global PV market, has been steadily increasing and their performance is also better.The cost performance, efficiency, stability and reliability of c-si are better than thin-film and even the installation and maintenance

for maximum durability and consistent safety – with fast and cost-effective installation. The installation of the Mounting Structure is very easy and quick.It takes only less than 15 mins/ KW for installation. Thus, the Structure being light weight is quick and easy to install.The detailed Installation Technique for our Mounting Structure is available in our website- www.nepcindia. com The Technical specification of NEPC’s Aluminium Module Mounting Structure are given below:

EQ : Please tell us about the team strengths and resources developed in order to offer your



EQ Int'l Magazine Oct 2013 Edition  

EQ Int'l Magazine Oct 2013 Edition

EQ Int'l Magazine Oct 2013 Edition  

EQ Int'l Magazine Oct 2013 Edition