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Zigor Solar Inverters Power Rural Schools In Tamil Nadu Giridaran Srinivasan, Senior Engineer, Zigor India Pvt Ltd


igor India Pvt Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of Zigor Corporación S.A from Spain. Zigor is well known for its solar hybrid inverter and power quality equipments globally. The Zigor recently launched its on-grid inverter into the Indian market and these on-grid single phase inverters are very efficient & suitable for Indian temperature conditions. The single phase inverters are IP65 rated and come with 2-MPPT tracking. The single phase on-grid inverter capacity is available in the range of 2kW to 5kW. Zigor India plans to expand into the rooftop on-grid segment along with our already existing hybrid inverter segment in India. no batteries are used and hence the system is more economical and also avoids losses due to storage of power. These solar installations also help in operation of motors to store water in overhead tanks for drinking and toilet use. If any excess power is generated, this additional power is sent back to the grid and the schools get benefited with the net metering (to be installed in the future).

Since this is a grid connected system, this reduces the load on local grid and hence indirectly helps the community with reduced power cuts & grid stability. These projects also benefit students to learn more about renewable energy power and also educate the local community about the latest technologies. 

Recently, Zigor India Pvt Ltd has supplied 14 numbers of single phase on-grid inverters for school projects. This installation site is located in southern town in Tamil Nadu. The local municipality has come up with a scheme to implement 3kWp of solar PV technology for fourteen (14) schools in the same town located at various locations. These systems will produce enough energy during school hours to run the school load directly. Since this is an on-grid system


EQ May 2014

EQ May'14 Edition  

EQ Int'l May'14 Edition : Special Renergy India, Chennai, June 12-14, 2014. Includes EQ Solar Map of India 4th Edition

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