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[Marriage for same-sex couples] doesn’t affect my marriage; it doesn’t affect anybody else’s marriage. It doesn’t harm us in any way.” Civil marriage is “a state issue separate from whatever religious folks might think of marriage.” - Saqib Ali, Muslim community advocate and former State Delegate in the Maryland House of Delegates

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people deserve the same freedoms and responsibilities when it comes to sacred covenants that straight people do. Love is love.” - Rev. Robin Lunn, Baptist pastor and Executive Director for the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists

Marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples is, in the end, about honoring the love and commitment shared between two people and supporting their families. That is why the majority of Catholics support marriage equality laws. Even though the Catholic hierarchy, who we respect, may not support marriage equality, we know our faith teaches that where there is love, there is God. And where there is love, there is the basis for a more healthy and more just society.” - Francis DeBernardo, Executive Director of New Ways Ministry

As a Muslim, it is my moral obligation to speak out and stand up whenever I see an injustice being carried out. If we, as Muslims, expect our rights to be respected around the world, then we too must respect the rights of other minority groups.” - Melody Moezzi, Iranian-American author and Executive Director of 100 People of Faith

[Marriage equality] provides equal rights for same-gender couples, while at the same time preserving religious freedom and protecting the autonomy of religious institutions and their clergy.” - Rev. Delman Coates, Baptist senior pastor and organizer of the Enough is Enough Campaign

As preachers, we have to echo a message of inclusivity of all people in the family of God. Love, mutual respect, and care are hallmarks of family. So all that the church can do to support, bless, and sanction family, we should.” - Rev. Kenneth Samuel, UCC minister and founder of Victory Outreach in Community Empowerment (VOICE)


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The Religious Case for the Freedom to Marry  
The Religious Case for the Freedom to Marry  

Prepared by Equality Illinois, the case for allowing faiths to decide which marriages should be consecrated. (Updated 9/13)