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Photo by World Redeye for EEM

Riders USA and Riders Europe teams will challenge each other for the coveted Riders Masters Cup.

intercollegiate riders will show off their skills. Just

between a horse and a rider that make our sport

24 IHSA Open level riders will compete in the first

so unique. We felt partnering with the AKC for

phase, an over-fences round, while 12 will return

an agility competition was a natural fit,” said

for the flat phase before judges decide the winner.

Christophe Ameeuw, CEO of EEM and founder of

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the show,

Upon the conclusion of the Rider Masters Cup

take center stage in the ring with his remarkable

on Saturday evening, famed DJ Henri PRF will

liberty performance. Serra works to highlight

headline an after-party full of fun. “They’re really

the natural beauty and athletic ability of horses

making this an entertainment spectacle, which is

in the wild, showcasing their willingness to

phenomenal,” said Ward. “It’s something that’s

perform without the use of tack or force. Serra

been missing in promoting our sport; making it

refers to his animals as “actors,” and frequently

more exciting to a more diverse audience.”

includes his Border Collies in the performances. His hallmark is extraordinary choreography of human, horse, and dog. The

Photo by Bernstein Associates for EEM

the Longines Masters series.

popular Spanish equestrian artist Santi Serra will




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three levels of hospitality offering customized at

experiences with ringside seating and unlimited

LMNY will also include the

food and beverages in the Grant Thornton VIP







presented by EEM, where athletic

And, it’s all on TV!, which offers viewers

canines will take the spotlight on Thursday,

the chance to follow along with the competition

April 25. Some of the nation’s top dogs will

at all EEM events worldwide, is available live and

compete over a testing agility course for

free of charge.

top prizes. “We are honored to partner

To find out more about Longines Masters

with the AKC for the Agility Premier Cup.

of New York, visit

The incredible bond between a dog and its

en/new-york and to buy tickets visit www.

trainer is very similar to the relationship

Spectacular equestrian artist Santi Serra will enchant the crowd with his remarkable liberty performances of horse, human, and dog.

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EQ AM Spring 2019  

EQ AM Spring 2019  

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