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Listen to Your Horse…

with Your Eyes This editorial is a combination of pieces extracted from EQUINE LAMENESS FOR THE LAYMAN (©2018), written by G. Robert Grisel, DVM and published by Trafalgar Square Books of North Pomfret, VT.

Dr. Grisel’s new book has one of the most

that, the better chance we’ll have to facilitate a

interesting and clever technologies built right into

full recovery. In the end, our ability to recognize

its pages: QR Codes. People and businesses are

lameness will help to keep our horses happier

finding innovative ways to implement these codes,

for longer, as well as keep us in the saddle more

and Dr. Grisel has done so by incorporating the


codes into his book’s text so that when you scan it,

Remember: veterinary examinations are not

your phone magically takes you to an actual video

performed on horses that are considered to be

tutorial led by him in his veterinary practice! Oh,

sound by their owners. It is the horse owner, not

and the tutorials are free… How cool is that?

the veterinarian, who is best situated to initiate the

Bottom-line, this extract will teach you much

processes of lameness diagnosis and treatment.

about what you thought you already knew, and Dr.

Accordingly, observant horse owners make better

Grisel’s book offers about 220 more pages packed

horse owners. Since most owners and trainers

with easy to understand insights and codes that

have not been taught to properly observe horses

will bring on one “aha” moment after another.

for signs of lameness, however, only problems that

And with a Video Quick Reference Library of all

are obvious, chronic, or advanced tend to receive

the QR codes, Dr. Grisel’s new book is worth much

medical attention.

more than the purchase price ($34.95).

In an attempt to heighten your visual awareness and shorten the time period between the onset of


your horse’s problem and your recognition of that

Our horses are counting on us to recognize

problem, I would like to share a few tricks that

performance problems. The sooner we can do

may help you to better perceive and characterize


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