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I like some connection to nature, and tradition, and something classic.

I also like a nice clean presentation, in my personal taste..- mcLain ward

because she was going early in the first round.

like her in our stable, on our team, and in our

I had warmed up a little before my time in

life. She’s a spectacular talent. But, we’re really

the first round, and I had a moment to canter

lucky across the board; we have multiple horses

in the ring to kind of just take a breath before

jumping at that level right now. And it’s great

beginning. I thought to myself, “Well, if I screw

to have the backing and the support to put

this up twice [referring to WEG 2014] I might not

together this great team.

get out of this ring, so I better pull it together.” Editor’s Note: When McLain and Clinta dominated No pressure…

the $35,000 Equinimity WEF Challenge Cup CSIO4* during week 8 of the Winter Equestrian Festival in





through the WEG, are you the type of person

Wellington, FL, he had some interesting comments about that course as well:

who gets charged up by helping someone

It was a good track for me because you

along, or is it the kind of thing where you

could stay smooth. There were rollbacks, but

have to set strict limits for yourself to keep

there weren’t extreme slices. There were no

it together?

all or nothing turns, which I prefer. I think it

I think that for me, teaching Adrienne

actually suits the better riders because they can

at this level of riding that she’s at, I find it

consistently deliver a smooth round. Sometimes

exciting. I find it motivating. I’ve learned how

we have all or nothing rollbacks or inside cuts

to compartmentalize certain parts of it so

and it’s a little bit up to the gods. So, I liked the

that I can still focus on my job. It’s a lot about

course; I thought it was good class.

management. It’s a lot about the people you

And even though it was a fast-enough round

have helping you; it’s not a one-man show by

to win, I didn’t feel like I actually was extreme

any means, and that takes a lot of organization.

anywhere. I picked up a good gallop, and things were showing up out of stride. The thing about

My last question is just an open opportunity

[Clinta] is, she’s so careful; you don’t have to

for you to say anything you want to about

really setup the verticals, which saves you two-

Clinta as a teammate and what you see for

tenths [of a second] at every vertical. By the end

her and your future. What would you like

of the course that’s a lot.

to say? Obviously, I’m really excited to have a horse

He and Clinta are at it again… 41

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EQ AM Spring 2019  

EQ AM Spring 2019  

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