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e d i t or i a l

confirmation and his black and white splashes of

HP in the arena, but he’s impeccably ground trained

paint—especially beautiful through his mane and

through Charles’s use of natural horsemanship.

tail—Couture hits every mark of his desired breed characteristics.

So what’s a man to do with his horse of atypical breed, with flashy features and a level head? Well, for

Back to Charles and his capacity for impulse

one thing, he stands as a handsome exemplar of a

buying; he’s absolutely in love with this horse. He

rare American Made breed. For another, he’s the ideal

says, “If I could build a horse from scratch, Couture

muse for any fashion label. So that’s kind of the

would be it.” Now, Couture is 8-yrs-old and no Adiah

plan: Couture is a super model.


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EQ AM Spring 2019  

EQ AM Spring 2019  

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