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Photo credits Andy Scott

You ask what I hope to evoke in the viewers of my sculptures. This is to some degree the same for all of my works: a feeling of pride of place, of ownership of the public sculptures, a relationship to them in some way. The subtleties of that lie with the individual viewer of course… they say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. I hope my equine works evoke an appreciation of artistic skill and dexterity, of the sheer hard work that goes into their creation. I hope the viewer senses my reverence for the horse as a subject in art and, especially with private commissions, the celebration of the very personal bond that can exist between human and horse. I hope the viewer pauses a moment to consider the allegorical meanings that may lie behind the sculptures: Why that breed of horse? Why in that pose? Why in that material? But, I am also delighted if a passing motorist with too many things on his mind simply thinks “Hey, nice horse!”


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EQ AM Spring 2019  

EQ AM Spring 2019  

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