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Sermons for January A Fresh Start to the Year January 3rd : January 10th : January 17th : January 24th : January 31st :

Take Another Road Unrealized Worth A New Name No Baggage No Barriers

As we begin this New Year, remember YOU are precious to God and GOD LOVES YOU. When God acts in our lives, we are given the strength to take a new road. Too many times we feel defeated, believing that we are not worth a fresh start, yet the prophet Isaiah reminds us that we have been redeemed and are filled with unrealized worth. Don’t you hate the way people put labels on you? Too often we are held back by those labels. The Bible says that we will receive a new name from the very mouth of God. Even though it’s easy to try to hide from God in all of your “baggage” God sees you and is able to help you get rid of that baggage. Life has many barriers but Jesus helps us to break through all of life’s barriers.

Come each week and hear Pastor Bob and Pastor Keith share how God wants to give you a FRESH Start this New Year.