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From left to right... Edd Suyak, Sharon Fekete, Randi Zuckerberg, Dr.Greg Savel

The second community effort was to join PITCH, Pinellas Immunization Team for Community Health. This was a big task force started to encourage families to get educated about the importance of vaccinations. An incredible documentary called Invisible Threat was done by an amazing group of high school students to shine a light on this growing epidemic of families not vaccinating their children. I was offered an opportunity to watch this film and I ran back to the office shouting their praise. I was greeted by the inevitable “we are so busy” speech but again, the physicians looked at the record of success in getting out in the community and I can proudly report as vice-chair of this incredible task force, we are making a difference. The Issue 3, 2014

physicians have spoken to crowds of 700 plus and have been on the news countless times. They have been on a number of panel boards to answer questions from families of concern about something they are so very passionate about today! It has brought a great sense of pride to be involved in something we are all passionate about and as a result, public relations is at a level 10. I encourage you to get out there and do something you believe in, the universe will pay you back again and again. We need you to bring your expertise to the families who may not be able to afford health care but deserve a piece of your great knowledge. It is understood that your time is taken advantage of at times, and we thank you for committing yourself to helping others. Get out there and speak on a platform that commands a large audience and your good deeds will not go unnoticed.

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