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Things I Never Learned in Medical School How I Found My Doctor Whisperer By Sharon Fekete The Doctor Whisperer


hy hire The Doctor Whisperer? Well, let’s be blunt, you need help. There is just simply NO way you can see patients, run a practice, deal with HR issues, market, stay on top of trends, AND tell everyone how fabulous you are without help. Unless you have an Administrator that runs the operation, handles all the HR, the financials, saves you money, and works on growing your practice...then you need help. To be perfectly honest, I NEEDED ME when I was an Administrator of a large practice for 8 years. It is virtually impossible to do everything WELL without help. It has been clear throughout my 15 years of working in the medical field that physicians simply need HELP! Not in a clinical sense (thankfully there are nurses, ARNP’s, and Physician Assistants for that) I mean HELP in the business of running your practice! I have included below a sneak peek from the book I have written with a physician colleague of mine that I was proud to work with for over eight years. The book is entitled, Things I Never Learned In Medical School, or: How I Found My Doctor Whisperer. It was my honor to write alongside this successful physician, and I am ecstatic to tell you it will be available to purchase in January of 2015. This excerpt is featured in chapter 2, ‘Know What You Don’t Know’, written by Greg Savel, M.D. Perhaps it is for self-preservation alone that we should find the right people to help run our business so we can get back to just seeing patients. Perhaps the most important thing is to know what you don’t know. Hire the people who DO know so you can just do what you wanted in the first place & get back in the exam room. I went to a wonderful medical school & was well trained to be a successful physician in private practice. As the years went by I realize there were so many things that I want to know more about but that it wasn’t possible to take care of patients and learn those things in a practice that fortunately kept growing. I want to be the best doctor for my city, the kind of person everyone who works there would be proud to talk about. I need to be able to sign 33 paychecks every two weeks and make sure they won’t bounce. I needed someone who would help me & I am proud to be able to write this book with that person. People wonder where we came up with the term 12

doctor whisperer. The term is actually quite wonderful because it really describes that I hired a person who will stand by my side and help me run my business as my equal. Someone to help guide me through all the things I don’t understand and appreciates what it is I go through on a day-to-day basis. Of course it wasn’t easy to find that person. First of all I have to trust this person essentially with my life. I spent all those years of schooling just to take care of patients. I now needed to find the right person to help me do just that AND act in my best interest.

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