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Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) When you have a vision for your project, a plan in place, and a team ready to make it work, all you need is a project management platform to ensure you take advantage of your investments, manage resources, and stay in complete control of your tasks.

The digital age calls for a change in the way organizations think, how they interact with customers, partners and suppliers, and how the business works inside. It requires processes to become crisper and more streamlined. This can be made possible when those involved in the project are provided the right tools, technology and opportunity to do their best, and contribute. Microsoft Project is a vital step towards the digital transformation of your organization. It lets you reduce costs and optimize time by creating, managing and executing projects seamlessly. It can be customized across industry needs to add value to business verticals. It helps you address some key challenges and trends in your industry and enables better optimization of time, resources and cost through effective project management.

Plan | Manage | Deliver with Microsoft Project

Enabling every element of the process, and every stakeholder in the project journey is critical to any organization’s digital transformation.


Accelerate Digital Transformation

Meet Microsoft Project Microsoft’s project management software is designed to help project managers align their resources and timelines to ensure enhanced productivity and overall success.

Organize Teamwork Easily Make the right strategic decisions Define and prioritize business drivers, measure strategic impact of competing ideas, and make the right funding decisions.

Add structure to your teamwork Create a new plan in just a few clicks. Build a team, assign tasks, and set deadlines.

Achieve execution excellence Easily govern and execute portfolios, programs and projects with built-in collaboration and communication capabilities.

Work together Keep a tab on how busy everyone in the team is. Easily attach files and discuss tasks. Synch files to your device and work from anywhere.

Manage organizational resources effectively Accurately manage resource allocation and measure utilization with overall strategy and vision.

Always stay informed With Planner setup across all your devices, know where things are with a single glance. Receive notifications about job status and new conversations.

Drive Strategic Alignment and Execution Excellence.

VERTICALS Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management is a solution that can be applied across all verticals. It is capable of handling any kind of a project with planning tools to help you stay organized.

Microsoft Project across different verticals

While the Indian information technology industry contributes significantly to the overall economic growth, sustaining this level of growth and achievement poses a host of unique challenges in terms of productivity, customer engagement, and lack of talent and innovation. It is important for the ITeS industries to be consistently competitive, effectively manage skilled workforce, and maintain quality of innovation in products and services.

Strategic presentation Microsoft Project built on SharePoint Server provides to a solution stack to a wide range of challenges faced by Indian information technology companies - supporting best practices and providing intuitive features to enable project execution, visibility across varied platforms, strategic prioritization, and team collaboration to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Microsoft Project for IT enabled Services

Resource management and capacity planning With a central view into resources use and budget allocations, Project Managers in the Indian Information and Technology industries can focus on the optimal utilization of infrastructure and talent, coupled with scalability.

Innovation and transformation By providing collaboration and project prioritization capacities, Microsoft Project helps IT organizations formalize innovation process and prioritize strategic business growth objectives – bringing all ideas to one place. Compliance and efficiency Microsoft Project ensures regulatory compliance and quality improvements by providing best practices templates and governance workflows. Also, by supporting integration with ALM tools, Project helps implement process improvement frameworks.

Financial services professionals wear many hats, from commercial lending to M&A transactions. With robust tools for scheduling, collaboration, and more, Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) is the one solution anyone in your institution can use.

Microsoft Project for Banking and Financial Services

Commercial lending Use tried-and-true lending processes by importing existing workflows. Increase customer transparency with customizable timelines that you can share using familiar Office apps.

Regulatory compliance Manage all compliance projects, and develop strong regulatory processes to avoid fines and bad press. Use integrated collaboration features to keep everyone on the same page.

Mergers and acquisitions Improve efficiency and collaboration with automated scheduling and integrated communication tools. Use metrics to decide which projects to start based on strategic value and cost.

New product introduction Develop products with data-driven tools that examine objectives, budgets, and required resources. Implement products using tools that provide insights across time and task entries.

The nature of the healthcare industry is such that it demands the very best of everything, be it managing existing patient data or funding research for new treatments. Privacy of medical data is of vital importance, but so is the high capital cost of implementing electronic health records for convenient access. While there is a need to look after a growing number of aging patients, there is also a need to move from volume-based care to value-based care.

New services implementation Compare new initiatives and select the portfolio with the best returns and build teams based on the capacity and demand of clinical and external resources. Gain control across your chosen portfolio and oversee all current and upcoming implementations from a single site.

Microsoft Project for Healthcare

Healthcare compliance Increase insight across all compliance initiatives in a single location and optimize resources to implement compliance projects. Develop workflows to drive governance and help ensure all compliance requirements are met and also manage costs for implementing compliance projects with built-in financial tools and reports.

Grants and clinical trials coordination Streamline the grant application process across the organization and ensure that the clinical trial protocol is adhered to. Monitor trial progress with better access to project information, with the ability to manage all trials from a single location. Optimize your portfolio by shortlisting trials that will continue to receive funding. Clinical guideline development and implementation Ensure smooth guideline development by assigning approvers to develop new clinical guidelines, prioritizing them based on ROI and collaborating among teams to gain insights on them. Improve portfolio management by reducing medical errors.

With the primary aim of driving new products and services into the market, it is important for all manufacturing related activities to be meticulously planned. Equally vital is being prepared for unexpected project changes, should the planning have a flaw. It is all about accelerating product development and completing projects under budget with the best available resources.

Innovation management Streamline the idea submission process, increase visibility across submitted ideas, and improve quality control. Reduce subjective decision-making and enable faster what-if analysis to realize a portfolio with optimal ideas.

Microsoft Project for Manufacturing and Resources

Resource management Assess human and material resources against project requirements. Share suggested resource assignments with the executive team for funding allocation based on budgets and build teams that align to project requirements. Assign tasks and monitor resource activities in real time. View competing projects to understand resource priorities and deadlines.

Product portfolio management Analyze resources, costs and more for all existing and upcoming products. Define, assess, escalate and resolve risks throughout the product lifecycle. Help ensure that products are delivered on time, reduce scheduling conflicts, and increase production efficiencies. Operational cost management Anticipate changes in expenses and deliver profitable, projects on-time. Improve data organization, analysis, and enable access to reports and other project data from multiple devices.

From the largest to the smallest of processes, governance forms the foundation for better decisions. Be it managing costs for large-scale events, saving costs by adhering to cloud-first mandates, collaborating with interagency partners and external stakeholders, and managing ever-increasing government grant budgets, governments lead the way for everyone else. They can do this much more effectively with Microsoft Project.

Public works oversight Optimize your project portfolio by reducing subjective decision-making and preempting cost overruns and resource shortages. Improve front-end project planning by increasing collaboration among all parties. Optimize construction management by reducing project delays and gain greater visibility across all projects in the portfolio.

Microsoft Project for Government

Elections planning and execution Gain insight across the resource pool and increase staff flexibility with mobile capabilities. Manage all campaign projects from a single solution by organizing and assigning campaign resources based on experience and skills and coordinating campaign activities with integrated collaborative tools.

Regulatory compliance Consolidate all existing approval workflows into Project for a single user experience and delegate tasks to the most appropriate agency resources. Monitor progress on delegated tasks in order to meet deadlines and manage the portfolio of submissions from a single site. Grants management Utilize process workflows to manage the approval of grant proposals and streamline the grantee selection process using standardized data to compare proposals to improve timeliness of grant close outs and increase grant coordination.


We have teamed up with some of our partners to build customized solutions to cater to your specific needs.

Project Solutions by Partners

NDS Global A trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, NDS Global offers its customers consulting, implementation, development and support services on enterprise, cloud and mobility for digital solutions. Their solutions are not just limited to Microsoft Project Online. They span across Microsoft CRM Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Power BI and Azure, catering to industries like consumer goods, BFSI, infrastructure, manufacturing, IT/ITeS, and retail.

Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management for Healthcare Healthcare organizations are realizing the need to develop skills to effectively select and manage the projects they undertake in order to remain competitive. Based on Microsoft Project Online, NDS’s Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management (EPM) Solution allows organizations to streamline work, bring in better accountability, increase employee efficiency and involvement, and simplify reporting. It also significantly improves project visibility and resource management and makes adopting standardized project management processes and enhanced collaboration across project teams simpler.

Vertical: Healthcare

Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management for Banking Considering the significant growth and parallel increase in the number of projects to be managed, it is imperative for banks to improve their project and resource management methodologies. Owing to the geographical spread in the banking business, NDS’s Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management Solution creates a centralized repository for all project information, enabling executives to better manage resources and make informed decisions. Banks can streamline total work management, bring in better accountability, increase employee efficiency and involvement, and simplify reporting.

Vertical: Banking

Diametriks Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management for Pharmaceutical Industry

Vertical: Pharmaceutical Industry

The project and portfolio management practice is of significant importance in the pharmaceutical industry Major shifts in recent times have considerably impacted the way in which a pharmaceutical product is launched in the market. Especially in this industry, project management is the key to addressing the unique regulatory, compliance and quality related needs of the industry. The process of clinical research and drug development, coupled with the critical issue of time to market, can capitalize on project and portfolio management techniques to effectively apply scheduling, risk management, and complete quality assurance and control to the process of bringing a drug to the market in a cost-efficient way.

Point of contact: Sanjeev Sadhwani, Head - Sales, NDS Infotech, Phone: +91 91672 49803, Email:

Diametriks Consulting is a Microsoft Gold Certified Implementation Partner with focus on, experience in, and passion to deliver project and portfolio management services. Diametriks’ services are customized and designed to meet clients business needs. They streamline operations and accelerate business growth by integrating people, processes, applications and data across verticals.

PMI Framework Enabler The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is one of the best known project management models and has been put forward by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The PMI Framework Enabler is a digitized PMI framework, mapping knowledge areas and project management processes to Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM). It ensures that processes are followed, provides workflows for relevant forms, and also provides email alerts and reminders to efficiently keep track of the project’s progress. It is also available for mobiles.

Vertical: All

Service Delivery Solution (SDS)

Vertical: IT, ITES/Service industries

BPO PM Solution

Organizations generally rely on PPM for project and resource management requirements and on a different application for operations management. This creates challenges in terms of resource utilization.

There is a need to deploy a digital platform that automates migration methodology and enhances the standardization, governance and effectiveness of migration processes to strengthen the migration project delivery process in an end-to-end manner.

SDS enables an organization to leverage the resource management features of Microsoft PPM for operations management processes like change management request, data change request, etc. It standardizes the approach to accept requests from end users, track the status, monitor SLAs and summarize requests executed by various departments or users. This solution is also available for smartphones.

The BPO PM Solution lets you effectively manage migration projects by digitizing the key components of the transition process to monitor and track progress in real time. It allows for effective resource and capacity utilization, enhanced reusability, cross vertical learning and collaboration, SLA tracking, anytime, anywhere access and more.

Point of contact: Sheel Sharma, Head - Marketing and Business Operations, Diametriks Consulting Phone: +91 81304 90779, 0120-4345 240, Email:

Vertical: ITES/BPO

e2e Projects Pvt. Ltd. e2e Projects is a Microsoft Premium Partner, known for providing end-to-end process and project management solutions across verticals. They build enterprise business solutions that are a combination of people, processes, projects and collaboration.

Portfolio Dashboard App e2e’s Portfolio Dashboard App is suited for CXOs, project directors and managers. A native Android app, it is integrated with Microsoft Project Online and allows churning out of data in real time. It allows CXOs to monitor project health, anticipate risks, spot issues, and assign permissions to users to limit their visibility. They can view data segregated on the basis of categories like department, location, project managers and owners, and project types. Approvers assigned to a project can use the app to view and approve requests related to the project via the app's approval center. It also enables seamless collaboration on OneDrive, OneNote and Yammer.

Vertical: All verticals

Idea Management The Idea Management solution provides a better way to capture and share ideas across an organization. It allows for the prioritization of their value based on organizational metrics, strategic alignment and critical success factors. For new product development projects, Idea Management is the first phase in developing an organization’s pipeline for product innovation and determining the project’s viability. The solution comprises of social features to allow employees to rate, like and comment on an idea.

Vertical: All verticals

Wipro Ltd.

Web Reports & Dashboard The Web Reports & Dashboard Solution is helpful in sourcing information from Project Online, Project Server, SharePoint or any other data sources and presenting it in a visual format to aid decision making. It helps create dashboards and reports with multi-level drilldowns with quick snapshots of portfolios, programs and projects.

Point of contact: Srikanta L, AVP - Projects, e2e Projects, Phone: +91 96111 31579, Email: Sujit Das Biswas, e2e Projects, Phone: +91 90080 01140, Email:

Vertical: All verticals

Wipro Ltd. is a global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company with a 170,000+ workforce serving clients in 175+ cities across 6 continents. The company posted revenues of $7.7 billion for the financial year ended Mar 31, 2016. Rated as a ‘Promoter’ MSBU Wipro is Microsoft’s Gold Certified Partner.

Portfolio and Resource Management implementation for a Public Sector Bank The implementation of Enterprise Project Management enabled Wipro’s teams to effectively initiate, select, plan, and deliver projects while tracking progress, time and budget. The features of Project Server 2013 were extensively leveraged in provisioning the teams to create workspaces and a central repository for document storage, enabling quick access to search and popular collaborative features like IM and group conferencing. The solution’s portfolio management capabilities helped them prioritize projects while the dashboards provided graphical representation of the projects’ health, task status and resource availability.

Vertical: Banking

Automation of Project Planning, Execution and Monitoring

Vertical: Oil & Gas

Point of contact: Dilip Krishnan Gopalakrishnan Nair, Presales Manager, Wipro Ltd. Phone: +91 70224 17318

Customer References


EPM implementation for this Oil & Gas major automated the creation of a project workspace with pre-defined templates comprising of document libraries, dashboards and necessary collaborative features. Seamless integration with MS Office applications allowed for viewing and sharing of project plans between teams. Demand management, portfolio management and resource management were extensively used in the implementation of workflows across departments, starting from drill location identification, site construction to preparing strategies for project prioritization and role-specific permissions. Also, integration with SAP ensured data exchange between systems. Extensive reports graphically represent the KPIs of drilling sites, resource utilization and the project’s status.

Thomas Cook

The world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer deployed Project to consolidate various project management tools, increase project flexibility and realize environmental benefits from virtualization.

The global travel company chose Project to gain visibility, provide access to real-time information for better decision-making, and improve planning. Learn how Microsoft Project has been instrumental in optimizing portfolio and projects for these organizations, bringing all aspects together to maximize gains, minimize costs and accelerate delivery.

Benefits • Reduced time and status reporting • Improved decision-making with intuitive reports and powerful SharePoint business insights • Enhanced governance, and better access to project information Quote “Microsoft Project has provided us with stronger project governance improved prioritizing, and centralized document storage. All staff now have visibility of projects.” -Andreas Ernst, Head of Change Portfolio, Thomas Cook Online


The manufacturer of telecommunications equipment for Latin America and Africa selected Project for its accelerated reporting capabilities, compatibility with multiple browsers, and seamless interoperability with other Microsoft tools like SharePoint and Lync.

Benefits • Saved costs by combining disparate, user-designed project management tools • Enabled robust project management with highly flexible features • Reduced carbon footprint with virtualization of scheduling environment



• Accelerated decision-making and follow-up with quick reports

“We can consolidate applications onto the Project platform, which means that we can save in contracts with third-party vendors. …With the rich functions and features of Project, we no longer need to buy other products.”

• Increased efficiency and data safety with centralized data repository • Improved team collaboration with SharePoint and Lync interoperability

Kirt Eberts, IT Manager, Enterprise Scheduling Team, Intel

Quote “With faster report production in Project Server, project managers can make faster decisions and more quickly follow up on tasks, costs, and resource allocation. …This accelerates our pace of business and helps us be more competitive in fast-moving electronics markets.” Rafael Farias, Budget and Cost Analyst, Intelbras


The world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer, deployed Project to consolidate various project management tools, increase project flexibility, and realize environmental benefits from virtualization.


The aerospace and defense corporation chose Project to optimize management of its complex international projects and achieve greater insight into project progress and costs.

Benefits • Achieved seamless integration between SAP and project management, scheduling and financial systems • Gathered insight across project activities to enable project managers to spot issues faster • Standardized best practices and tools to increase the success of process implementations Quote “Microsoft Project improves the preparation of reliable project schedules, the staff’s view of the progress of projects, the anticipation and resolution of problems, and facilitates communication within the teams. It is, without doubt, an important factor for improving project management.” Christian Borel, Central PMO Manager, Airbus Group (formerly the EADS Group)

Benefits • Improved anticipation of internal and external resource demands and allocated appropriately • Saved time entering data such as project summaries and time-reporting information • Enabled customization to meet demands specific to the Volvo Group Quote “We use Project Server to better anticipate whether we need more resources. …With better visibility into our resource assignments, we are able to reassign our engineers and contractors in only a few weeks compared to a few months in the past.” Stéphane Perrin, Director, Product Planning and Project Management Solutions, Volvo IT


The Volvo Group went for Project to improve resource planning and save time entering project data.


The global cosmetics and personal care company chose Project to improve collaboration among disparate teams like developers and project managers, and for its seamless integration with Visual Studio.

Benefits • Reduced meeting time by 30% and increased productivity by 5% • Improved risk management with better data • Increased efficiency with simplified time-recording procedures Quote “Project managers can see data such as project velocity, the number of bugs, and management artifacts. …So we can see when projects are going wrong and can manage the issues as needed.” Piotr Prussak, VP of Global Applications, Revlon

Benefits • Increased project management efficiency, reduced costs, and fine-tuned internal processes • Enhanced data and knowledge management with effective communication and collaboration • Reduced server infrastructure, eliminating maintenance and upgrade costs • Improved security, reliability and scalability with an easily managed subscription Quote “We estimate that we’ll be able to decrease project management time by at least 10 percent by using Project Online. This will help us create more competitive bids and win more business." Dr. Anders Lehr, Bassier, Bergmann & Kindler, Senior Project Manager

Bassier, Bergmann & Kindler The marketing agency improved efficiency and communication with Microsoft Project.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia The oldest hospital in the United States, they wanted to more effectively manage substantial investments in information technology and services; specifically what work was getting done and by whom. They decided to implement a project/portfolio management solution based on Microsoft Project Server.

Benefits • Improved processes and governance to move to a culture of compliance • Provided better, more reliable data to improve productivity and demonstrate value Quote “I would say we can do twice as many projects now as we could five years ago. Having the PMO and Project Server was step number one. This work was absolutely essential to do.” Dr. Bryan Wolf, CIO, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Benefits • Better productivity across locations with mobile access • Greater organizational growth due to a flexible platform • Simpler training with a user-friendly, familiar interface Quote “We are very proud of our involvement in this project and the role that these proven solutions have played in helping Deltamune overcome their difficulties and enhance mission-critical operations.” Aldo van Tonder, CEO, FOXit (Microsoft Partner)


The South African biotechnology company focused on veterinary and public health solutions. They needed to replace an outdated project management and quality management system. Microsoft Project, with its flexibility and integration with SharePoint, proved to be the perfect fit for this.

Gwinnett County Public Schools

With 132 schools, GCPS is the largest school district in Georgia. They served more than 169,000 students in 2013-14, becoming the largest employer in the county with more than 22,000 staff members.

Benefits • Reduced costs • Enhanced data accuracy with a dashboard that publishes consistent, and consolidated project data • Improved profit margins with better decision making through access to project schedule data



• Saved time, optimized resource allocation

• smoother operation of school district

“With Microsoft Project Server 2013, we gained easy access to consolidated, standardized, and accurate project data. Now we can ensure that our projects are completed on time and our customers are satisfied.”


Dustin Burks, CIO, CORE Constructionand Technology Division, Gwinnett County Public Schools

• Proactively identified project risks

“With Microsoft Project 2013, we have so much more information to work with. We know what’s being requested of us rather than being surprised and living in reaction mode.” Jo Carlton, Project Manager, Information Management and Technology Division, Gwinnett County Public Schools

Core Construction Phoenix, Arizona-based CORE Construction is a nationally ranked commercial general contractor with an unwavering commitment to its core values of integrity, fairness, continuous improvement, and results.

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