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September 2018

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Vent Shafts

Spirit of Tasmania II

HMAS Arunta

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Maintenance services in the NSW region

Preservation works for the AMCA Program in WA

Docking works completed in Garden Island, NSW

News on staff awards and renewed certifications

achieved for the Group - more details can be found on the back page of the newsletter. In a similar vein, our Sydney Water Vent Stacks Maintenance team continues to meet and exceeded all expectations for its systems, safety, and quality performance. The team has achieved 100% KPI for reaching their safety and productivity milestones for the fifth month running. This is a testimonial to the great teamwork shown, and the importance of safety that we place on all projects, large or small.

MD Message Welcome to our third newsletter for 2018. In addition to the usual projects, this quarter is also our review period, with our systems and processes being subjected to external verifications. With the revised ISO 2015 standards, this year was a major recertification process, and I am pleased to announce that Bureau Veritas has certified Eptec to these standards. This is a major milestone

In Sydney, works have also commenced in early September on The Domain Bridge in Sydney; with site mobilsation, scaffolding and encapsulation already completed. We are working alongside traffic control to manage the safety of all involved, with particular care due to the sensitivity of the CBD environment. The project is running under a tight time frame where we are due to finish up by early October, so for those travelling to and from the CBD, keep an eye out for our team. On the Marine side of the business, works have wound down in Northern Territory after the HMAS Maryborough. We are

now ramping up in SA on our works for the HMAS Waller and on the AWD’s. Garden Island in Sydney is continuously busy with the passing through of ferries and larger ships, whilst Western Australia is focusing on the stream of naval vessels. Last, but not least, our sponsored Australian Downhill Mountain rider, Cassie Voysey, has been busy racing Australia wide. She has been competing in the RockyTrail State Series since April 2018, where she is now the leading score in the Elite Women’s category. This will come to a completion in a couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for her overall score soon! I look forward to updating you all with more good news in the near future, and until then - stay safe.

Joe Viglione Managing Director & CEO

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Ashfield Vent Shafts, NSW Eptec Services is currently working with Sydney Water to provide maintenance services to Vent Shafts around New South Wales. The job sites can vary significantly in difficulty due to location and size. In the past, Eptec has mobilised in the countryside, at waterfront locations or even within private business properties. However, this particular job was located within the quiet residential neighbourhood of Ashfield, Sydney, bringing forth a different set of challenges. It was a standard Vent Shaft replacement, however there were two vent shafts that needed repairs and replacing. The vent shafts were also positioned on opposite sides of the street, surrounded by private residential properties and a local school.

130T crane being set-up

As access proved quite difficult, Eptec decided to conduct the maintenance and replacement of two different Vent Shafts at the one time. After obtaining a Road Occupancy Licence (ROL), the Vent Shaft Maintenance team issued a full street closure, and liaised with traffic control to direct all traffic from the residents and the school, before undertaking any work. It was only due to attentive planning and careful execution that the project was not only completed safely and in a timely manner, but importantly with minimal disruption to the community. The Vent Shaft Maintenance team has been a leading example for quality performance under the strictest safety protocols.

Road closures in before the job commenced

Elevated Work Platform set-up


HMAS Arunta, WA HMAS Arunta (II) is the second of eight Anzac Class Frigates built by Tenix Defence Systems in Williamstown, Victoria for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). The design was originally loosely based on the German Meko 200 frigate, but has been updated for the RAN needs. The HMAS Arunta, alongside the other 7 Anzac Class Frigates, have been improved under the Anti-Ship Missile Defence (ASMD) upgrade program, commissioned and successfully delivered by Eptec Marine for the preservation part in previous years.

and preservation works for the HMAS Arunta under the Anzac Midlife Capability Assurance (AMCA) Program. The scope of works involved: High Pressure water washing, mechanical descaling, Ultra-High Pressure water blasting, dry abrasive blasting, and finally an application of protective coatings by spray and roller. This was a major piece of work within a limited time, and the Eptec team in WA worked tirelessly during this docking. All works were completed safely, on time and on budget.

After the successful delivery of the ASMD project, Eptec has now been commissioned by BAE Systems to undertake the preparation

UHP water blasting of underwater hull

Applied waterproofing layer

Application of protective coatings by spray


Spirit of Tasmania II, NSW MS Spirit of Tasmania II (SOT II) is a fast Ropax ferry owned by TT-Line Pty Ltd and operated on the route between Melbourne and Devonport. She was built in 1998 by Kvaerner Masa-Yards at Turku New Shipyard in Finland for Superfast Ferries as MS Superfast IV. From 2002 onwards she sails for TT-Line as MS Spirit of Tasmania II alongside the Spirit of Tasmania I. Eptec Marine was commissioned by Thales Australia Pty Ltd to undertake the preparation and preservation works for MV Spirit of Tasmania II for its 2018 Docking. The scope of work for this docking included a High Pressure washing of all external surfaces, and a bulk of surface preparation works such as track blasting and mechanical descaling.

Roller application of final coats to vessel name

Alongside our surface preparation works, TT-Line also required the High Fuel Oil (HFO) tanks to cleaned out extensively to accommodate for some steel repairs. This relied on the collaborative works between Thales, Toxfree and Eptec to remove over 6000 Litres of HFO with the combination of suck trucks, pumps and manual labour. Despite the tight time frame, Eptec was able to mobilse a crew of forty men over rotating shifts to ensure the schedules were met.

Finished coating to windlass deckhead and bulkheads

Finishing touches on vessel logo


20 Years with Michael Ippoliti At Eptec, we realise that our employees are our greatest asset, and we are delighted to honour Michael’s dedicated service and commitment. In his 20 years at Eptec, he has shown passion in his work, and has been a leading example of our corporate values. Michael is a rare individual, a fierce ally, and an expert in his field. He joined Eptec not long after our Gladesville office was established in 1998, and was a key player in many of our major projects over the years. Michael has travelled Australia wide, working on both Services and Marine projects; anything from the first Sydney Trains shutdown works, to leading a team which replaced the deck surfaces of a United States Navy aircraft carrier. He has also worked on projects like the immense Melbourne Citylink’s Burnley and Domain Tunnels, submarine naval work in South Australia, and has even travelled internationally to work on the Taiwan MRT Membrane tunnel work. Michael’s efforts are recognised company wide, and he is a familiar face with many of our Clients and Suppliers. Eptec is proud to celebrate your contributions, Michael, and we look forward to many more good years to come.

Eptec’s ISO Accreditation

Eptec Group P.O. Box 782 Broadway NSW, 2007, Australia

Eptec is proud to announce that we have been re-certified under new the ISO accreditations of:

463-467 Harris St Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia

ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 14001:2015 | AS-NZS 4801:2001

t: +61 2 9034 6969 f: +61 2 9034 6970 e:

These new certifications allow Eptec to continue to manage and execute the supply of protective coatings, waterproofing, corrosion protection applications, concrete remediation and hazardous coating removal.

We continue to be certified to work in sectors including Marine, defense, water, transport facilities, power and water distribution utilities, underground structures, buildings, and bridges. Eptec believes that a good business is a safe business. It is imperative in our line of work, that safety standards are upheld, and are constantly revised. Our safety promise helps our employees to achieve a healthier and safer workplace. Follow Eptec on: