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Leather finishing


Leather – after being suitably tanned, before being placed on the market – requires finishing treatments to improve its appearance and technical characteristics in general. The following is a brief presentation of EPTACOAT finishing products range.

Leather coloring

Very often, an increase in the color of tanned leather is required. For this purpose, it is impregnated with transparent dyes. This result is easily achieved with the use of: •

PENETRANTE C160, which is intended to facilitate the penetration of soluble dyes into leather.










added in small quantities to Penetrante C160, with which it is compatible. These two products can be mixed together, and they allow getting all the required shades and color intensities.


The tanned and eventually totalized leather, as indicated in the above section, is then painted to reinforce the resistance of those parts that are exposed to physiological use stress and to get the desired appearance. For this purpose, the following products are used: • TRASTON C153 GLOSSY • TRASTON C154 OPAQUE These products are sprayed on the leather, after being properly diluted with ECOSOL R. Air-drying is achieved in short time: Tack-free in a few minutes and drying after a few hours. If aesthetically required, suitable soluble dyes can be added to these transparent products. For this purpose the suitable series is: COLORANTI SOLTRANIL C161 – SOTRANIL DYES C161


For specific uses, for example for footwear, furnishing or in some cases for clothing, finished leather can be coated with either glossy (prevalent solution) or opaque paints. For this purpose the suitable series is: •


This series is available in many colors including: glossy white (in 2 tones and with different fullness), matt white, deep black, bright red, blue, brown, ocher, etc. The series VENIT C155 can be also sprayed, after dilution with the same diluent ECOSOL R used for TRASTON. The drying times are similar to those of TRASTON.


Both transparent and opaque finishes are also available in water-based version, even if, to date, the market remains more oriented towards the above described solutions. In case you are interested in the water-based finishes, do not hesitate to contact us for any furhter information about these products.

the advanced finishing partner EPTANOVA is the Italian leading provider of complete advanced finishing solutions, for a variety of industries, with branches all around the world. Our business units – EPTAINKS, EPTACOAT, EPTATECH and EPTAINKS Digital – develop and manufacture products and applications in the domain of industrial printing inks (screen printing, pad printing), functional coating, advanced materials technology and digital printing inks. We provide our customers with a complete range of innovative products and quality services, including a continuous and specialized technical support, conceived and designed to offer a tailor-made solution for your every need.

UNIQUENESS Thanks to our know-how and technology range, we can offer integrated solutions for each stage of the finishing processes: our customers can rely on one single partner for their business, thus enjoying all the advantages that this entails.

INTERNATIONALIZATION Our companies and branches are located in Italy, Spain, Turkey, China, India, Bangladesh, Russia, France and Brasil; we are present through our distributors in more than 100 countries around the world, to provide our customers with a constant referee, always close to them.

INNOVATION We take care of research and development of new products and applications, paying particular attention to the new technologies, always assuring the best solution to our customers’ needs.

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